Happy New Year

Hey. I'll be back properly next week with some bug fixes for a couple of things that the last release broke, as well as starting on some new features, but until then hope everyone had a good Christmas, and happy New Year's Eve tomorrow.



DL: SDT1_19b.swf (depositfiles) (reuploaded by anon, thanks)
or swfchan mirror.
See Download page for latest DL link.

Okay, the costume layers are getting pretty ridiculous now, but I think I've managed to get the futa / penis option for her working okay. It's not perfect, though it works pretty well if you don't make the penis really huge. You can see a preview here.

There's not much new in this release if you're not into that, but I've started adding some of the example costumes I've posted previously, which a couple of people had requested. There's a new costume button on a few of the default characters like Miku and Rikku. I'll add more of these as I go.

As usual, I'll probably release a quick update to fix any major bugs. It's getting a bit late, so I figured I'd release instead of delaying another day.



I had to deal with some work over the weekend, so the actual release will have to be next week, but a couple of the bugs were annoying me today and I wanted to upload a minor update to fix those. Back mods should be unmasked now, and I've adjusted the advanced dialogue to try and remove the lag when checking large scripts.

DL: SDT1_18_2b.swf (depositfiles) See Download page for latest DL link.


Weekend update

Just a quick update this weekend: I've mainly been working on the penis / futa option for Her that I tested out a while ago, as well as a few important bug fixes. There's not much new to see yet that wasn't in the test screenshot, but hopefully I'll have it done soon.

The recent changes broke some mods and dialogues, so I'm trying to fix things so that they work again without needing any updates. Sorry if you've already wasted time dealing with that. I haven't had a chance to comment there yet, but thanks for the forum posts on these bugs especially. Once that's all fixed, I'll go back to the modding files and bring them up to date with the latest release. I'll probably need to add a simplified way of modding the original Him first, as making a full body mod requires writing your own animation scripts, but in the future it should be possible to create any "Him" you want.



DL: SDT1_18_1b.swf (depositfiles) See Download page for latest DL link.
*edit* Quick dialogue fix.

This release is mainly bug fixes, hopefully catching most of the issues pointed out in last week's comments (thanks for all of the reports, they make tracking things down a lot easier), but I've also been working on a custom data system for advanced dialogue writers. I've just enabled it as a test in this release to get some feedback, but it should make creating more complicated scripts a lot easier.

I'll post a thread on the forums in a minute (and link here) to discuss more details about the new dialogue tools, but the basic features are:
 - Storing arbitrary variables and inserting them into lines.
 - Simple incrementing and decrementing of numbers.
 - Checks for lines so that they only play if the chosen variables are set to the correct value, or are ">5" etc.

*edit* Instructions and more details here

If that turns out to be a popular feature (especially if a lot of people like to use custom scripts), I can expand on it, but as it is it's already fairly flexible.



DL: SDT1_18b.swf (depositfiles) See Download page for latest DL link.
*edit* Fixed his left arm not appearing without switching bodies and not being HSL shifted.

Apparently Minus only accepts image files now, which is annoying because otherwise the interface seemed quite good. I've put the release on depositfiles for now, but once again suggestions for good sharing sites would be helpful. I'd like to try to find a solid one before resorting to hammering a generous person's bandwidth.

This release might still be a bit buggy, as I haven't spent a lot of time testing, but I think I've caught most of the worst graphical glitches and sorted out the data saving. I'll probably post a small release next weekend to fix any bugs though.

Main new features:
 - Female body model for the deepthroatee, with new body selection menu.
 - Tan lines layer for the deepthroater.
 - Left arm.
 - Magical ejaculating strapon.

The female body shape is a bit limited by the fact that her joints need to be mostly circular, but any comments now that you can see it in action are helpful.


Quick update

I was hoping to get a release out today with tan lines and the female body for him, but it's getting late for a weekend update and the game's still a bit too broken from all of the changes, so I thought I should post a quick update at least. I'll upload a new version as soon as I have those features stable though.

I spent most of the weekend finishing modular bodies for Him, which ended up being a pretty massive rewrite. I also:
 - Set up menu controls for his bodies, with a new section which swaps out for body specific options.
 - Outlined most of the new female body model properly, spent some time working on the shape and shading, and added pale, tan and dark skin options. (Thanks for the comments on this, they were really helpful.)


