Okay, first poll is up, second part soon and second is up now too. That is a lot of characters, so I'll let these run for a while, and once I've made a dent in them I'll make a runners up poll.
Here's what the plan is:

There have been requests for just about every character ever, so I'm splitting them up as best I can into groups from each series, and putting them up in sections. I'll do the groups with the most popular characters from the original poll first, then probably reopen the comments on the requests page for the runners up.

Please check the requests page first, but if you want to request new characters / series, it would be helpful if you can spell out their full name and the name of the series, because I don't know everyone. There were a lot of requests like "What's her name from desu the herp derp (can't remember the name lol!)" before, and if I can't work out who you mean I can't add it to the list.
I'll be watching the comments in whichever post is the latest poll post (here for now) for requests. I will try and catch requests elsewhere, but I can't promise I'll see them all.

There are two restrictions: 1) If the character's art style is so different from the template that they would look wrong, they will only be added if I can find time to add custom face types for them. 2) I'm avoiding Western IPs because that's just a world of pain. I don't like it either, but it's way too easy to get taken down for this.

To try and be as fair as possible, I'll aim to include a single most popular character from each series first, or one or two more if there are several that are extremely popular. (Taking into account the number of votes, including the original manual votes in the old request post, compared to the traffic over the time the poll is up.) If I ever manage to finish that, I'll go back and add second place chars. I'll be working on new features for a while first though.

However, don't worry if your fav character isn't getting votes, I'll be working on some method of importing at least static hair for characters as a priority. (It may require you being able to type file paths! and change security settings! But if you can't handle that, what are you doing playing porn games?)

tl;dr: More polls coming soon, request with full names please, character import soon anyway.


I don't post on 4chan.

I just wanted to point out, I don't post on 4chan using this name anymore, and I haven't since a thread about a month ago in /h/. So if you see anyone posting as konashion, it's someone else.

*edit* I see the newgrounds post got deleted. For the record, I said I didn't mind people mirroring the game (it's the internet, I'd have to be stupid not to be okay with that), and the account owner offered to give me the account several times, so the only actual problem was ng's policies. I might repost it there later myself, but for now I think it's fine on d/l sites and /f/.

Future Features

Update on what the possible future features are and what probably is / isn't going to be added.


Merry Christmas, perverts!

DL Link: SuperDeepthroat.swf   See top of page for latest DL link.

Please make sure you have the latest version of Flash Player. You can load it into a browser or get a standalone ("Projector") Flash Player here: http://www.adobe.com/support/flashplayer/downloads.html

Warning: This game is very heavy on the CPU. If it runs slow, hit Q to toggle the quality to low, which should make a big difference. I've kept as much as possible as vectors so people with powerful computers can fullscreen it.



By the way, for file hosting, I was just planning to throw it on mediafire. Any reason that's a bad idea? (I don't have any problem with people mirroring it if they prefer other sites.)


Kasumi / Misty and new bg

Is she supposed to have green eyes or blue eyes? I went with turquoise.



Well, a bunch of people pointed out the cock looked a bit shit. I'm not changing the shape a lot, because it's closely linked to her animation, but here's a tweaked version. Any better?
*edit* Tiny extra tweak.


Couple more characters

Hopefully they don't look too bad. Mostly going to concentrate on fixing bugs now for the first release, and maybe adding a couple more backgrounds.



I am a little less happy with her than with the other characters, so I might make some tweaks, but I'm going to stick to the plan to mainly add hair styles for the first version. Further options like being able to adjust the face will have to wait for later versions.



Boring update, but I had to do the menus at some point. The options you see here will be pretty much what's available in the first version. More complicated features will come in later versions.

Screenshots of the three menu panels.



A lot of people asked for dynamic lipstick and smearing, and it seemed like it would be relatively simple to implement, so here's a screenshot of the first test. This won't be on by default, but you'll be able to set it up however you like in the options.
Kinda looks like his dick's been in a fight.



Finally. Took a bit longer than I expected, mostly messing with the hair and the necklace, but I think she's pretty much there now. On to requested characters now.

Character Requests

Just posted a list of character requests.
I think that's all of them. Will keep it updated.



One more new character. I will add Misato, then move on to other series.


Super Deepthroat

Here's a preview of a Flash game I'm working on, inspired by the classic Final Fellatio X. Planned features include dynamically generated spit and cum, breast and hair physics, dynamic tears and mascara, and simple controls with no annoying prompts or restrictions.

The title screen.
The default character
At the moment there's just this generic blonde girl, but eventually there will be several characters to choose from. Who would you like to see in the game?