Weekend update

Thanks for all of the feedback and bug reports last week. This weekend I've mainly been working on improving the hand job mode, trying to reduce or remove some of the limits, and fixing the bugs spotted in the comments.

I'm not sure if there's a way to keep the movement free in more extreme positions without it looking awkward, but it might be realistic that some of the positions are just awkward. Either way I'll probably upload a minor release next weekend with a better version of the mode.



DL: SDT1_20b.swf
See Download page for latest DL link.

This release has the first working version of handjob mode. There's a new "Mode" toggle near the bottom left of the Scene [Y] menu which will let you switch between normal and handjob mode. Move the mouse as usual to control the game, or click and hold to reposition her head.

The movement is still a bit rough, and I haven't updated the auto modes properly yet, but it will be good to get some feedback at this stage. I've animated her hand slightly so that it should look reasonable for every penis size.

I ended up spending a while this weekend trying to fix a couple of long standing bugs with her arm IK too, so there's a bit of a hack to make her elbow appear in front of his leg even if the rest of her body is actually behind him, and though it's not perfect the IK hopefully won't completely fail in certain positions any more.

I've also adjusted mod loading so that it should remove the shoulder mask when only a top mod is included (thanks again for the forum thread on this).


Monday update

I was hoping to get an early release of this finished today, but it's still pretty buggy in a lot of situations (and I need to redraw her hand a bit), so here's a quick preview for now:
On the plus side, I think mouse control for her hand with click and hold to move her head seems to work quite well, and I might be able to combine that with a partial auto control. That will need some new handjob specific actions, but I'll upload a release next Sunday even if the auto mode isn't completely polished.


v1.19.1b (bugfixes)

Trying depositfiles one more time, feel free to upload mirrors and I'll add links if this one goes down.
DL: SDT1_19_1b.swf
See Download page for latest DL link.

This is mainly just an update, but I wanted to release a version with a few bug fixes even if there aren't any new features in yet.

Mod fixes:
 - Fixed her back not being HSL shifted.
 - Shoulder mask is now automatically removed when loading a mod (also, the mask is no longer re-enabled after taking a character shot).*
 - Fixed chest layer for bottoms being masked.**

 - Fixed costume buttons in character menu stopping other characters from being loaded.
 - Changed dialogue styles to accept lower case names. (So {"style":"thought"} instead of {"style":"Thought"} will work now too.)

This weekend I finally started working on a handjob mode. The mechanics are pretty simple, but I'm still thinking of a good way to handle all of the possible position / auto mode combinations you might want (without just having loads of new menu options). I'll probably start out with a basic one handed release before trying to do anything more involved though. Ideas are always welcome even if I don't get a chance to reply in the comments.

* The shoulder mask is a nasty workaround to force Flash to render the costume and arm edge more precisely. This doesn't matter much for opaque costumes, but any glitches are very visible for semi-transparent tops. If any modders actually want to have the mask, I can add a toggle to the mod files.
** The chest layer for bottoms actually has an intentional new mask which forces it "behind" her leg. This should only be noticeable for very short costumes, and hopefully might even be helpful, but I can try to adjust things if it's still breaking mods.