Weekend update

This weekend I've mainly been working on animation stuff:
 - Getting his left arm moving and trying to animate the hand and arm slightly between poses so that bukkake mode doesn't look like his wrist is broken.
 - Making his positioning more flexible in general so that things like high heels can be added for the female model.
 - Testing out ways to animate between positions, instead of the jumping that happens at the moment. (This is difficult mainly because the joints are all 2d, but I have some ideas.)

I also spent a little bit time working on the female model for him again, and added a strapon style penis with RGB controls. I'm still not really happy with the body, though I think I can improve it with some proper shading, but if anyone can point out specific proportion problems that would be really helpful.

I'm just going to work on finishing features off for next weekend, (mainly drawing the sketches properly, duplicating new elements for other skin shades, and fixing a bunch of bugs) so whatever I get done will be in the next release.


Weekend update

This weekend I mainly worked on fleshing out the tan lines test to add her face and neck, set up the menu controls, and add more detailed outlines. There's still some clipping around her hips, but I'm sure I'll figure something out.

I spent some more time trying to improve the futa model, but I'm not entirely happy with it yet, so for a change I (finally) sketched out his left arm. It doesn't do much at the moment, but hopefully it can be used to aim bukkake mode without much extra animation.

One side benefit of working on the tan lines is that I think I've found a solid workaround for the rendering bug which made black blocks appear on character thumbnails and screenshots. It probably didn't affect a lot of people, but it was an annoying waste of time whenever it showed up, and it means I can reuse stuff for the tan lines without breaking things.

I'm reading through the comments from last week, so I'll edit this post with any common replies soon.

*edit* Some comment replies after the fold. (As usual check this page for the more frequently requested features.)


Weekend update

I'm back! It's been a long time, but not looking at the game for a while was actually really helpful. I've been experimenting with a lot of stuff for possible new features, and this weekend I finally got started on futa models for Him and Her (they probably need different names now). Thanks for all the comments again, there wouldn't be much point in working on the game if people weren't interested.

One of the bigger jobs for getting different him models working is separating out the code so that different bodies can have their own animations, costume menus and actions without it being a huge mess. I got the actual body selection and animation pretty much done this weekend, so I've drawn a draft futa body to try it out. I'm also testing costume extensions for a penis on Her in this screenshot, and a tan lines layer:
Those are probably a few updates from being finished, but they work better than I expected. (Her face has a lot more elements to tan, so I haven't done it yet, but it should work the same way too.)

After these features are done, I've been thinking about how a combined hand job / bukkake mode could work. You would switch modes by holding her all the way to the left for a couple of seconds, then either with his left hand or hers (if her arms are free), you could stroke and aim with the mouse as usual. I'm not sure if those controls would be annoying or hard to find, but it would at least be better than the current "secret" option. As usual, any other ideas would be good to hear.

*edit* A couple of common questions:
 - Futa models will be optional of course, and off by default. (I know it's not to everyone's taste, but the changes will mean that other models for Him will be possible to add too, so suggestions for that would be good.)
 - Will definitely add a strapon option.
 - Yes to different tanline shapes too.


Checking in

Hey, thanks for all the comments and patience. I haven't dropped the game. Honestly, I just got burnt out and I didn't want to keep posting nothing each weekend. I have a break in a couple of weeks, so I'll post a proper update then whatever happens.

I've set the comments to moderated so that I can keep up with them, so it'll take a while after you post for them to appear, but I'll check the queue every day.

*edit* Back on the 28th.



DL: SDT1_17_2b.swf See Download page for latest DL link.
*edit* Quick fix for character menu scrolling.

Hey, sorry about the lack of updates. I'm not dead, I've just been a bit too busy to get much done on the game. This isn't a big release, but I thought I'd get something out because it's been such a long time. This version has Chun Li and Morrigan's hairs and their headwear, some graphical tweaks for other characters, and a new search option on the character menu (just type something in the box to filter your characters).

I'm trying out minus for the download link, but if someone uploads the file to swfchan I'll add a link there too, because that seems like the most reliable backup.


Weekend update

I still want to work on the next set of hairs some more, so there isn't a release this weekend again, but as a quick update, here's SD Chan modelling a couple of headwear items that I've added for the new characters:
I also spent some time this weekend trying to find a better way to model dynamic hair without breaking existing characters. A lot of people have spotted that longer hairs are clipping badly, and this is because at the moment there are only some fake collision checks, but hopefully I can improve that without making the animation too complicated.

I'm going to leave updates until there's a new release for a while because there usually isn't much new to see when I'm just drawing things, and I'd rather not fight file take downs every weekend.



