Weekend update

I still want to work on the next set of hairs some more, so there isn't a release this weekend again, but as a quick update, here's SD Chan modelling a couple of headwear items that I've added for the new characters:
I also spent some time this weekend trying to find a better way to model dynamic hair without breaking existing characters. A lot of people have spotted that longer hairs are clipping badly, and this is because at the moment there are only some fake collision checks, but hopefully I can improve that without making the animation too complicated.

I'm going to leave updates until there's a new release for a while because there usually isn't much new to see when I'm just drawing things, and I'd rather not fight file take downs every weekend.



Upload mirrors: SDT1_17_1b.swf
I'm trying out UploadMirrors for the DL. It's not as clean as MF, but it's better than constantly reuploading. Let me know if it works well enough.

One last attempt at MF because UploadMirrors is terrible (copy and paste):
SDT1_17_B.swf: http://www.mediafire.com/?heywhmzc1lng3dn

If someone wants to try uploading a mirror to swfchan, that seems to be relatively reliable, I just get a timeout on the upload. I've tried renaming the file and using different accounts before, so in case click throughs from this site are being automatically taken down I've not linked the URL.

*edit* Down again.
Swfchan mirror: SDT1_17_1b.swf See Download page for latest DL link.

Changes in this version include:
 - Rikku, Nami and Miku hairs.
 - New eyebrows and a couple of new ear, iris and earring options.
 - Zelda's tiara circlet set up for RGB controls.
 - Adjusted freckles so they don't jump around as much.