DL v1.13b: SuperDeepthroat1_13b.swf See Download page for latest DL link.
*edit* Fixed his skin HSL not applying to new body parts.

 - Balls.
 - Controls for his clothes.
 - Added an actual body for him.
 - Rearranged scene menu again, adding a full scrolling menu for him.
 - Slightly increased range when moving off.
 - Made him slightly taller.
 - Inverted controls option.
 - Fixed some bugs in char storing and loading.
 - Some graphical fixes to the new animations.


Weekend update

This weekend I mainly worked on bug fixes, adding custom options for him, and (finally) balls. I've converted his clothes to the standard costume element format, so they now have RGB controls, and I have some simple animation working for his balls. I need to spend a little more time fixing things, but I'll release the next version very soon.



DL v1.12.1b: SuperDeepthroat1_12_1b.swf See Download page for latest DL link.

This version mainly has some changes to the new "face fuck" animation based on the feedback from 1.12, as well as bug fixes.



DL v1.12b: SuperDeepthroat1_12b.swf See Download page for latest DL link.

This release is still quite buggy, so check back over the next couple of days and I'll try to release fixes as fast as possible.

New features:
 - New main animation code.
 - Penis size sliders.
 - Test "face fuck" animation ("Style" boxes on the right side of the Scene menu).


Quick update

Just a quick check in, there's nothing new to look at yet I'm afraid - rewriting the main animation took a lot longer than I expected. I've finished the basic set up of the new system though, and recreated the default animation using it. Everything looks pretty much the same at the moment, but this change means I've finally gotten rid of all of the hardcoded movements, so it's much easier now to make new animations and switch between them.

I'm going to start working on the "face fuck mode" animation next, and I'm aiming to release the next version on the weekend.


Weekend update and character storing fix

DL v1.11.2b: SuperDeepthroat1_11_2b.swf
This version is just a fix for the custom hair and background storing, and a couple of other minor bug fixes.



DL v1.11.1b: SuperDeepthroat1_11_1b.swf See Download page for latest DL link.

This release is mainly a small update to v.1.11:

 - Added a system to save toggled mod elements, so if you override part of a swf mod it should be saved properly now.
 - Tweaked happy and ahegao expressions slightly.
 - Stopped dialogue swallow action from triggering swallow lines.
 - Made any cum dialogue interrupt pre_cum lines.
 - Minor UI fixes.
 - Added more dialogue actions:



DL v1.11b: SuperDeepthroat1_11b.swf
edit: Removed test dialogue lines, fixed eyelid not being HSL shifted.

New features:
 - Happy, angry and ahegao modes.
 - Android 18.
 - Dialogue actions.
 - Custom dialogue types.


Monday update

I'm just going to call these updates what they are, because I often manage to get a bit more done on the game on Mondays now.

I have to polish everything up, and there are a couple of small features I'd like to test some more, but I'm aiming to release the next version on Wednesday. This weekend I mainly worked on improving the happy and angry moods, and adding a test ahegao mode:

About ahegao mode, she currently just has that expression permanently, and doesn't say anything because it seems a bit weird seeing her speak clearly like that. Are there any other specific things it would make sense to add?


Weekend update

This weekend I mainly worked on happy and angry modes. The changes to the graphics are fairly subtle, but there are some new animations, differences in how she behaves, and I'm working on dialogue libraries for both new moods (any suggestions would be welcome again).
 - Added happy and angry expressions (happy is based off the tests I did a while back, and I've added angry because it was requested, though ModGuy's Loader already has an angry mode).
 - Rearranged her mouth and eye elements to make them moddable (mainly making all of the skin differences automatic so you don't have to worry about making four different versions of everything).
 - Started working on happy and angry dialogue lines.

I'm aiming to release next week, even if it has to be a midweek release, because I know the updates have been pretty slow lately.


Weekend update

I didn't have much free time this weekend, so this is a very small update I'm afraid. I fixed a few minor bugs like nail polish appearing above gloves, and spent some more time sketching additional costume options. I also redrew her face so that her nose can be swapped out, and added a rough example of a different nose:
*Edit* Uploaded a slightly less terrifying nose.

