Future Features

This is a rough list of planned, in progress, possible and unlikely features. I'll keep this page updated, so you should be able to check here instead of searching through the comments for replies to suggestions.

In general, whether or not something gets included depends on how much work it involves combined with the other custom options (eg. Adding different body shapes means adding different costumes too). I also want to avoid adding a bunch of control keys to perform different actions, I like that you can do everything with the mouse at the moment.

Last updated: 17th July


Planned features:

More options, including:
 - Extra accessories.
 - More piercings.
 - Different "him"s (including tentacle, futa, different penises).
 - More backgrounds.
 - More hand positions.
 - Different facial features.

Handjob / Titjob mode: These could be done with a very basic motion, but most of the work would still be in adding new sounds and actions for the different modes. I'd want it to be a lot more interesting than just a single new animation though, so I'd like to get most of the planned options for the standard mode done before I think about expanding into other modes.

Other arm positions: The main difficulty with this is that, for things like having her arms wrapped around him, her hands would have to animate moving between positions (because for example, her arms aren't long enough to stay completely wrapped around him all the time). This is definitely possible, I just I think it's going to take me such a long time to get an animation looking good enough that I don't want to concentrate on it yet.

Spitting / Precum / Wetness: I've tried out having her drip strands, but at the moment it just ends up with a bunch of vertical lines, which doesn't look great. I'll probably need to work on some special version of the strands to make this sort of thing work well, but it's on the todo list. Otherwise the animation isn't too difficult.

His left arm: I'll give him his other arm back at some point, probably just hanging down so it doesn't get in the way (or see through if I add an option to use both hands), but I'll also use it to aim his penis in bukkake mode when I make that a proper option.

Appended hair import: I need to make the imports work as a list instead of being either hair or background as it is now, but when that works I'll add an "overwrite" checkbox to the hair import like on the character list. This way you could (for example) load hair and then add glasses, or add accessories to the base hairstyles.


Features in progress:

Penis outside: Currently working on lipstick smudging, as well as improving the range of movement and adding more actions when moving outside.

Everything import: The long term plan is for it to be possible to import replacements or additions for pretty much anything in the game, including facial features and sound effects. I'll add a mod option for each element once I'm fairly sure the format for it is final.

Male / Futa: I'll work on a female body for "him" next. For her, I could add a copy of his penis easily, though I'm not sure if it will look very good. You may have to make do with that for the time being though, as adding male body shapes has the same issue as above, and I'm not going to have time to find a whole new male voice set. A pitch shifter in Flash is possible, but it wouldn't be real time (you'd have to choose a pitch and then wait for the game to render all of the sounds out).

Lipstick improvements: Possibly smearing on her face and optional fading.

Costumes, New characters: Gradually adding these.


Possible features:

Changing him: Someone suggested calling this "whore mode", where the deepthroatee changes every time he finishes. This was actually the original plan for the game, but I ended up deciding to release early instead of waiting to draw a variety of different guys, and then it didn't seem that important any more. I'll add this if a lot of people want it, after I finally get some different "him"s in.

Dynamic breasts: I do have a prototype for more dynamic breasts, but while they can be interactive and animate better, I also have a lot less control over what they actually look like. This means it would probably take a lot of trial and error to get them looking good. (Also more strain on the CPU, but the system is fairly simple.)

Cum gargling / throwing up: Unlikely to work with the current strand physics, because a sudden large amount on screen would probably kill a lot of people's computers. I'll keep thinking about better ways to do it, but the features with a wider appeal will come first.

Stats page: A couple of people suggested this. It would be fun, but I think it's probably not much of a game changer for most people, so it's only on the "once everything else is done" todo list.

Widescreen: At this point I think this would only really need the backgrounds redoing and some adjustments to the UI and masking, unless any unexpected problems crop up. I'll see how it looks.

Scared mode: I'd rather not add completely new features to make a really violent mode, but would just having a different expression with the standard dialogue be a good start?


Features that are unlikely to happen:

Other POVs: This would mean essentially making the entire game again (every graphic and animation would need to be remade), so this is pretty much definitely not going to happen.

Other positions: There are some positions that could work without redrawing too much, but they would still need a lot of new code, animations and sound effects. The game's already a lot bigger than I ever planned to make it, so for now at least I'm just going to stick to Super Deepthroat.

X-ray: The animation would need to change a lot to get things into a position for this to look realistic (unless you want to see this happen), and I think people like how things look at the moment, so x-ray has dropped to the bottom of the todo list for now.

Different voices: There are about 120 sounds effects that would nearly all need replacing to create a different character voice, so this isn't something I'm planning to spend time on, but I am planning on adding the ability to do it yourself with swf imports in the future.

Slapping: I can't see this looking good without animating her face and hair turning. I'll try out some ideas once I have the features I know will work done, but for now this isn't likely to be included.

Body shapes: Unfortunately, combining different body options with each other and with all of the planned costume elements is looking more and more unlikely. It would just multiply the amount of drawings needed too much. Swf imports for her body are absolutely going to be added though, so at the very least it will be possible to create your own body shapes.

Expansion: Same issue as with body shapes. If I ever find a way to do it without just manually drawing every variation for every costume, I'll try it then. But for now I'm going to concentrate on more doable features.

Lip stretching: ( :>= ) If I can come up with a way to do this automatically I'd definitely like to add it, but the lips are made up of so many animated parts just to open and close neatly at the moment, adding a whole different morph seems unlikely.



  2. Sweet! Let me encourage you especially for making the tongue.
    Oh, and the thing with other positions:
    Adding one guy doing her from behind so it becomes a spitroasting would be awesome and wouldn't really need that much of a change of her posistion, would it?
    Thanks for doing this flash. Best I've seen in... best I've ever seen in fact!

  3. I hope you don't forget to add some kind of a hypnosis mode. (Maybe Geass-Style?)

  4. What would hypnosis mode need, apart from a blank stare?

  5. Don't give up on these ideas, this is very worthy of updating more. I know animation is difficult to work with, I've tried. I commend you on your work so far. Good work.

