Belated weekend update - v1.3.1b

This is a new version with the first test of character storing. Hopefully it's fairly self explanatory, but see inside for some basic instructions. Main tip is to keep your import files in the same place as the game.

Character storing is still very much in beta, so you might want to hold off using it unless you want to help bug test. I've tested it with up to 20 custom characters, but there does seem to be some bugginess around saving large amounts of data (large relative to plain text), so it could break if you save lots of characters. I haven't seen any problems since I added some workarounds, but even if something does happen the worst case scenario is you lose your settings.

Apart from that, there are some minor bug fixes, and I've fixed the shaking problem with their feet as much as possible.

DL v1.3.1b: SuperDeepthroat1_3_1b.swf  See top of page for latest DL link.

*edit* Fixed swallowing bug.



Mid week release!

New features:
 - Zoom
 - Vertical control
 - Swallowing (With cum in her mouth, tilt her head up and wait.)
 - Improved character menu
 - No collar option

DL v1.3b: SuperDeepthroat1_3b.swf  See top of page for latest DL link.


Weekend update

I've been pushing to finish the features for the next release this weekend. Swallowing is essentially done, it just needs some tweaking and bug testing, and zooming is done apart from extending the rest of the backgrounds, which I'm working on now. Character saving needs the most work, mainly to get the interface working and a way to back up / load character lists. I was originally planning to release next weekend, but I'm going to try and get something out in the next couple of days even if it isn't as polished, as the last few updates have been a bit boring. If character storing looks like it will take too long, I'll release a version without it and finish it next weekend.


Weekend update

A quick note. I'm sure you have heard about the devastating earthquake and tsunami in Japan. If you've ever wanted to donate to this project, please consider donating to the Red Cross ( Google Checkout link on Google's crisis page, American Red Cross donation page ) or another disaster relief charity. Thank you.

Update and new screenshots inside.


Checking in

Nothing major to report unfortunately. Didn't get much time to work on the game this weekend, so I've mainly been tweaking the animation and testing out possible controls for swallowing (possibly adding mouse up / down control and making it automatic if you have her looking up). It's still some way from being release ready, but whatever happens I'll post a proper update next weekend.