Upload mirrors: SDT1_17_1b.swf
I'm trying out UploadMirrors for the DL. It's not as clean as MF, but it's better than constantly reuploading. Let me know if it works well enough.

One last attempt at MF because UploadMirrors is terrible (copy and paste):
SDT1_17_B.swf: http://www.mediafire.com/?heywhmzc1lng3dn

If someone wants to try uploading a mirror to swfchan, that seems to be relatively reliable, I just get a timeout on the upload. I've tried renaming the file and using different accounts before, so in case click throughs from this site are being automatically taken down I've not linked the URL.

*edit* Down again.
Swfchan mirror: SDT1_17_1b.swf See Download page for latest DL link.

Changes in this version include:
 - Rikku, Nami and Miku hairs.
 - New eyebrows and a couple of new ear, iris and earring options.
 - Zelda's tiara circlet set up for RGB controls.
 - Adjusted freckles so they don't jump around as much.


Quick update

*edit* Well, that got taken down pretty quickly. I've changed the link to swfchan for now. It's not as straightforward as MF, but I think it's not bad compared to 90% of the other file sharing sites out there.

I'm trying to work on the game when I can because I didn't get much done over the weekend, but I'll probably have to delay the next release until the end of the week.

Hey, just checking in. I've mainly been working on new characters again this weekend, so there's nothing new yet, but I've uploaded the last version again here (with the gag layering fixed):
SWFChan mirror v1.17b: SuperDeepthroat1_17b.swf

One anon pointed out that mediafire might be auto filtering certain words, so I've renamed the swf slightly to see if it stays up. Otherwise, any suggestions for alternative file services would be helpful. I've had a few old versions taken down by MF before, but I assumed they just got caught in big file sweeps rather than being someone looking for SDT specifically.



Download v1.17b: SuperDeepthroat1_17b.swf

*edit* Mirrored here for now: http://swfchan.com/22/109502/?SuperDeepthroat1_17b.swf
See Download page for latest DL link.
I haven't seen a notification from mediafire, so I don't know yet if the file was deliberately taken down or if it's just an error.

 - Tifa.
 - Zelda (Twilight Princess and Skyward Sword versions).
 - Elf ears.
 - Freckles slider test. (Freckles are randomly placed at the moment, so they'll jump around when you move the slider, but once I get some feedback I'll try to improve the look.)
 - Minor fixes to sweat and modding (gag mods should work properly again now).
(The new eyebrows aren't in this release because I can't quite get them to look good yet, but they'll be in the next version.)


Midweek update

Hey, midweek update because I didn't get much time to work on the game over the weekend, but today I've mainly been working on:
 - Some fixes and tweaks to the new modding and sweat features.
 - Setting up her ears and eyebrows to enable different options, and sketching some quick examples.
 - Sketching out a new character hair (not in the screenshot yet).
 - Testing out a random freckle slider.

Updates are probably going to be slow while I'm working on new characters, so after next weekend I might start doing fortnightly updates instead. I think it would be better to have something good to see each time instead of rushing features or delaying the update, but I'll see how it goes.



Download v1.16.2b: SuperDeepthroat1_16_2b.swf

Download CS5.5 Modding Files: SDTModding.zip
Download CS5 Modding Files: SDTModdingCS5.zip

See Download page for latest DL links.

This is mainly an update for swf mods again, but I've also added in the sweat droplets I've been trying out - she'll start to sweat when she's out of breath. I probably spent too much time on a feature that's so hard to see, but the droplets try to flow with the shape of her body, and they grow and merge when they touch.

Swf mods now include a template and basic tutorial for her whole body. I started out making a few separate tutorials originally, but this way you can just use the main template and delete the parts you don't want to mod. There is a separate template just for modding her nipples though, so you don't have to mess around with breast sizes if that's all you want to do.

I haven't had a chance to read through all of the comments from last weeks post yet, but I'll post replies when I can. As usual any feedback or bug reporting on the swf mods is helpful though.


Quick update

This weekend I've mainly been working on more tutorials for swf mods, so there isn't much new to see yet, but I'll upload a release next weekend. Most of the body is pretty simple to change, but any feedback on the current swf mods would be really helpful before I start on the more complicated parts.


v1.16.1b - Swf mod update

Download v1.16b: SuperDeepthroat1_16_1b.swf

Download CS5.5 Modding Files: SDTModding.zip
Download CS5 Modding Files: SDTModdingCS5.zip

See Download page for latest DL links.