  6. I see nothing wrong with that x-ray mode you linked to. Any kind of x-ray vision would make me happy. So 1 vote up for that feature!

    Other then that, sounds like an impressive list of features to come. Can't wait for the swf import hairs.

  7. Noooooooooooo you mustn't exclude guru~~~! Death would be freaking hot.

  8. Different hims could be like a change in the character or even include like a monster option, make the guy an orc or something.

  9. I'd very much enjoy to see her with a surprised look on her face and eyes open really wide the moment that she feels him cumming down her throat. I think she does already open her eyes somewhat. However, I'd like her being more surprised by that.

    Another suggestion is an option where the cum stays in her mouth (via button e.g.). Actually seeing her cheeks filling up with cum (this would be great anyway). Then she either swallows or it becomes so much it runs down her chin.

    Third is a gargle mode. She tilts her head back and starts to gargle with the cum.

    Anyway, great work so far!

  10. =[

    X-ray mode would guarantee that I would never fap to anything else again.

  11. could you make it to when the spit or cum lands on her breast and shes moving the spit/cum flys off

  12. +1 for stats.

  13. I think hypnosis mode should have:
    - 0 resistance (without hands mode)
    - Of course some sort of hypnotized eyes (blank and I like the geass'd eye, which is a red circle around the iris)
    - everything the happymode has (I'm thinking of the tongue here), switchable smile
    - maybe different eyebrow movement

    these are just suggestions i'm happy with the game as it is anyway. great job so far. I'm looking forward for more hairs /swf imports too! If you find the time drawing hairs, please draw Zelda's! ^_^

  14. ^ forgot to mention constantly half opened eyes (as long as she doesn't pass out)

  15. thanks for all the good work your doing. also thanks for putting a list of work that will get done at some time too. now we know what to expect down the road.

  16. x-ray woulda been awesome

  17. actually, if you were to put in a new position, like her lying on her back on something, with her head leaning all the way back, an x-ray feature might just work; it would probably end up without the bending that you linked to, due to the new position of the neck. what do you think?

  18. Maybe you could add the options for one arm, two armas or no arms. Also cool would be different expresions.

    Those 2 features would open a lot of different scenarios

    Also great work"

  19. Dunno if anyone said it yet..but balls would be nice.

  20. Thats a lot of stuff to do!

    Don't work yourself to death with hairstyles, thats what everyone else in the world is for:-)

    Something simple to do when you are able to have different him's in the game is to make it possible to mod the him to be him or her/it aka futa:-) I really want to see a chunli futa as the him getting a bj hehe:-)

  21. Why not an inflation of her stomach as she swallows more? With the potential to expel if she gets too full?

  22. I'd like to see thicker layers of mascara running down her face

    love all you've done so far!

  23. On the subject of dialog, assuming that you're talking about subtitles, while you would need a sample file, it could really just be a walk through of the available options of when to show text, how to string lines together, and maybe showing some simple stage directions.

    This could pretty quickly get out of hand, but you could allow stuff like scripting the girls apparent mood once the happy/angry modes go in, having her move forwards/backwards, setting her resistance and other variables when certain conditions are met. Given the nature of the game I think most people would be writing their own scripts, and even without using dialog some of that capability would let people add some personality to the character.

  24. The futanari option sounds interesting. Might even be an oppurtunity to add in sound effects for the deep-throatee without it being gross. Male moaning makes me want to barf. Another idea would be to have the girl unbound and use her hands a bit. Not sure how much work would have to go into that.

  25. I agree with the idea of "expulsion" if she gets too full.
    I don't know about inflation, since I think the idea is to keep this at least semi-realistic, but having her retch a load all over herself if she swallows too much or the guy gets too rough would be fun to see.

    I like the idea of lipstick smearing on herself, and if possible, removal of the whole "rainbow dick" effect. I love smearing, but that effect is just such a huge turnoff that I can't even bother using it.

    Cum gargling would be hot. I like it a lot myself. +9001 support for adding this if you tilt her head back a lot. Maybe have it as a check box to allow her to gargle before swallowing or not.

    Happy mode sounds nice too. I'd like to see a "No hands" feature to go along with that.

    Question: What kind of extra accessories do you have planned? Leash? Blindfold? Gags? Different style collars?

  26. And I almost forgot. By dialog, do you mean VOICED dialog?

    If so, it would be nice to have the option to turn it off, or add subtitles with your OWN dialog.

  27. X-Ray image = Win.

  28. If "him" could turn into a futa, I would be a happy panda.

  29. Being able to have her finger herself plus an option for her to orgasm would be pretty awesome.


  31. Just one simple request, -should- be relatively simple--

    When adding accessories, include a butt-plug, please-- the angle she's positioned at right now would make one very visible. And very hot. :)

  32. Have you considered a weight slider at all, or is that what you mean by different body shapes?


  33. Yeah, weight slider sounds about right. I know that was a concern of yours, Kona. Clothes and differing body types. Would it be plausible to have the clothes automatically adjust with a body type slider?

  34. * Large saggy balls hanging out, swinging on her face.
    * Cock Slap

  35. Cock Slap:

    Is it possible to allow the penis to be over her face and not in her mouth while she's close to the guy?

    Like, in Bukkake mode, you can lift his penis all the way up/down and if she's pushed forward toward the guy, the penis should not go into her mouth (it misses). I think the penis should just arcs upward/downward outside the mouth if this occurs. The penis can stay outside her mouth even though she's up close. This allows more options, like closer bukkake to the face/hair.

    At this position, users can also move their mouse up or down to slap her face or tongue! She can blink, moan, etc. Or you can shoot directly at her eyes, etc.

    And maybe down down the road, the penis is not constrainded, users can move it anywhere! To breast area or any part of her body.

  36. Also, the penis outside the mouth allows options for ball sucking/playing. =]

    It's more realistic too...

