Weekend update

Small update again this weekend, but hopefully things should be back to normal next week.

I've finally finished the outlines and shading for every bra size to a point that I'm mostly happy with it. The animation still looks a bit rough, but I should be able to tweak it a bit. I will add different types soon, but they take such a long time to make I'll probably release a version with just this simple type first.

The RGB picker finally has a preview now, which should help with when you can't see the element you're adjusting, and I've added an experimental mirrored mode option: 
Thanks to the anon who suggested that last week.

*edit* Hit 5M views over the weekend too.


Weekend update

Just a quick update again, as I mentioned last week.

I finished setting up all of the layering and controls for bras this weekend, so now I just need to work on improving the actual drawings. I also fixed a couple of bugs (mainly her hands disappearing) and got a working test of dialogue done with automatic interruptions:
The dialogue ideas are all helpful, and I think it will get a lot more interesting once happy mode is done as well, because as it is there aren't really a lot of things for her to say. I am still reading all of the comments too, I just don't have much time to reply. I'll try to update the Future Features page soon, and I'll have a look at including Tio guy's throat looseness suggestion (it should be simple to implement, I just want to see if there's a way to make what it does clearer, or if it could be combined with another option).


Weekend update

Nothing really new to see this weekend unfortunately, so just checking in quickly. (I'm not going to be able to work on the game much for another couple of weeks, but I'll still post weekend updates even if they're only quick ones like this.) 

I ended up spending a long time just trying to get bras to work right, (they need to be shape tweened for the different sizes, as well as split into sections in order to animate, and then split into layers for the RGB controls) but I think they're looking okay now. I've got an outline done for the whole range of breast sizes, so I'll start drawing more detailed versions next. I ended up redrawing the largest breast size as well, so hopefully that looks a bit better now:
I also made a start on the dialogue system, and spent some time working on improving the swf import tests to help with making dynamic hair. I'll be adding more modding options for elements once it seems like they aren't going to change much any more, so mods for her body will probably come next.



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