(Hair in screenshot is funfriend's SD Chan black with gradient mod.) I think characters like Nico Robin will need changes to the jawline as well to look right, but this is a start at least. I should have more time next weekend, so I'll try to get a better update out.



DL v1.10.1b: SuperDeepthroat1_10.1b.swf See Download page for latest DL link.

This is just a small update to 1.10 with some bug fixes, striped versions of the rest of the legwear sizes, and nail polish. I spent some time this weekend sketching out more costume options too, but they need more work before releasing. Striped panties especially might need custom animation to not look weird, but if I can't come up with something soon I'll include a hacky version in the next release.

Also, in case you didn't see it on the forums, Keeley has made a swf mod with the nympho dialogue audio by MoƩ here.


New modding files

Here are the updated modding files with code and tutorials for making dialogue mods, along with the source file for the Insecure Dialogue mod (CS5.5 and CS5 versions).

DL Modding files: SDTModding.zip
DL CS5 Modding files: SDTModdingCS5.zip

Example dialogue mod source:



DL v1.10b: SuperDeepthroat1_10b.swf See Download page for latest DL link.

Main new features are:
 - New strand physics.
 - Striped thighhigh and overknee stockings.
 - Secondary RGB controls for collars and footwear.
 - Added support for dialogue with audio using swf mods.

There are also now copy and paste buttons on RGB controls, and a several minor bug fixes and tweaks to the UI.

Finally, if you haven't seen the threads on 4chan and the forums, an awesome person called gabriel and a very generous anonymous voice actress have provided audio to go with these lines. I've put together a swf mod which uses the audio here:

DL: InsecureDialogue.swf


Weekend update

Just an update this week, because I wanted to work through some of the more boring things that needed to be done, but as planned I'll aim to release 1.10 next weekend.

This weekend I mainly worked on bug fixes and UI improvements, as well as continuing to tweak the new strand physics. I also remade legwear so that it works using the same RGB system as all of the other costume elements, which means I could finally add striped stockings. The transparency for stockings is still a bit hacky, so I need to fix that before releasing, but it looks like it works otherwise. I also added secondary RGB options for footwear, and the shirt collar and cuffs.

After the next release I'll start working on happy mode, and once that's done I'll spend a while just adding more options to the game and to swf modding (see the Future Features page for the planned features).


Weekend update

This weekend I mainly worked on improvements to the way strands render and move. Strands now have different opacities at each point, which can change smoothly so that they appear to flow along their lengths. Instead of stopping instantly they slide and drip slightly after they land, and can fall off entirely if they move far enough. It still needs a lot of tweaking, but I think it already seems more realistic, and it means that smearing strands when moving outside might not look too bad.

I also spent some time adding the ability to automatically handle secondary RGB controls for costume elements, so you can do things like the collar in the screenshot. I need to redo the legwear, because it doesn't use the same system as everything else, but once that's done it should be possible to add custom striped stockings.

I have a lot of minor bug fixes and adjustments I want to make to the current features, so next weekend will probably just be another regular update, but I'll try to release a new version the week after that.



DL v1.9.1b: SuperDeepthroat1_9_1b.swf See Download page for latest DL link.

Just a small release this weekend, mainly with bug fixes for v1.9b.
 - Fixed swf mods on saved characters overriding custom character settings.
 - Fixed arm layering when moving outside. (I had to split her arm over two layers to do this, otherwise the layout is impossible. It works fine with the default characters, but it's possible it will look strange with some custom hairs.)
 - Fixed smudge toggle not saving, legwear reverting to black and lipstick smearing when moving outside.
 - A couple of other minor fixes.

I also got a test of strand smudging working, but I haven't included it in this release because it doesn't look very good yet. I'm going to spend some more time improving the way strands work, so that I have better control over the graphics.



DL v1.9b: SuperDeepthroat1_9b.swf See Download page for latest DL link.
*edit* Fixed graphical bug with throat bulge.
*edit* Fixed dialogue, swallowing and background loading bugs.

The main new features in this release are:
 - New saving system with the ability to save swf mods.
 - Test of moving outside mode (click and drag).

It also includes:
 - Changed character editing so you can properly overwrite characters now.
 - Option to add as many default mod folders as you want.
 - Mouse wheel control for scrolling menu areas, and slightly smoothed scrolling.
 - Mascara amount slider (saved per character).
 - Mascara smudging when rubbed.
 - Throat resistance slider (saved per character).
 - Breathing toggle option.
 - Intro sound toggle option.
 - Several bug fixes.