  37. I still find it hilarious how people keep requesting death mode.
    I mean holy shit, thats some necrophilia-esquething you got going there, people.

  38. Great stuff, I think you should concentrate on whatever you feel like as I'd hate for our constant requesting to burn you out. Every update is christmas all over again.

  39. Hi, I love what you're done here!

    Just to make things interesting, it would be nice to have a "point" system.. to make it a game-like thing.. one could have points for ejaculation or fast breaking of resistance. then we could have a competition :)

  40. First of all... I'm very excited about different bodies shapes. There are just some characters that can't work that skinny. For me, it is worth much much more than clothes.

    One thing I don't think anyone has mentioned that I thought would be good- can the male's body be a collision area? I like the idea of the spit and cum getting on the legs. Especially with the whole nose thing.

  41. +1 for hypnosis mode

  42. If you are making a happy mode (and possibly a hypnosis mode) I would love it if you made a angry mode as well. It should be fairly easily.

    Just change the angle on her eyebrows, more eye contact and narrow her eyes some more. And of course, more resistance.

    Also, thanks for all the fantastic work. It is most appreciated.

  43. I'm orgasming just looking at this long list of future features. Please continue doing a wonderful job, and I hope you're still having fun working on the game!

  44. I'd like to see a mode where her eyes are half open and rolled back in her head when she's passed out.

  45. Didn't see anything about a widescreen mode, but that'd be nice to see.

    Either way, you're awesome, Konashion.

  46. +1 for the Inflation

    And It would be great to see a buldge in the cheek when she sucking that cock

  47. aww no handjob listed :( would be easy as all ud need is to lock her head looking up a little and all the way to the back of the scene then give her a hand+arm that rubs the cock, that would be awesome with bukkake mode activated :)

  48. Oh yeah, widescreen would be nice for when it's fullscreen. I suppose I could cheat and just expand the backgrounds instead of actually painting more to the sides (and making everyone redo their imports again). I'll see how it looks.

  49. I love this game badly, so if some one can make a "pussy mode" or "Anal mode" like where he can take her from the behind and like, its also the same where you can cum insider her and stuff would definitely be awesome

  50. "Unless you want to see this happen."

    That's exactly what we want to see happen, actually. Lol.

  51. MY GOD, this will be legendary...

    One extra idea: intensify even more the makeup, sure this will be one of the easiest and quickest improvements.

    Keep up the good work!

  52. By the way, extra "face-objects" (mainly nose) would be great

  53. Another facial expression would be nice. Now the girl looks exhausted and unwilling. Making her look happy would be nice too.

  54. Still no plans for a futanari/boy mode?

    Otherwise looking forward to new features :)

  55. I'm still hoping for futa options for both characters.
    Regardless, this is great and only seems to be getting better.

  56. I'd like to see a "dead eyes" option. The flat, dull eyes that you see the girls have in more hardcore rape hentai. Like this: http://danbooru.donmai.us/post/show/412454/blush-brown_eyes-brown_hair-censored-cum-empty_eye

  57. Anonymous said...

    Why not an inflation of her stomach as she swallows more? With the potential to expel if she gets too full?
    I love this idea.
    What about a removing the guy and adding tentacles as another character? Some squeezing breast and one or two for sucking. Even add a titfuck with tentacle. imagine how sloppy bukkake could be with that. I know that would be a huge add on though.

    For smaller update, a third option for penis size. insane dick. something that almost touches her mouth even when she is all the way back. and even fatter. Make her face really show how hard it is to take it. And even have the penis "bend" when it is halfway inserted as if it is struggling to go into the throat and then straighten out as it goes into throat.

    And here is another vote for a transparent "x-ray". with a transparent slider/ CUM GARGLING/ puke/ dynamic tits/ coughing and improved strands
    And as always, you are doing an awesome job with this. thank you

  58. How about you make those new positions, new POVs and stuff(Stuff that are unlikely to happen), When you finished all your main goals? It would be cool. Pretty good job man, you're awesome.

  59. "Dead eyes" were pretty much what she had before 1.3 added the glancing-up feature. If the Mood feature is implemented, please use the pre-1.3, no-glancing-up mode for her Sad face.

  60. Regarding the extra "him" possibilities, I'm making another vote for a futanari option.

  61. I'd absolutely love a cum-inflation option, where her stomach gradually swells with each load she swallows.

    Also, a persistent counter of "men satisfied" to go with whore mode.

  62. Have you read this thread I posted yet?

  63. i would LOVE to see a PAIZURI mode!!! i dont think you'd have to use any other animation for that, just get her arms free and put them on her breasts, put his cock in there, the BOOM, paizuri mode.

  64. Wish list:

    - Turn off cum all the way (swallow mode is good, but she still leaks some after, so it's not a full swallow)

    - In the help explain what 'tilt up' means to get swallow mode. I can't tell what key that means. Up arrow?

    - Different penis sizes including shorter, fatter.

    - If you add balls, have some options so the don't have to be prominent. Some of us prefer to focus on the female part of the picture.

    - Getting her hands involved would be nice.

    - Smaller waist. This shouldn't affect clothing, as long as it is smaller than it is now.

    - More petite body option.

    - Let us make our own faces, or at least part of the face shape.

    - Keep allowing us to turn off all the gross fetish stuff.

  65. The Swedish Drummer9 April 2011 at 02:58


    A simply amazing and comprehensive list, thank you very much :)

    +1 for different dicks (they are surely planned within the "different HIM's") with a suggestion of REAL huge and thick ones almost impossible to fit ;)

    +1 for MORE make-up, if I remember correctly some of the early versions had lots more eyeshadow. It is cool to really deck out that deepthroater...

    This is getting MONUMENTAL, BEHEMOTH, OTHERWORLDLY (and any other superlative I can think of) and it STILL makes me cum :D

    Keep going, keep going!


  66. Different voices: There are about 120 sounds effects that would nearly all need replacing to create a different character voice, so this isn't something I'm planning to spend time on, but I am planning on adding the ability to do it yourself with swf imports in the future.


