Weekend update

This weekend I mainly worked on happy and angry modes. The changes to the graphics are fairly subtle, but there are some new animations, differences in how she behaves, and I'm working on dialogue libraries for both new moods (any suggestions would be welcome again).
 - Added happy and angry expressions (happy is based off the tests I did a while back, and I've added angry because it was requested, though ModGuy's Loader already has an angry mode).
 - Rearranged her mouth and eye elements to make them moddable (mainly making all of the skin differences automatic so you don't have to worry about making four different versions of everything).
 - Started working on happy and angry dialogue lines.

I'm aiming to release next week, even if it has to be a midweek release, because I know the updates have been pretty slow lately.


Weekend update

I didn't have much free time this weekend, so this is a very small update I'm afraid. I fixed a few minor bugs like nail polish appearing above gloves, and spent some more time sketching additional costume options. I also redrew her face so that her nose can be swapped out, and added a rough example of a different nose:
*Edit* Uploaded a slightly less terrifying nose.

(Hair in screenshot is funfriend's SD Chan black with gradient mod.) I think characters like Nico Robin will need changes to the jawline as well to look right, but this is a start at least. I should have more time next weekend, so I'll try to get a better update out.



DL v1.10.1b: SuperDeepthroat1_10.1b.swf See Download page for latest DL link.

This is just a small update to 1.10 with some bug fixes, striped versions of the rest of the legwear sizes, and nail polish. I spent some time this weekend sketching out more costume options too, but they need more work before releasing. Striped panties especially might need custom animation to not look weird, but if I can't come up with something soon I'll include a hacky version in the next release.

Also, in case you didn't see it on the forums, Keeley has made a swf mod with the nympho dialogue audio by MoƩ here.


New modding files

Here are the updated modding files with code and tutorials for making dialogue mods, along with the source file for the Insecure Dialogue mod (CS5.5 and CS5 versions).

DL Modding files: SDTModding.zip
DL CS5 Modding files: SDTModdingCS5.zip

Example dialogue mod source:



DL v1.10b: SuperDeepthroat1_10b.swf See Download page for latest DL link.

Main new features are:
 - New strand physics.
 - Striped thighhigh and overknee stockings.
 - Secondary RGB controls for collars and footwear.
 - Added support for dialogue with audio using swf mods.

There are also now copy and paste buttons on RGB controls, and a several minor bug fixes and tweaks to the UI.

Finally, if you haven't seen the threads on 4chan and the forums, an awesome person called gabriel and a very generous anonymous voice actress have provided audio to go with these lines. I've put together a swf mod which uses the audio here:

DL: InsecureDialogue.swf


Weekend update

Just an update this week, because I wanted to work through some of the more boring things that needed to be done, but as planned I'll aim to release 1.10 next weekend.

This weekend I mainly worked on bug fixes and UI improvements, as well as continuing to tweak the new strand physics. I also remade legwear so that it works using the same RGB system as all of the other costume elements, which means I could finally add striped stockings. The transparency for stockings is still a bit hacky, so I need to fix that before releasing, but it looks like it works otherwise. I also added secondary RGB options for footwear, and the shirt collar and cuffs.

After the next release I'll start working on happy mode, and once that's done I'll spend a while just adding more options to the game and to swf modding (see the Future Features page for the planned features).