This update is mainly updated support for swf mods, with some minor changes in the background for the main game:
 - Swf mod templates and tutorials for tops, bottoms, footwear, headwear and piercings.
 - Swf mods can now support RGB controls (there's a "Costume Tutorial" for this in SDTMod.fla, and a recreation of the default t-shirt in ExampleMod.fla).
 - The costume menu now shows the name of any mods that have overridden the default options.

The changes in this update mean it's very quick for me to set up swf mods now, so most of the time it takes is in making the templates and tutorials. If the system for these costume mods works well for people, I'll add the rest of the costume options and start including body mods.



Download v1.16b: SuperDeepthroat1_16b.swf See Download page for latest DL link.

Hey, sorry for the late update. I've gotten stuck on a couple of problems with swf imports, so I've reverted to the last working version with character menu rearranging so that you can at least test that out. You just have to drag and drop to move characters around (and you can move the default characters now too). Let me know in the comments if you find any bugs, and I'll upload a patch for any major problems.

There aren't any other new features in this version, but hopefully I'll have the proper release ready next weekend.


Weekend update

This weekend, I've tried to concentrate on some of the side features that haven't had much attention lately, so I've been working on finally updating the swf import tutorials to add more costume import options, and improving the character menu so that it's easier to sort out your custom chars.

Top imports especially are kind of complicated, but if I can't find a way to simplify it more I might try including basic and advanced tutorials. It's relatively simple to make a single top, but things like drawing every breast size and adding RGB support should be optional.

I also spent some time trying out a quick idea for animated sweat droplets, but I don't want to post a screenshot until I know it will work. If I can get it looking good though, I'll include it in a release next weekend.



Download v1.15.3b: SuperDeepthroat1_15_3b.swf See Download page for latest DL link.

This release has:
 - A new "Select..." button in the costume menu which lets you choose a costume from your stored chars without changing the character.
 - Shirt and miniskirt.
 - Ankle costumes.
 - A few graphical and bug fixes.

I'm away, so I won't be able to post an update next weekend, but I'm going to go back to working on other features for a while, so there should be something interesting to see the week after that.


Weekend update

Just an update this week, because the new costumes aren't quite finished yet, but I've:
 - Added a new shirt and miniskirt.
 - Fixed some graphical bugs on the tops, and on the garter belt alpha.
 - Added an ankle cuff costume element.
 - Fixed a few other minor bugs.

I'll finish those and upload a new release next Sunday.



Download v1.15.2b: SuperDeepthroat1_15_2b.swf See Download page for latest DL link.

This version has:
 - Updated character shuffle to include palette based costumes (button on the Custom menu, or press [shift] + [/] or [?]).
 - A few new top variations.
 - Garter belt, garters and latex thigh highs.
 - Jean shorts.

I wanted to get a lot more costumes finished for this release, but I ended up spending a long time just trying to get the cropped tops to look right. I'm not totally happy with them, but now that the animation actually works they're easy to adjust. I also found a fix for the shoulder seam on tops, which should make it nearly invisible.


Midweek update

Just a quick update this week, because I haven't had time to get much new stuff ready to see. I've been sketching out new costume elements, which takes a while to get things looking right in every possible position, but I think I've worked most of it out now. I also spent some time to update the character shuffle to get it to change her clothes, and to make it a bit smarter so it isn't just completely random. I should have some more time this weekend to polish up the new costumes, so I'm going to try to finally get back to Sunday updates. I'll add a screenshot to this post if I get something done before then though.


v1.15.1b - Dialogue editor bugfixes

Download 1.15.1b: SuperDeepthroat1_15_1b.swf See Download page for latest DL link.

This version has several fixes to dialogue and the editor:
 - Adjusted save format.
 - Fixed actions breaking in thought or him style.
 - Changed ordering of triggers in editor to roughly match the game.
 - Added proper editing and ordering for custom finishes.
 - Adding a custom trigger no longer sets the selected lines at the same time.
 - Fixed deleted groups being replaced by default lines.
 - Adjusted some trigger priorities to stop lines repeating so much.
 - Fixed dialogue name not saving properly.
 - Fixed interrupted lines getting stuck.

As well as:
 - New actions - [DROOL], [HOLD] and [RELEASE].
 - Changed lines in the editor so that they can expand for long sentences.
 - Added auto selection of actions in a line to make deleting them easier.

Thanks for all the bug reports in the comments, they're really useful. Hopefully that's got the editor to a point where there aren't any more game breaking problems with it, so I can get on with some new graphics (I know it's been a boring few weeks for people who don't use dialogue).


v1.15b - Dialogue modding updates

Download v1.15b: SuperDeepthroat1_15.swf See Download page for latest DL link.

