Download v1.15.3b: SuperDeepthroat1_15_3b.swf See Download page for latest DL link.

This release has:
 - A new "Select..." button in the costume menu which lets you choose a costume from your stored chars without changing the character.
 - Shirt and miniskirt.
 - Ankle costumes.
 - A few graphical and bug fixes.

I'm away, so I won't be able to post an update next weekend, but I'm going to go back to working on other features for a while, so there should be something interesting to see the week after that.


Weekend update

Just an update this week, because the new costumes aren't quite finished yet, but I've:
 - Added a new shirt and miniskirt.
 - Fixed some graphical bugs on the tops, and on the garter belt alpha.
 - Added an ankle cuff costume element.
 - Fixed a few other minor bugs.

I'll finish those and upload a new release next Sunday.



Download v1.15.2b: SuperDeepthroat1_15_2b.swf See Download page for latest DL link.

This version has:
 - Updated character shuffle to include palette based costumes (button on the Custom menu, or press [shift] + [/] or [?]).
 - A few new top variations.
 - Garter belt, garters and latex thigh highs.
 - Jean shorts.

I wanted to get a lot more costumes finished for this release, but I ended up spending a long time just trying to get the cropped tops to look right. I'm not totally happy with them, but now that the animation actually works they're easy to adjust. I also found a fix for the shoulder seam on tops, which should make it nearly invisible.


Midweek update

Just a quick update this week, because I haven't had time to get much new stuff ready to see. I've been sketching out new costume elements, which takes a while to get things looking right in every possible position, but I think I've worked most of it out now. I also spent some time to update the character shuffle to get it to change her clothes, and to make it a bit smarter so it isn't just completely random. I should have some more time this weekend to polish up the new costumes, so I'm going to try to finally get back to Sunday updates. I'll add a screenshot to this post if I get something done before then though.