  67. LOL.

    I just started laughing when I read "His Left Arm." Like it's no big deal, he's just missing an arm--whatever.

    Also, word verification: Bonarr.

  68. If u can make breast size change smoothly, u could add a feature to auto mode, that her breasts get bigger with time/cum swallowed.

  69. oh yeah. Happy mode where she willingly blowjobs...
    You know what would be a turn on? In that very same position even, you only have to redraw one arm but, if she get the chance to masturbate. that would be lovely.
    Happy mode FTW

    and a Futanari option would be good, I would like to import two girls to the game. (probably a computer killing option?)


    -- Throat fuck mode: Instead of the guy pushing her down on his cock, he actually *fucks* her throat. Would involve changing the animation, but would be more awesome?

    -- "Horny mode": As an addition to happy mode or w/e, make her get horny the more/harder/longer she deepthroats. Effects include: Partially closed eyes, increased blush, extra moaning sounds, etc.

  71. "9 April 2011 07:51"; to add: Maybe her hands could be on his hips/ass pulling him in deeper, too.

    Imagine a situation like this: http://danbooru.donmai.us/data/a3c6c648ebed794523eb5191bd4935a8.jpg

    That's your horny mode, right there.

  72. I saw the "tongue" section and damn near fell off my chair in excitement!

  73. We second wholeheartedly the suggestions made by Anon at 0751. In general we prefer face-fucking to the present kind of forced oral service. Also a level of horniness in which the deep-throater attempted to make herself choke would be profoundly pleasing to us.

  74. you need to work on that throwing up/vomit option i cant wait to see her do that

  75. A feature I'd really like to see is the ability to import clothing for him. There are many cartoon males who wear distintive outfits and it would be cool to match those with the different girls. Just an example. Kim Possible matched with Ron, Draken, she-male Shego^_^, and so on.

  76. About different sounds.

    Well, easy way to do this could be implementing some sort of pitch control, where you could control pitch of the voice itself, there would be no need for new sounds at all as the effect would somewhat imitate new voice.

  77. You should make her throat bulge just a bit more so it's a little more noticeable.

    Great work!

  78. im for widescreen its just scale modification to get better details. youre not obliged to expand the background; it becomes widescreen but it gains in pixels... ok maybe widecreen specially needs some redrawing in left and right sides of the screen but lets say if you add a "fullscreen" button in general it would be nice ... we're following...


  80. You should change from flash to xna studio and make a 3d game for all those things!

  81. i second, third and fourth the option to make him a futa, thats just frickin hot, with balls too

  82. To add to the answer to your question Kona, hypnosis mode should have a less violent reaction to deepthroating for a long time. As it is now, she starts coughing and even eventually passes out; hypnosis would take her mind away from the physical discomfort of not breathing, and (if the hypnosis is deep enough) maybe even prevent her from passing out at all. This would kill two birds with one stone: it would allow for a more convincing hypnosis mode, as well as give the option to make her last forever (without /coughing/passing out) for those who don't like the current result of staying in her throat for too long.

    In short, hypno mode = no coughing/gagging/passing out.

  83. Well... I've searched and searched again, but I still have no clue what happy mode would be. Someone care to explain?

    Also, thank you so much for this game Konashion. I don't know if there are awards for adult games, but you'd definitely win all of them.

  84. Bigger cocks. Longer cocks. Harder to deepthroat. Rougher deepthroating. More struggling and/or coughing/choking/gagging. Puking. Crying.

  85. We feel that 'happy' might be usefully disambiguated to 'eager'. In this case, the girl performing the service would be eager to be choked, gagged, slapped and/or spit on. We think this would provide the context of 'happiness' that many seem to desire. We also offer that hypnosis mode sounds totally stupid and pointless, and is undoubtedly the product of the bright, melodramatic, campy minds of overwrought homosexuals.

  86. ^^^^

    'Spit on her' mode. Oh yes. Yes please!

    Also endorse being able to choke/slap her.

  87. I'd like to have balls be toggleable. I for one don't exactly like looking at a wrinkly sack. Choking is already there so I don't know why people are asking for it. That's why she's able to pass out. Puking is just gross, so that should also be a toggle option. I like the idea of a pitch adjuster for the voice though. I remember that being in Soul Calibur 4. Worked great.

  88. u should make a mode where the guy wears a condom, and the more he cums, the more it fills up. he could fill it up when its in her throat and if it fills up so much it should get stuck and have a lot of resistance to pull out. or maybe she just swallows the whole thing.

  89. Konashion already tried a pitch-adjuster a while back, but said it used lots of CPU and didn't sound so great.

  90. Throwing up! Yes please. Consider that it doesn't necessarily have to be a huge amount of fluid - for instance currently, if she doesn't swallow, a fair amount can come out of her mouth. That amount would be appropriate - the key is the sounds and the facial expression.

  91. Great work Kona!
    i love the planned features list and the ones to come, and i think you're doing a great job of satisfying some weird fetishes AND making them optional.
    and people - read carefully. NO DEATH MODE. it's a no. has always been a no. and I DEFINETLY support Kona's decision to NOT GO THERE.
    on a side note, balls? really? i'd rather watch the girl more. I like Breasts; and dynamic breasts sound even more fun. as for other hims, - that's your choice dude. i'd rather see more work on the girl. Remember, if you're ambivalent to some suggestions, get to them later, except maybe if it's really popular. this is your game.
    Finally, for EVERYONE - try opening a blank webpage, dragging and dropping onto it. this allows for fullscreen (including widescreen) and a few other tiny improvements (possibly better performance)

  92. Hey Kona, great game. I have an in-depth idea of how you could push this game further.

    Playing off the concept of the Gloryhole RPG Game;


    You could implement some kind of story line where this girl needs to make money and a reputation.

