This weekend I've mainly been tidying the recent features to prepare for new modding files, but I've also put together a small release with some improvements and bug fixes from last week:

DL: SDT1_21_1b.swf

 - Changed layering and adjusted hand job animation to hopefully improve the clipping problems.
 - Added scaling for hand job mode controls so you don't have to keep the mouse all the way to one side when movement is limited (this should improve auto mode slightly as well).
 - Fixed shuffle always ending up in hand job mode.
 - Fixed rendering bug on his foot shadows.
 - Fixed right hand nail polish resetting to black.



DL: SDT1_21b.swf See Download page for latest DL link.
*edit* Last minute bugfix.

This release adds separate controls for her left and right arms, and you can find hand job mode in the new arm position menus. The controls work the same as the previous hand job mode if you set either hand (or both) to the hand job position. There are new dialogue actions to move each arm, as well as a few minor graphical fixes.

I've tried to test all of the combinations of costume and position that I can think of, but let me know if you spot anything broken. The next release will be mostly bug fixes, because I still want to fix some issues with the animation too, but mainly because this has changed quite a lot of the modding elements.


Weekend update

Hey, I finally managed to get back to work on the game this weekend. It's not ready for release yet, but as planned I've gone through and split all of her arm code so that her left and right arm can be set separately, and moved hand job mode into the arm position menu:
I still need to sort out the arm costume and tan elements (and animate her gripping hand properly), but otherwise it works well, and I think it's a lot more convenient than the current Mode option. Arm modding will definitely need an update after this too, but I'll get a working version of the main game out first.


Still here

Hey, sorry about the lack of updates. Ended up away longer than I expected and I haven't had a chance to check in. Should be all back to normal after this week though.