Quick update

I was hoping to release the new version this weekend, but it turns out moving outside needs more changes to the graphics than I expected. Rather than delay another week though, I'll try to get the feature to a stable point and upload v1.9b tomorrow so people can test it out. Hopefully then I can complete it and release an update next weekend.


Weekend update

Boring update I'm afraid, but it needed to be done at some point. This weekend I completely rewrote the mod saving system so that character storing can now handle any number of swf mods alongside the image based mods. It also means that if you edit a character it doesn't have to reload the files, so you can finally update stored characters properly. I changed the default folders to be a list instead of a specific folder for each mod type too, so you can add as many folders as you want. The game will still have to search each folder for the mod, so I wouldn't recommend adding too many, but it's actually much faster than I thought it would be.

I'm not uploading a release yet, because the updates are still a bit buggy and I don't want to post something that might generate broken saves, but next weekend I should have this tested as well as the moving outside feature done.

Apart from that, I've changed the intro dialogue behaviour so that it happens more often and doesn't block other dialogue types, added an option to turn off the intro sound because it was annoying some people, and fixed a few bugs including the gloves being HSL shifted with her skin (thanks to the anon who pointed this out).



DL v1.8.2b: SuperDeepthroat1_8_2b.swf See Download page for latest DL link.
*Edit* Fixed RGB control alignment and swf background.
*Edit* Fixed hair loading bug.

This is just a very quick update, mainly to fix a bug with otherFinish dialogue not loading properly. There are a few small new features though:
 - RGB controls for gags (though you'll only see a difference on the ring and tube gags).
 - RGB controls for leather blindfold.
 - Tongue piercings (the animation for these is automatic at the moment, but if it turns out to be too buggy I'll animate it manually).
 - A scrolling menu for all of the costume options, because I'm going to run out of space soon. (It's not ideal, but it's better than making the menu cover the entire screen.)

Apart from that, this weekend I started working on moving his penis out again, and finally adding proper saving support for swf imports. Those features aren't in this release, but they should be done soon. You'll be able to move her more freely by holding down the mouse, so to hide hair elements you have to hold shift and click now.


v1.8.1b - Dialogue updates

DL v1.8.1b: SuperDeepthroat1_8_1b.swf See Download page for latest DL link.
*edit* Fixed bug which was stopping general, intro and cum_in_eye dialogue.


v1.8b - Dialogue

DL v1.8b: SuperDeepthroat1_8b.swf See Download page for latest DL link.

Dialogue is off by default, go to the options menu [O] to turn it on.


v1.7.1b - Bugfixes and gloves

DL v1.7.1b: SuperDeepthroat1_7_1b.swf See top of page for latest DL link.



DL v1.7b: SuperDeepthroat1_7b.swf See top of page for latest DL link.


Weekend update

Small update again this weekend, but hopefully things should be back to normal next week.

I've finally finished the outlines and shading for every bra size to a point that I'm mostly happy with it. The animation still looks a bit rough, but I should be able to tweak it a bit. I will add different types soon, but they take such a long time to make I'll probably release a version with just this simple type first.

The RGB picker finally has a preview now, which should help with when you can't see the element you're adjusting, and I've added an experimental mirrored mode option: 
Thanks to the anon who suggested that last week.

*edit* Hit 5M views over the weekend too.


Weekend update

Just a quick update again, as I mentioned last week.

I finished setting up all of the layering and controls for bras this weekend, so now I just need to work on improving the actual drawings. I also fixed a couple of bugs (mainly her hands disappearing) and got a working test of dialogue done with automatic interruptions:
The dialogue ideas are all helpful, and I think it will get a lot more interesting once happy mode is done as well, because as it is there aren't really a lot of things for her to say. I am still reading all of the comments too, I just don't have much time to reply. I'll try to update the Future Features page soon, and I'll have a look at including Tio guy's throat looseness suggestion (it should be simple to implement, I just want to see if there's a way to make what it does clearer, or if it could be combined with another option).


Weekend update

Nothing really new to see this weekend unfortunately, so just checking in quickly. (I'm not going to be able to work on the game much for another couple of weeks, but I'll still post weekend updates even if they're only quick ones like this.) 

