DL: SDT1_18_1b.swf (depositfiles) See Download page for latest DL link.
*edit* Quick dialogue fix.

This release is mainly bug fixes, hopefully catching most of the issues pointed out in last week's comments (thanks for all of the reports, they make tracking things down a lot easier), but I've also been working on a custom data system for advanced dialogue writers. I've just enabled it as a test in this release to get some feedback, but it should make creating more complicated scripts a lot easier.

I'll post a thread on the forums in a minute (and link here) to discuss more details about the new dialogue tools, but the basic features are:
 - Storing arbitrary variables and inserting them into lines.
 - Simple incrementing and decrementing of numbers.
 - Checks for lines so that they only play if the chosen variables are set to the correct value, or are ">5" etc.

*edit* Instructions and more details here

If that turns out to be a popular feature (especially if a lot of people like to use custom scripts), I can expand on it, but as it is it's already fairly flexible.



DL: SDT1_18b.swf (depositfiles) See Download page for latest DL link.
*edit* Fixed his left arm not appearing without switching bodies and not being HSL shifted.

Apparently Minus only accepts image files now, which is annoying because otherwise the interface seemed quite good. I've put the release on depositfiles for now, but once again suggestions for good sharing sites would be helpful. I'd like to try to find a solid one before resorting to hammering a generous person's bandwidth.

This release might still be a bit buggy, as I haven't spent a lot of time testing, but I think I've caught most of the worst graphical glitches and sorted out the data saving. I'll probably post a small release next weekend to fix any bugs though.

Main new features:
 - Female body model for the deepthroatee, with new body selection menu.
 - Tan lines layer for the deepthroater.
 - Left arm.
 - Magical ejaculating strapon.

The female body shape is a bit limited by the fact that her joints need to be mostly circular, but any comments now that you can see it in action are helpful.


Quick update

I was hoping to get a release out today with tan lines and the female body for him, but it's getting late for a weekend update and the game's still a bit too broken from all of the changes, so I thought I should post a quick update at least. I'll upload a new version as soon as I have those features stable though.

I spent most of the weekend finishing modular bodies for Him, which ended up being a pretty massive rewrite. I also:
 - Set up menu controls for his bodies, with a new section which swaps out for body specific options.
 - Outlined most of the new female body model properly, spent some time working on the shape and shading, and added pale, tan and dark skin options. (Thanks for the comments on this, they were really helpful.)


Weekend update

This weekend I've mainly been working on animation stuff:
 - Getting his left arm moving and trying to animate the hand and arm slightly between poses so that bukkake mode doesn't look like his wrist is broken.
 - Making his positioning more flexible in general so that things like high heels can be added for the female model.
 - Testing out ways to animate between positions, instead of the jumping that happens at the moment. (This is difficult mainly because the joints are all 2d, but I have some ideas.)

I also spent a little bit time working on the female model for him again, and added a strapon style penis with RGB controls. I'm still not really happy with the body, though I think I can improve it with some proper shading, but if anyone can point out specific proportion problems that would be really helpful.

I'm just going to work on finishing features off for next weekend, (mainly drawing the sketches properly, duplicating new elements for other skin shades, and fixing a bunch of bugs) so whatever I get done will be in the next release.


Weekend update

This weekend I mainly worked on fleshing out the tan lines test to add her face and neck, set up the menu controls, and add more detailed outlines. There's still some clipping around her hips, but I'm sure I'll figure something out.

I spent some more time trying to improve the futa model, but I'm not entirely happy with it yet, so for a change I (finally) sketched out his left arm. It doesn't do much at the moment, but hopefully it can be used to aim bukkake mode without much extra animation.

One side benefit of working on the tan lines is that I think I've found a solid workaround for the rendering bug which made black blocks appear on character thumbnails and screenshots. It probably didn't affect a lot of people, but it was an annoying waste of time whenever it showed up, and it means I can reuse stuff for the tan lines without breaking things.

I'm reading through the comments from last week, so I'll edit this post with any common replies soon.

*edit* Some comment replies after the fold. (As usual check this page for the more frequently requested features.)