The main new feature in this release is an in-game dialogue editor ([Edit...] on the modding menu), which should hopefully make dialogue mods easier to get into, as well as:
 - Dialogue box styles, to show him talking and her thinking.
 - Limiting lines by mood and by whether she is held or released.
 - New triggers ("head_grabbed", "pulled_up", "pulled_down", "lick_penis", "lick_balls").
 - Tweaks to dialogue line priorities to try to make them play in a better order.


Weekend update

It seemed like people were actually interested in having a dialogue editor (and hopefully it will mean there is more mod content even if you won't use it), so this weekend I've been working on adding an interface for that. It's obviously not very clean yet, but it's definitely clearer than editing a text file, and having an in game preview is really useful.

I'm going to try to make it more user friendly, and add some tools to help with sorting through and editing multiple lines, then I'll release it next weekend. I'll try to add some more costume options too so that there's something new to see in the actual game.

*edit* I'm thinking of changing dialogue mods so that the default lines are automatically cleared, because it seems like people usually just clear everything apart from the finishes. If this will break a lot of mods though I'll find a different way around it.


Weekend update

This weekend I've mainly been working on modifying the dialogue system to make it more flexible, and adding some more triggers that people have suggested. Rather than add specific triggers for her thinking or him talking though, I'm going to add optional "styles" for the dialogue box, which will simply look different and ignore any mouth animation. Lines will default to the current speaking style unless you add an extra tag in the dialogue text file.

I also spent some time updating the tutorial for making dialogue mods, because it's fairly out of date now, and I've added a viewer for it in the actual game. I think it would be interesting to add a tool for creating dialogue files in game too, to help automate the process. Is that something people would find useful?



DL v1.14.3b: SuperDeepthroat1_14_3b.swf See Download page for latest DL link.

This is kind of a buggy preview release, but I thought it would make sense to get some feedback instead of waiting another week. The main new features are dynamic throat bulge, and a test of transparent tops.



Hey, sorry for the late update, I didn't get a chance to post until today.

This week I've mainly been working on making a dynamically drawn throat, so that the bulge is controlled completely in code. I've got it to the point that it matches the current neck, and the basic animation is set up. I need to work out a better way to adjust the actual shape, so that it's faster than editing a bunch of numbers, but I think it's promising. It's definitely much easier than drawing the bulge manually.

The size is still limited by collars, so it can't get too huge, but at least it means the throat bulge can finally adjust along with the penis size slider, and the shape is much more flexible (the screenshot is an exaggerated example). I have some ideas for other improvements now that I have more control too, and I'll probably change the toggle option to a slider so that you can choose how obvious it is.



DL v1.14.2b: SuperDeepthroat1_14_2b.swf See Download page for latest DL link.

This release has:
 - Shift-click to remove clothes and accessories.
 - RGB sliders for tongue piercings.
 - Nipple piercings.
 - Belly button piercings.
 - Earrings as a separate costume element.
 - Some minor bug fixes.


Quick update

Hey. I'm working on a small release with new piercings and the recent bug fixes, but I want to finish off a couple more things before uploading, so I'm going to post a proper update tomorrow.

Until then though, I've tidied up the breast prototype a bit, and you can grab it here: SDTBreastPrototype.swf
Obviously that's pretty buggy, and you can make it do some very strange things if you pull it around too much, but at least you can get a feel for what it's like. Realistically, it sounds like the amount of work it would take to make that look better than the current breasts means it's not worth carrying on with, so I'm not going to spend any more time on it for now. I still think it has potential though, so I might mess with it some more when I take a break from other features.


Weekend update

This weekend I spent some time on making shift-click work for removing clothes, fixing some graphical issues (such as Samus' hair tie) and trying to fix some of the weirder bugs that people have mentioned.

Mainly though, I've been working on developing the prototype dynamic breasts I mentioned a while ago. They're still a long way off being usable, but I got annoyed trying to make the t-shirt work last week, so I wanted to see if there was even a tiny chance I could do it automatically. I had a simple soft body working before, but I'd given up on it because I wasn't able to get them looking much better than a tech demo. I had some new ideas this weekend though, and this is what they look like now:
*edit* Less gravity, better? (old screenshot)

They're still a fair way off matching the current breasts, and it would be a massive job to actually get them into the game (I'd need to come up with a way to define costumes in code rather than by drawing them, and add a special system for strand collisions) so I'm not sure if it will ever be possible to replace the current breasts with them. I'd like to just get them to the point that they can be used as a "beta" feature though, with collisions and costumes disabled, so that at least there's something to play with out of this. I think even as a bonus feature it would be nice to have breasts that you can actually interact with.