I ended up spending a long time just trying to get bras to work right, (they need to be shape tweened for the different sizes, as well as split into sections in order to animate, and then split into layers for the RGB controls) but I think they're looking okay now. I've got an outline done for the whole range of breast sizes, so I'll start drawing more detailed versions next. I ended up redrawing the largest breast size as well, so hopefully that looks a bit better now:
I also made a start on the dialogue system, and spent some time working on improving the swf import tests to help with making dynamic hair. I'll be adding more modding options for elements once it seems like they aren't going to change much any more, so mods for her body will probably come next.



Backup your custom characters before deleting the old version, or change the new version's filename to match so Flash finds the same cookie.

DL v1.6b: SuperDeepthroat1_6b.swf - See top of page for latest DL link.


Midweek update

I couldn't work on the game over the weekend, so it's just a quick update on her arms this week I'm afraid. Should be a weekend update at the normal time this week though.

 - Improved arm animation so her hands actually track what she's resting them on.
 - Added pushing / tapping animation when she's resting them on his legs.
 - Added arm position resting on her thighs.
 - Made her arms go limp and fall down when she passes out.
 - Added menu controls for her arms.
I am still messing with her hands, so hopefully they'll end up looking a bit better than in this shot. At some point I want to animate them too, so they don't look so stiff, but I'll release a version with static hands first.

*edit* Looks like we hit 4M views over the weekend too.


v1.5.1b - Swf modding test

This release is an early test of swf mod importing (and why I missed the weekend update).

There aren't any major new features apart from that, but there are some graphical fixes, and a new option to drop his arm down. I've changed the menus around to create some extra space now that I'm adding more costume options, so there's a new Help tab, and the Clear buttons and sound and graphics options are now on the Options tab.

DL v1.5.1b: SuperDeepthroat1_5_1b.swf See top of page for latest DL link.
*Edit* Fixed pulling off bug when switching back to holding (thanks spr33).

DL Modding files: SDTModding.zip

*Edit* CS5 version:
DL CS5 Modding files: SDTModdingCS5.zip


Weekend update

 - Fixed a couple of bugs and most of the graphical glitches from 1.5b.
 - A few minor improvements (Made strands fall off glasses when they change, scaled the screen shake based on the zoom level, made strands that hit the floor spread out sideways a bit more).
 - Got a test of different arm positions working.
 - Worked on the swf mod format with a template fla, instructions and tutorials, and some basic checks which will warn you if it looks like something's wrong with your mod.

The plan with swf mods is that you'll be able to have multiple mods in a single swf file. So you make all of your mods, then register a list of them with some very simple ActionScript on the main timeline. Having ActionScript on the timeline isn't great practice, but I think this set up will give people a lot of control over their mods with an absolute minimum of coding. You can also include a character code that will load automatically.

Here's a very early look at different arm positions:
Having her arms resting on her legs is easy from here, but I think having them between her legs will need a separate graphic, so at first there'll probably just be those two positions.



Backup your custom characters before deleting the old version, or change the new version's filename to match so Flash finds the same cookie.

DL v1.5b: SuperDeepthroat1_5b.swf See top of page for latest DL link.

*edit* A new version of Flash Player came out recently, so if you have trouble running the game, try updating. Links at the top of the page.


Weekend update

Sorry for the late update, couldn't find time to post it yesterday.

- Added panties, thongs, and bike shorts with RGB controls. (This ended up being a bit hacky because of the way they have to move with her legs and her stomach when she breathes, so for now I'm keeping them very simple.)
- Started working on bras.
- Added some new eyewear and shoes.
- Spent a while trying to redraw her feet so that she actually has toes. (Better?)
- Added RGB controls for eyewear.
- Added a proper body scale slider in the menu. (Again, this is just a slight size change, the actual shape of her body stays the same. You can see a few different body sizes in the screenshots.)

Still aiming for a release next weekend.