    However, this girl runs into some problems as some of the men she is going to pleasure have STDs. To prevent catching them you need to put condoms on the guys, this has an upside and down side, the downside is they pay you less with a condom and you'll lose reputation points and maybe lose the client all together, the upside is your character won't catch an STD. Also if you transfer an STD to a new client, he will pay you less and your character will lose reputation points.

    The point of the game would to get a certain amount of money, clients and/or reputation.

    You could even include her spirit into it as well, and incorporate drugs that boost spirit initially but eventually bring it down.

    You could have a menu screen for all the upgrades just like the Gloryhole RPG has.

    I could write all the dialogue for it, let me know just email me at ickycrane@hotmail.com

  93. i would really be interested to see a death sequence
    lets say she passes out and (if you are really feeling evil) you hold here in the choking position for another minute and if you listened to her before you now notice she isn't breathing or making any sucking sounds (also if you are zoomed out her entire body is now relaxed and isn't breathing)
    you push her away and hold her for a second. the man just drops her and she falls backwards dead
    so a reset button pops up underneath the guys dick and there you have a new girl
    i think this wouldn't be to hard although i am not the one building the game so ignore my thought on the difficulty

  94. We feel that he should be naked. We feel it impolite, impertinent, and in violation of the semi-international laws of hospitality for him to be clothed while she is not. Please rectify this situation in due time.

  95. About puke, it could be different I think, and not too much work, if after coming a few times her belly get bigger and bigger, and after a while she will have the cum coming back in her mouth (animation will be the swallowing but inverted) just the sfx will be different.
    The result will be her mouth will be full of cum, and you could make her swallow it again (which is kind of sick but anyway..)

  96. Could it be possible to have a "gaming mode" like final fellatio ?
    If you're really violent (deepthroating her really fast), the dialog will be different, or more gentle, etc

  97. Could you have the female character wearing socks (or an option to toggle such)? I don't like bare feet.

  98. If possible make a harder choke. more time for choke the girl, more tongue, more suffering, more cry... and in the final choke and strangle to death. Is the best!

  99. More more more new characters pleeeeeeeeeeeeaseeee

  100. death of the girls. forever!!!

  101. sorry I wrong. "death of the games and anime girls". love and death. foreveeeeeeeeeeeeeeer!

  102. Angry and fighting the act till a certain breaking point where she ether starts to go with it or just retreats into her own mind and her body goes on autopilot. would work well with known anime lesbians like Sailor Uranus. or for those whom want to face rape hetero anime dudes.

  103. We feel that Anon ought to stop posting while masturbating simultaneously. It creates an absence of clarity and requests that are painful to read. We feel that the last thing a pure, heavenly object of pornography such as SDT needs is to be overwhelmed by superfluous context. We thank Anon for his/her/? attention to this problem.

  104. I have a suggestion for clothing.
    If I'm not mistaken, the boobs are pretty much one graphic (unless I'm wrong and it's 1000's of frames) that stretches and scales right?
    For costumes, you'd just have to draw a new one of those graphics. Not sure how well this would work or if it would work at all but it's just an idea.
    As for suggestions on costumes? A bikini would be hot.

  105. +1 for Cum Inflation

    You are doing a great job Kona
    Keep up the good work

  106. The breasts aren't just scaled, no. It's a shape tweened animation, so I've only actually drawn five different sizes, but there are 150 frames all together.

  107. If there's an inflation mode, I hope it takes on a pregnant shape, rather than her looking fat or something.

    Also, I would enjoy a mode where the girl changes color a bit with each load of cum she swallows. Fucking a girl until she tranforms into something else would be pretty hot for me.

  108. If the personality features get worked out, it'd be cool to have a routine where the girl shifts from reluctant to hypnotised/smitten to willing to agressive.

  109. dialogue should definitely be added but maybe other things like accessories/clothes/animations should be focused on first? (and tongue)

  110. The Swedish Drummer13 April 2011 at 01:51


    Stop going on about death modes and let K concentrate on improving other features...

    Jeez :/


  111. you should add an option so that she uses her hands to jerk you off instead of it being you forcing her. this would probably take a while but you should thing about it

  112. First of all, thanks for a great game!
    I love it!

    I'd love if theese could be added:
    cum gargling

    And I'd like to Recommend this player I found for swf files.. it's has hardware openGL support.. I usually run SWF files in firefox, but this baby just works perfect!

  113. I love the idea of her regurgiting cum whe she's full !
    also please...
    - cheek deformation
    - bulge in throat
    - dialog
    thanks a lot, your game game is greaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaattt :)

  114. YOU ARE AWESOME. this game is great! i would like the suprised look on her face when the dude cums too. also a facefucking mode would be rad.

  115. Different facial features would be excellent!

  116. Ahegaokin maybe?

  117. I think it would be pretty hot if her belly would swell up as she swallows more cum

    Also the Cheek Buldge or deformation sounds pretty good

  118. Also something like Ahegao xD

  119. The hair does work well, but the imports do not work superemly. An idea would be to have a website that this can access and download the image with the specifications built in (maybe as a .txt file). In adition, each could have the hair points in the .txt file. If the program could access this, then people could submit hair with specications (sich as char. model) and have more hair movement point. Also, you should make the shuffle feature more in debt.

  120. I for one would like to see something that's kind of small, but would be a nice feature; making "him" cut or uncut. Now yes, this could invoke some kind of stupid discussion about it, but I think it would be a nice addition. Nothig too big, just covering half the head or something. I'm sick of every game and all porn having uncut guys. I for one would be delighted if this was put in.

  121. ^ To the above, meant to say "Sick of all porn having cut guys" lol.

  122. yea a full view of the guy and customizable options for him like for the girl would be great

  123. May I suggest the ability to give piss facials?

  124. great game and outstanding graphic and movements....I love it...and the options you´ve made.
    waits patiently to what you bring next...I know it would be great also.
    Thanks a lot

  125. Are there plans to include ankle and/or leg restraints? In the full body view it kind of looks like there are areas blanked out in the outline of her legs right above the ankle. I haven't seen any comments on this.

    Fantastic game!!

