Version 1.1b

This is a beta release to test several new features aimed at letting people start to create and share their own characters. It may still have some bugs, so I won't update the big D/L link at the top of the page yet, but I'll update this link if I release any fixes.

DL v1.1b: SuperDeepthroat1_1b.swf   See top of page for latest DL link.
*edit* Fixed hover options bug.
*edit* Fixed switching hair after importing adding extra hair.
*edit* Updated again to fix eyebrow settings not saving properly.
*Edit* I've updated the link above to fix a few bugs, the main one being that eyebrow settings weren't saving properly. You can update any broken save data by loading it and setting the eyebrows again.

The major new features are:
- Image based hair import.
- Background import.
- HSL shifting for skin and hair.
- RGB controls for iris, eye shadow and eyebrows.
- Breast size slider from flat to extra large.

To help make the base hair styles more flexible, you can now also click on most of the costume elements like ponytails, hair clips and earrings to toggle them on and off.

There are a few smaller updates too:
- Slightly faster strand shader.
- Hold shift to ignore mouse input.
- Press J to ejaculate.

Backgrounds just need to be 700*600px. For the hair import, you can use this template:
Click for full size template
Make sure you draw your hair on a new layer, because once you're done you need to delete the template so that the background is transparent and only the hair is left. These images are just locked to her head, so you could also use this to draw things like elf ears or facial tattoos.

Hopefully there's enough space there to make most hair styles. If a lot of people need it, I can add proper layered .swf import as well, but for now I'm going to spend a while working on other features.

A few people were asking for the test hair import template:


New feature tests

Finally had some proper time to work on SDT this weekend, so I've been testing to see if the major planned features are going to be possible.

Here's a very early test of the hue shifter (no controls or anything yet).
Good news: It works!
Bad news: It's yet another drain on the CPU/GPU.

There are a couple more things I can do to speed it up, but if you have a good computer it should be fine. If you just have an okay computer, you might have to make the window smaller (fewer pixels = much faster). This is the most efficient way to have full control over the skin and hair though.

And here's another very early test for the hair import (grabbed the hair from this if you're curious).

The way this works is you make a transparent image (eg. 32bit png) with three 600*600px images for the front, middle and back layers of the hair. To load it you'll have to type a file path, the same as in Bukkake Machine. (Unless someone knows a way to open a proper file prompt from a standalone swf.)

I've also been working on animating between the breast sizes so that they can use a smooth slider instead of just being small / medium / large. It seems to look okay, so I'll be adding flat and extra large sizes using the same method.

There's a lot more to do before these features are actually usable, so there's no demo yet, but it looks like they're going to work.


Quick update

Don't worry, I'm not dead, just busy with real life. I'll be back properly soon.