Weekend update

This weekend, I've:
 - Fixed more bugs from 1.4b, including the next / prev character hotkeys not working right after choosing a custom character.
 - Added an RGB control for her shoes and some shorter socks.
 - Started working on swf hair import. I've automated most of the set up for moving hair, so the most complicated step now is drawing the actual hair as several sections, and drawing rounded joints on each section to make them look smooth when the hair bends.
 - Started working on moving his penis outside so that you can rub it on her face. (I'm not sure if I'll include this in the next release, because it's mostly just annoying to control at the moment, and without balls on him there's not really much for her to do. I'll keep working on it though.)
 - Tested a slider for adjusting the scale of her body slightly. It's only a small size change (the shapes don't change), but it means you can give her more realistic proportions, and I might adjust it for the default characters to make them look a little bit more different. She's slightly taller here:
There should be a lot more new costume options to actually see next week, then I'm planning to release on the weekend after that (4th/5th).

*edit* Wow. Hit 3M pageviews at some point over the weekend too.


Weekend update

Just a quick update this weekend:
 - Fixed a few bugs from 1.4.
 - Redrew her shoulder / arm so that it animates better (for different arm positions).
 - Tidied up the costume code so that it takes much less work to add new elements.
 - Added an eyewear costume layer, so Mari's glasses are a regular costume element now.
 - Added a shoe costume layer.

I have a few ideas for other eyewear / footwear, like blindfolds and boots, but let me know in the comments if you have any requests and I'll try to add the popular ones.

Once I've finished adding full costumes and I know that it all works okay, I'll work on support for importing your own. I'm still planning to add dialogue too, because I think it will be interesting to make, but I'm not rushing on it because it seems like other features have wider appeal.



Backup your custom characters before deleting the old version, or change the new version's filename to match so Flash finds the same cookie.

DL v1.4b: SuperDeepthroat1_4b.swf See top of page for latest DL link.

*edit* If you're wondering where the post went for a while, Blogger's been having some trouble the last couple of days, and they temporarily rolled things back to the 11th. It looks like some comments might have been lost too, but they say they're still working on it.


Weekend update - Release midweek

Her tongue needs a bit more work than I expected, so 1.4 is going to be out midweek I'm afraid. It's all basically working apart from the UI, but there are a lot of things I want to improve before releasing.

I've mainly been working on the tongue this weekend:
 - Finished the actual licking animations.
 - Made his penis move properly when she licks him.
 - Added cum collisions for her tongue, and swallowing of cum on her tongue.

Her tongue works like this now: She'll stick her tongue out if you hold her close to the tip of his penis, or if you hold her away as he's ejaculating. She then does random actions depending on where you're holding her. If you have Self auto mode on, she does things with her tongue on her own.

I also spent some time tweaking the new auto modes and adding a few extra actions, and a few people seemed interested, so I ended up rearranging the costume layers again to get a pantyhose option to work:

The hip area has some messy layering so that semi-transparent legwear can work with the animation of her legs and her breathing, but now that that part's done I can start thinking about adding proper costumes.

I'll try to get the release out as soon as possible.


Weekend update

This weekend I got most of the more boring but necessary work for the next release done, including:
 - Rearranging her body layers and adding proper costume layers, so that things like her stockings aren't HSL shifted with her skin. (This means things might be a bit slower because there are more layers to filter, but it's the only way to stop clothes being shifted.
 - Adding the triggers and controls for her tongue (Plan is for her to do things randomly on her own if you have the option turned on, based on where you hold her).
 - Adding soft and hard auto modes that just have one or the other type of movement.
 - Adding some new auto actions for a "Self" auto mode.
 - Redoing his arm animation to use IK so that it's easy to move between poses and make it hang down for the Self auto:

As a break from the coding, I added some extra options for legwear too:

I can add pantyhose, but the join around the hips looks broken if you have less than full opacity, so I'll either have to redo that first, or limit the alpha control for them.

I'm planning to release next update, even if I have to do a mid week release again.


Weekend update

Had to get some other stuff done this weekend, so not a huge update I'm afraid:
 - Started work on her tongue.
 - Tested out a couple of new auto modes.
 - Added costume element hit testing (Really only for Mari's glasses. Though you don't see it happen much in the normal game).
 - Added random spit drooling when gagged.
 - Slightly extended the range of bukkake mode.
 - Increased the spit strand limit.

I've updated the Future Features page, so you can see what I'm planning to get done for the next release. It won't be for a couple of weeks, but I'll keep posting updates. Next weekend should have more to see.