  126. How about armpit bukkake or armpit fuck!?

  127. More cum I guess? I mean, EXTREME CUMMING?
    See this link for reference: http://pics.dmm.co.jp/mono/movie/rki116/rki116pl.jpg

  128. ^I second extreme amounts of sperm!
    Something of this caliber:

  129. Armpit fucking is really underrated in any kind of porn, I would love to see it done in this game.

  130. Since there are already some BDSM themes with the cuffs and collar, can we customize the restraints further and possibly slap her around a bit? Also, pissing on her would be great (gotta wash away all that cum somehow!). Thanks!

  131. hope "futa" includes the male being replaced by a futa. wouldn't need to be any more customizable than the male is now. also lipstick smearing on face = my personal priority

  132. great work on the game so far, it is definatly one of my favourites. what do you think about making her pussy wet/dripping from sucking that cock? i would like that improvement a lot and doubt it would take too much work. keep it up and bye!

  133. I'd love to see a "resistance" point where she hits an initial depth limit, there's some resistance, and then a sudden "plunge" the rest of the way down (with appropriate choking sounds). Like having to continuously push past a tight spot. Adjustability on something like this would also be pretty cool.

    In any case, great work!

  134. How about being able to ramp up tears and /or mascara running?

  135. Here's an idea. If you add "him" as a futa, you could also make a version of the futa to be a girl with one of those silly strap-ons that ejaculate.

  136. How about instead of a him, you have a Glory Hole wall...

  137. These may have already been request, but how about:

    * Chain/rope option for the collar and/or cuffs. Could work using the existing strand physics, also bonus points for when/if alternative 'him's get added so you can have tentacle collar&cuffs to go with tentacle him.
    * Dildo/vibrator/sybian/etc options for something to put between her legs
    * Girl cumming when/if futa mode is added
    * RGB skin option in addition to Light/Pale/Tan, so we can get some of the trickier characters right
    * Option for 'him' to have cuffs on behind his back in happy mode (or just normally), should work with futa 'him' too

    Awesome work so far though, dude

  138. I second dynamic breasts.

    Great job keep it up!

  139. I think it's a goood idea to make some of the cum drip off her body onto the floor and gather up there. It would be nice in bukkake mode.

  140. We need a pee mode.

  141. tentacles!!!!!! yes. imagine the options with that. tit squeezing, tit fuck, you could push tentacle in as deep as you want to where you see her neck bulge then down to your tummy being pushed out from tentacle deepthroat! yes. and add a double tentacle suck. cheek bulging would be great too.
    Another vote for tentacle, puking and tummy inflation as cum is swallowed.

  142. give gathered cum on the body wieght. As it builds up it slides down the body,face and what not. you get this build up of cum on the top of the tits or chin and it doesnt move., maybe you could fix that.

  143. the cum is good, but maybe you could make differnt effects with it. Like, sometimes it comes out in globs, not so much as a strand. Or explodes out in a bigger splat and sometimes its less, and sometimes its like the way you got it. or a slider to make it the way you want it.

  144. would love to see where you could use a GIF as a background. i got tons of animated gifs, i would like to use as a background that still animate

  145. it were great to add a costume that looks like a wolfgirl, foxgirl etc.

  146. when it comes to the cock slapping, it doesn't have to be a side to side motion, it could be up down, like hit her under the chin, or on the lips or nose or forehead. that would save you some animation I imagine.

    p.s. please do a blond rangiku, maybe another skin colour, a better tan that is

    p.p.s. you don't really have to listen to that last part

  147. Great work!
    I can't wait to see all this happen!
    I know everyone is throwing ideas at you, but I have a simple thing you may consider.
    I like the nostril spray, would it be possible for the strand to ever stick to the nostril rather than come out in one stream?

  148. On that thought, hit testing for him? I would suspect cum traveling out her nose would hit his shaft, IRL...

  149. what about fullscreen @ 1920x1080 !?!?!?!?!
    that would be Pornism

  150. All I really think this needs is an option to make her willing, so it's not really a rape game. Though I assume that's what happy mode is :V

  151. Cant you get some 1 to help you code for the heavy animations? cuz this game keeps me rolling

  152. does anyone know how I can get in contact with Konashion?
    id like to commission him to add extra features to his awesome flash game

  153. @Anon who keeps referring to himself in the plural: shut up. You're not the PR Rep of Anonymous, you're one dude. Get over yourself.

    @Kona. I hope the tongue is a toggle option.

  154. "Artist Guy"

    I really dont give a fuck what your on about or give a shit enough to spend time arguing with you

    you clearly have nothing better to do than harrass people cause you have no life and this is the only thing you can do that gives you meaning

    so im just gonna get to the point

    "Message to konashion"

    if you unlock your newgrounds account so i can message you

    ill pay you $200 in your currency to add what you feel is possible to add out of what everyone is suggesting on this blog

    I fuckin kid you not

    also message to "artist guy"

    if your fuckin smart enough
    and a good friend with konashion and other members of this blog

    shut your fuckin mouth and dont screw up konashions chance

    or fuck up the chances for other decent people on this blog
    that have brilliant ideas to come true

    im sure konashion will agree its a hell of a lot fuckin better to get paid for what you enjoy

    than it is then listen to some fucktard peice of shit
    like you

    least this way it gives konashion an incentive to improve
    on his flash

    than get approval from some fuckin loser like you "artistguy"

    "artist guy" if you piss me off again deals off
    and you will be to blame for fucking up chances for everyone else

    i dont fuck around so dont fuck me around.

  155. message to konashion ill pay you $200 in your currency if you add extra stuff I want unlock your newgrounds account so i can message you

    and we will go from there

  156. Hey, please make an effort to read this one, both users and creator alike.

    I don't know why I never see anyone ask for this, but I think it would be both relatively easy to implement and very appreciated by users.

    Different lip shapes. Thicker, thinner lips and the like, to further customize the character. It shouldn't create too many issues and would make, at least me, very happy.

    Anyone out there agree?