I've probably been looking at the prototype for too long, I didn't realise how bad the breast shape was. It's completely adjustable though, so I might try to add some more controls and upload a demo to see if people are interested once they've seen it in motion. I won't spend ages on it if it doesn't seem worthwhile though.



DL v1.14.1b: SuperDeepthroat1_14_1b.swf See Download page for latest DL link.

This is just a small update to the last release with new shorts, jeans, and a simple t-shirt as a first top.


Weekend update

Just a small update this week. This weekend I mainly worked on adding the layers and controls for tops, then trying to draw something that looked reasonable across all of the breast sizes. The screenshot has a sketch of a t-shirt which just about works, and hopefully I can get it looking better once I draw it properly. I also added a couple more bottoms, and spent some time trying to get rid of the movement bugs people mentioned.

If I can get a t-shirt that looks good, I'll release a version with tops next week.



DL v1.14b: SuperDeepthroat1_14b.swf See Download page for latest DL link.
*edit* Fixed gloves still appearing behind her back when arms are free.

New features in this version are:
 - Seras Victoria hair.
 - Updated auto modes to work better with different penis sizes.
 - Made hats into a separate costume element.
 - Added cat ears and hair band. (The hair band doesn't line up properly with a few of the characters, but I thought I might as give people the option.)
 - Added eyedropper tool to RGB picker, which should make matching the cat ears up easier.
 - Added bottoms layer. Added skirt and bike shorts from panties costume group.
 - Added trial duplicate stockings layers. (I suspect there could be some combination of legwear which doesn't work right, but it's in as a test for now. Let me know if you spot any problems)
 - Some bug fixes to character loading.

I haven't a lot of time to test this release, but if there are any major bugs I'll upload a patched version as usual.


Weekend Update

Still no idea what the downtime was about last week. The only thing I've seen was this, so maybe it was something to do with that.

This weekend, I finished updating the auto modes to work with different penis sizes, and made it actually aim to try and avoid missing her mouth. I also added a couple of proper outside movements for Self auto. After that I mainly worked on drawing some more costume options and character hairs. Most of them are still just sketched out, but here's a preview of Seras Victoria: 
I said I'd add Android 18, Seras, and a couple of other characters before I even put the polls up, which is why I'm doing them first, but after that I'll start working through them roughly in order of popularity. 1.14 will be out next weekend.

I've just updated the Future Features page too, and I've tried to note most of the more common requests from last week, so check there if I haven't replied to your suggestion in the comments.



Hey. I don't know why the blog was taken down this weekend, but it looks like it was just some temporary weirdness. I'll post another update if I find out what happened.

As for the weekend update, I was mainly working on fixing the auto modes, so there isn't much new to see. Hopefully next week things will be back to normal and I'll have something more interesting done.



DL v1.13.1b: SuperDeepthroat1_13_1b.swf See Download page for latest DL link.

This is just a minor update to the last version, with some bug fixes and animation improvements. There are still more problems I want to track down, so it's not perfect, but I figured a small release would be more interesting than two weeks of bug reports.

This version also has:
 - Nose squashing animation. (I tried out squashing downwards, but it doesn't really look right at this angle. I'm still working on it though.)
 - Ball size slider.
 - Screenshot hotkey (/) with option for double size screenshots (as in the attached image).

I'm going to spend one more weekend fixing things (at the very least I want to fix the auto modes when using different penis sizes), then I'll get back to new features again.


Weekend update

Hey, I'm back! Thanks for all the comments over the holidays (special mention for this one). I've noted down any suggestions that aren't on the Future Features page yet, even if I haven't replied individually, and I'll try to update it soon with replies for any of the more requested ideas. At some point, we hit 10M page views too.

As I mentioned last year, I'm planning to spend a while just working on some of the more boring fixes first, as a lot of the recent features are still quite rough. I should be able to get on with more interesting updates soon though.

This weekend, I mainly worked on rewriting some of the penis animation code to improve lip alignment. It works much better now, especially with the more extreme sizes. I've also:
 - Made it harder to miss her mouth.
 - Fixed a couple of problems with the cough animation and the swallow animation.
 - Fixed throat resistance not being saved, and some items not updating in the menu.
 - Tested out a nose squashing animation when you push her down (it's automatic, so it should just work for custom noses too).