Backup your custom characters before deleting the old version, or change the new version's filename to match so Flash finds the same cookie.

DL v1.3.2b: SuperDeepthroat1_3_2b.swf See top of page for latest DL link.

*edit* Fixed old stored data not resetting gag and stockings.
*edit* Fixed some bugs with lip animation when setting gags.
*edit* Fixed a bug with jaw on pale and tan skins.
*edit* Fixed zoom changed with mouse wheel scroll not saving.


Weekend update

This weekend I've mostly been fixing bugs from the last release and preparing for the next set of features, so there's not too much new to see. Testing out strands hitting the rest of her body seems like it will work without slowing down too much though:

Apart from that, I've been:
 - Finding cough sound effects.
 - Working on gag accessories (just needs some animation adjustments).
 - Adding some new iris types.
 - Testing a body size slider (not a shape change, just scaling her body slightly).
 - Fixing the eye highlight problem people pointed out.
 - Working on the breast prototype I mentioned on the Future Features page (looks promising, but only works for one size at the moment. I'll only spend more time on this if people really want it).
 - Planning dialogue.

About the dialogue, any suggestions for phrases that don't sound terrible would be good. It all reads a bit awkwardly to me at the moment. It will be text subtitles, not full audio, so anything you can write can be included, I'm just not sure what people actually want to see for this.

I'm planning to do another small release with bug fixes and extra accessories next, then if everything goes well 1.4 won't be far behind.


Future Features page up

I've updated the old "Future Features" list and made it into a proper page here:

Future Features

That should have most of the major features included, though I haven't bothered adding minor UI fixes or things that were only ever brought up once. I'll be keeping that page updated, so you should be able to check there to see if your idea has already been added.

I'll be back with a regular update this weekend.


Belated weekend update - v1.3.1b

This is a new version with the first test of character storing. Hopefully it's fairly self explanatory, but see inside for some basic instructions. Main tip is to keep your import files in the same place as the game.

Character storing is still very much in beta, so you might want to hold off using it unless you want to help bug test. I've tested it with up to 20 custom characters, but there does seem to be some bugginess around saving large amounts of data (large relative to plain text), so it could break if you save lots of characters. I haven't seen any problems since I added some workarounds, but even if something does happen the worst case scenario is you lose your settings.

Apart from that, there are some minor bug fixes, and I've fixed the shaking problem with their feet as much as possible.

DL v1.3.1b: SuperDeepthroat1_3_1b.swf  See top of page for latest DL link.

*edit* Fixed swallowing bug.



Mid week release!

New features:
 - Zoom
 - Vertical control
 - Swallowing (With cum in her mouth, tilt her head up and wait.)
 - Improved character menu
 - No collar option

DL v1.3b: SuperDeepthroat1_3b.swf  See top of page for latest DL link.


Weekend update

I've been pushing to finish the features for the next release this weekend. Swallowing is essentially done, it just needs some tweaking and bug testing, and zooming is done apart from extending the rest of the backgrounds, which I'm working on now. Character saving needs the most work, mainly to get the interface working and a way to back up / load character lists. I was originally planning to release next weekend, but I'm going to try and get something out in the next couple of days even if it isn't as polished, as the last few updates have been a bit boring. If character storing looks like it will take too long, I'll release a version without it and finish it next weekend.


Weekend update

A quick note. I'm sure you have heard about the devastating earthquake and tsunami in Japan. If you've ever wanted to donate to this project, please consider donating to the Red Cross ( Google Checkout link on Google's crisis page, American Red Cross donation page ) or another disaster relief charity. Thank you.

Update and new screenshots inside.


Checking in

Nothing major to report unfortunately. Didn't get much time to work on the game this weekend, so I've mainly been tweaking the animation and testing out possible controls for swallowing (possibly adding mouse up / down control and making it automatic if you have her looking up). It's still some way from being release ready, but whatever happens I'll post a proper update next weekend.


SuperDeepthroat Mods Forum

I meant to post this earlier, but I kept forgetting: The forums are back up here.

I had nothing to do with setting them up, so all thanks should go to Anonymous (the admin on the forums) and clanssd at http://www.ryonani.com/ for so generously providing the hosting.