  157. When you do cock outside, please allow a shortcut toggle to place cock outside her mouth, otherwise, the constraint will be there. And oh, you should have some auto-mode where cock doesn't always go inside the mouth, where he randomly misses.

    I think you can easily add cock slapping (up/down) since you can already move it up and down in bukkake mode (should add more force/velocity if your mouse accelerates fast). Slapping her eyes would make her blink. I think the angles of the cock should increase as well so he can do a wider slap, or shoot cum upward where it will catapult down slowly onto her face.

    The cock slap (up/down) would also work great with the new tongue. Tongue should moves down a bit when slapped, or have spit residues.

    I do have one easy request. Can you have a slider for how wide she opens her eye. This would keep her eyes fixed at all times. If slider is too much work, then a checkbox where it keeps her eyes at the current fixed opening size. I want her squinting most of the times which you can't really get normally unless you almost suffocate her (and it goes away easily).

    Thanks! Keep up the awesome work...

  158. Yeah.

    +1 on lips customization. This is a BJ game after all. Not everyone likes the anime look. I prefer smaller/regular eyes and DSL (Dick Sucking Lips).

  159. I'd like to see an option for 'him' of a female with a strap-on, and perhaps some other bondage features. I don't know how hard it would be to make the arm bondage selectable like the gags are. The gags are awesome, by the way. Arm bondage could be a single glove, rope, metal handcuffs, chains...

    Thanks for all the hard work you've put into this.

  160. Fainting
    Death by choking
    Trembling, Struggling after a while when depraved of air
    Slapping / Throttling
    Pissing n spitting in her mouth & on her face
    Crying, screaming, begging & resisting for too much depravation
    Ball licking
    tOO Much cum
    lip size

    Facefucking in new positions

    later on Anal rape?

  161. love the game, I would just like to see a game where you can actually have sex with the character. The graphics on Super Deapthroat are unlike every anime game. I understand that it would take a lot of work, but it would be widely appreciated.

  162. Great work, this is truly amazing! There aren't any other games I enjoy most of this kind. Even my girlfriend likes it!
    I would love if you could consider moving the x-ray feature a little higher on your to-do list!
    I also support the pee and having her facial or swallow
    +1 for futa "him" as well :D

  163. would be awesome if she could later also get a riding fuck with probaly xray view of shooting the cum inside her :D

    I'd probaly never need to download any pics at all anymore beside the hair templates XD

  164. I had a few ideas of my own, but I'm not sure if they would work. I'll just write them down, so you can see what I've been thinking over the course of playing this game.

    First off, I have to say I am EXTREMELY impressed with the time and effort you've put into this game. The quality is outstanding, even as an unfinished project. This is probably the best Flash game I've ever seen, and I hope that you will continue production on this fine work for as long as you see fit. I give you my thanks and good luck!

    I am also very excited to see the "mood" settings in action, and I especially want to see "happy" mode and "angry" mode used. This would make the game even more fun to play, and even more realistic. Same goes for the tongue you are currently working on, as this will make it all the more believable.

    So... As for my suggestions, I think I would like to see the blush she has increase as you do more to her. Or perhaps it could fade in and out, depending on what you are doing or the mood she is in. Not exactly sure how this would work; I'm not going to lie... I have no idea. It's just something I've thought of a lot while playing.

    Also, as others have suggested, the "trembling" effect for when she starts to lose air sounds like a very good idea to me. You could possibly also make her tremble a bit while doing other things, especially if there is a "scared" or "innocent" mood.

    As I mentioned above, the "scared" or "innocent" moods are another one of my suggestions. Not sure if you have thought of this before, but I think this mode would be great for particularly sweet and innocent characters. I, personally, would love to see that in action.

    The saliva and cum are also another thing. I know you wrote about this already, but I think it would be neat to see it look a bit more realistic. Suggestions would be more realistic dripping, making the cum look a bit more "gooey," even adding drool to the effects.

    I suppose that's all for my suggestions. I'm sorry for writing so much. I tend to go a little overboard with my comments to others at times.

    I hope everything goes well, and I wish you good luck with your endeavors!

  165. this is amazing. i stumbled across the earlier version months ago on another site and have been following ever since. keep up the good work! :]

  166. Girl's Death please! :(

  167. I didn't take the time to read through all of the comments, so I'm not sure if this has been suggested before.

    Maybe using keyboard control as alternative for mouse? Kinda hard to do your thing if you have to move your mouse around at the same time while using 2 keys would make it a whole lot easier!

  168. Another possibility that I have not seen is adding freckles to her. This would (probably) be relativly simple to make, just adding the dots with a slider controling their color and a switch for turing them on or off. It could be made more complex by makeing a slider for the number of freckles.

  169. It seems that the thing I want is not in the game (or I too stupid to make it happened) and no-one seemed to mentioned it. A "mouth spray" or rather "cum dripping". Make cum leak from her mouth (specially when she's gagged) just before nostril spray or swallow.

  170. what about cheek and throat bulge? and maybe wider mouth opening to deepthroat if you add more cock sizes

  171. like this http://img4.gelbooru.com//samples/665/sample_90dde04c1397cbbb1c6786874fe1183a.jpeg?805443

    and maybe this pic can give some ideas for future updates

  172. ^
    i would really really really love to see the throat bulge when the dick goes in.

  173. the xray example you gave seems great to me. I wanna see her take it down her throat!

  174. 1 more vote for throwing up please. Amazing work.

  175. Add some Fuck !!! Please
    Otherwise it's a very good game :) Congratulations !

  176. If you do decide to go with an official male version, and can't find a satisfactory voice set, I'm am amateur VA and I'd actually find it pretty amusing for a next project to provide my voice for teen-twenties age characters. I experimented a little with doing a fandub of Sensitive Pornography, and I think I'd like to try again.
    YaoiVoice23@Yahoo.com is my email if you want me to send samples.

