Hey. I don't know why the blog was taken down this weekend, but it looks like it was just some temporary weirdness. I'll post another update if I find out what happened.

As for the weekend update, I was mainly working on fixing the auto modes, so there isn't much new to see. Hopefully next week things will be back to normal and I'll have something more interesting done.



DL v1.13.1b: SuperDeepthroat1_13_1b.swf See Download page for latest DL link.

This is just a minor update to the last version, with some bug fixes and animation improvements. There are still more problems I want to track down, so it's not perfect, but I figured a small release would be more interesting than two weeks of bug reports.

This version also has:
 - Nose squashing animation. (I tried out squashing downwards, but it doesn't really look right at this angle. I'm still working on it though.)
 - Ball size slider.
 - Screenshot hotkey (/) with option for double size screenshots (as in the attached image).

I'm going to spend one more weekend fixing things (at the very least I want to fix the auto modes when using different penis sizes), then I'll get back to new features again.


Weekend update

Hey, I'm back! Thanks for all the comments over the holidays (special mention for this one). I've noted down any suggestions that aren't on the Future Features page yet, even if I haven't replied individually, and I'll try to update it soon with replies for any of the more requested ideas. At some point, we hit 10M page views too.

As I mentioned last year, I'm planning to spend a while just working on some of the more boring fixes first, as a lot of the recent features are still quite rough. I should be able to get on with more interesting updates soon though.

This weekend, I mainly worked on rewriting some of the penis animation code to improve lip alignment. It works much better now, especially with the more extreme sizes. I've also:
 - Made it harder to miss her mouth.
 - Fixed a couple of problems with the cough animation and the swallow animation.
 - Fixed throat resistance not being saved, and some items not updating in the menu.
 - Tested out a nose squashing animation when you push her down (it's automatic, so it should just work for custom noses too).