Weekend update

Not a release I'm afraid, all of the new features are still incomplete, but at least there are some pictures this time.


Weekend update

No real news, but I said I'd try to post an update at least once a week. This weekend I've been working on:
 - Fixing a couple more bugs.
 - Redrawing the neck as one animated piece, so that the collar can be removed.
 - Adding her legs, with some simple IK to keep her properly connected to the ground, in preparation for adding a zoom controller.
 - Working on swallowing, mainly sourcing sfx and animating the mouth closing.

I've also been testing out a more realistic animation to see if an X-ray view could work. It's possible, but the motion is really awkward, and it would mean changing the entire animation. As it's not looking very promising, I'm not going to spend a lot more time on it yet, but at some point I'll post some screenshots and see what people think.



This is a beta release which is mainly bug fixes and UI updates, as well as a small expansion for the image based hair imports.

DL v1.2b: SuperDeepthroat1_2.b.swf   See top of page for latest DL link.


Bug fixing

Boring update, but it had to be done. I've mainly been working on bugs and fixing problems with the strand physics. I've got the flickering and a couple of other bugs sorted, and it's a lot more solid generally.

I've also been testing out swf hair imports, to let people make hair just like the base styles. It's a bit more complicated, and preparing dynamic hair still takes some work, but from the image templates out there it seems like there are plenty of people who know what they're doing, so it should be fine. I need to tidy things up first, but I'll try to release a beta of this soon.

I'm planning to fix the rest of the known bugs and add a few extra custom options like blush alpha in time for another release next weekend.


Hory shet

Just hit 1M page views.


Version 1.1b

This is a beta release to test several new features aimed at letting people start to create and share their own characters. It may still have some bugs, so I won't update the big D/L link at the top of the page yet, but I'll update this link if I release any fixes.

DL v1.1b: SuperDeepthroat1_1b.swf   See top of page for latest DL link.
*edit* Fixed hover options bug.
*edit* Fixed switching hair after importing adding extra hair.
*edit* Updated again to fix eyebrow settings not saving properly.
*Edit* I've updated the link above to fix a few bugs, the main one being that eyebrow settings weren't saving properly. You can update any broken save data by loading it and setting the eyebrows again.

The major new features are:
- Image based hair import.
- Background import.
- HSL shifting for skin and hair.
- RGB controls for iris, eye shadow and eyebrows.
- Breast size slider from flat to extra large.

To help make the base hair styles more flexible, you can now also click on most of the costume elements like ponytails, hair clips and earrings to toggle them on and off.

There are a few smaller updates too:
- Slightly faster strand shader.
- Hold shift to ignore mouse input.
- Press J to ejaculate.

Backgrounds just need to be 700*600px. For the hair import, you can use this template:
Click for full size template
Make sure you draw your hair on a new layer, because once you're done you need to delete the template so that the background is transparent and only the hair is left. These images are just locked to her head, so you could also use this to draw things like elf ears or facial tattoos.

Hopefully there's enough space there to make most hair styles. If a lot of people need it, I can add proper layered .swf import as well, but for now I'm going to spend a while working on other features.

A few people were asking for the test hair import template:


New feature tests

Finally had some proper time to work on SDT this weekend, so I've been testing to see if the major planned features are going to be possible.

Here's a very early test of the hue shifter (no controls or anything yet).
Good news: It works!
Bad news: It's yet another drain on the CPU/GPU.

There are a couple more things I can do to speed it up, but if you have a good computer it should be fine. If you just have an okay computer, you might have to make the window smaller (fewer pixels = much faster). This is the most efficient way to have full control over the skin and hair though.

And here's another very early test for the hair import (grabbed the hair from this if you're curious).

The way this works is you make a transparent image (eg. 32bit png) with three 600*600px images for the front, middle and back layers of the hair. To load it you'll have to type a file path, the same as in Bukkake Machine. (Unless someone knows a way to open a proper file prompt from a standalone swf.)

I've also been working on animating between the breast sizes so that they can use a smooth slider instead of just being small / medium / large. It seems to look okay, so I'll be adding flat and extra large sizes using the same method.

There's a lot more to do before these features are actually usable, so there's no demo yet, but it looks like they're going to work.


Quick update

Don't worry, I'm not dead, just busy with real life. I'll be back properly soon.