  177. I want different auto modes
    Soft to hardcore

    Maybe variables e.g.,

    -focus on tip of penis,
    -focus on deep throating
    -focus on holding her down all the way
    -focus on long strokes

    -maybe variations on average speed etc.

  178. I'd like to see a buldge in her cheek while sucking
    something like in the final fellatio game

    Also I like the idea of her belly swelling up the more cum she swallows
    Of course one should be able to turn this of if someone doesn't like this :X

    Btw you are doing a great job :)
    Can't wait for the next update

  179. This game is amazing cant wait for next update!
    +1 for Dynamic breasts I love boobies

  180. Another vote for female with strap-on "him."

  181. - make her pussy wet sounds easy to do

  182. Another vote for throwing up
    Also, add toys like but plugs.
    Great game

  183. I would vote for a hand job/blowjob section to this game. It might make it more exciting and add a different part of the game. I have read a lot of reviews where people ask for different add-ons or POV's. This would be different from the straight blowjob, but would keep the physics simpler. Just a suggestion

  184. Piss, and piss swallowing!!!


    Want SO BAD.

  185. If I may recommend a simple tweak: A climax duration slider, so you can choose to shoot more or less cum when you climax. It would make the climax last longer or shorter overall, basically.

  186. Another vote for throwing up please.

  187. About the x-ray

    Isn't there an easy way to do the x-ray? Like adding another layer above all others that copies the movement of the objects underneath?

    You said in the topic "unless you want it to look like this (link)" I actually really like that and would love to see it happen.

    I am not really a flash user, but if you could make a topic where you request others to help out I'd like to see what I could do.

    I do have a little skill regarding Photoshop and I'd love to help out a little. - Xan

  188. I got several ideas noone else has had so far. This is gonna be long, bare with me. Some ideas won't be possible till a few planned features are added, I'll list them in that order.

    >better feet. Adding stockings was a nice surprise for many, but it seem like a cop out, instead of fixing the feet. Danbooru has a feet tag and perfect feet pool so, yeah.
    >pussy juice. Increasing with arousal level, maybe impossible because of the angle, but, it's worth a shot.
    >nail polish. This probably will be better used for the dom futa until the sub gets her hands free.
    >when the dick can be rubbed against her face, if she's in angry/rape mode, or low arousal, she should clench her teeth, tear up, whimper, frown, scowl, whatever, accordingly. She should be disgusted by the filthy cock touching her face and hint of being scared of imminent rape.
    >in contrast, when she's in happy mode, or more aroused, her features soften, she salivates, and, important, she licks and kisses the cock as it is rubbed up and down her face. sound effects too. If you move the cock up all the way, the balls can get some action too.
    >make irrumatio mode, that is, throat fuck. instead of her head moving, it's the deepthroatee who thrusts. maybe the left arm can come to play here for extra roughness.

    My more different idea, though, is foot worship mode. This won't require different POVs, or a new game, I think it's easier than other sex ideas to make it work with mechanics current and to be added as noted above, and sicker fetishes have been proposed, so again, bare with me.
    All that's needed to do is, remove him/futa, draw a leg rose up, like the one to be worshipped is sitting off screen, with her foot replacing the cock. It should be much easier to draw a naked leg than a whole another body.
    since you can't deepthroat feet(?), the animation should stay stuck to the pre deepthroat depth when taking the toes in, but the first animation for choking after sufficient sucking should be kept in. When the foot is rubbed on her face, if angry/rape mode, or low arousal, should be disgusted, but not like it was a cock, that's disgusted by being a slut, this is more disgusted because she's literally being treated like dirt, used like a doormat, the expressions would be the same as above except that. When happy, or high arousal, she should be in awe at her master's foot, and kiss it and lick it, like above. Who does the moving depends on the sub's mode, or arousal, but I think the default mechanics and irrumatio throat fuck mechanics mentioned above should do it.
    The testicles are replaced by the heel of the foot. When her hands are freed, she can fondle the foot and leg too, I admit this might need some tweaking for foot worship mode, because the leg extends farther than the cock, unless it's the foot that gets a handjob...weird, lol.

    anyone wanna second this? cmon, foot fetish is the biggest fetish out there (next to breasts, i'm not kidding, look it up), it would be a really popular move!!

    and good steady progress you've made here, konashion. Not everyone has the willpower to undertake projects like this and not give up early sadly.

  189. Firstly, congradulations, this is great!
    I for one would love to see the spit and cum drip off on to the floor, with the liquid animations piling up making a puddle. That would be hot!

  190. this game NEEDS to have the option to make her sit on a dildo. you can make it so hovering over her and bobbing up and down makes her ride the dildo. also she should be able to pee. (its okay to make it a bit more kinky:)

    i look forward to seeing games from you in the future. perhaps super sex/super anal?

  191. You did nice! can i request if you can make option for amount of cum and can we have a hotkey to do manual jizz ?

  192. Dude, you're a fuckin' bro and this game is excellent.

    I appreciate that this has taken a lot of work for you to make, so I won't demand anything of you. (Not like I'd have a right to anyway.)

    But keep going strong, man.

  193. Would it be possible to make her breasts even larger? like in this poorly photoshoped picture?:::
    If not its fine. Great Game!!

  194. I doubt stuff all the way at the bottom will ever be read by the developer, but it's worth a shot.

    You've already implemented her "passing out" when he's all the way in her, but I'd like that to be taken a wee bit further. Some suggest necrophilia, but that's a bit crazy.
    However you decide to build off of that would be amazing.

  195. Looking forward to dialog. Even as subtitles it sounds like fun.

    In the future it would be neat to have audio. I'm not sure what challenges that poses but maybe something as simple as being able to upload an audio file which would pause when her mouth was full and resume once unoccupied again.

  196. Hi, I love the game, could we see her with really long fetish nails like a real slut would look like? Maybe in red, square cut?


  197. why not have a veriaty of nipples. like small, big, puffy, long. also you should let us change the color of the nipples too. now that has to be the best upgrade that people want. it shouldent be hard for a program to put in.