v1.15.1b - Dialogue editor bugfixes

Download 1.15.1b: SuperDeepthroat1_15_1b.swf See Download page for latest DL link.

This version has several fixes to dialogue and the editor:
 - Adjusted save format.
 - Fixed actions breaking in thought or him style.
 - Changed ordering of triggers in editor to roughly match the game.
 - Added proper editing and ordering for custom finishes.
 - Adding a custom trigger no longer sets the selected lines at the same time.
 - Fixed deleted groups being replaced by default lines.
 - Adjusted some trigger priorities to stop lines repeating so much.
 - Fixed dialogue name not saving properly.
 - Fixed interrupted lines getting stuck.

As well as:
 - New actions - [DROOL], [HOLD] and [RELEASE].
 - Changed lines in the editor so that they can expand for long sentences.
 - Added auto selection of actions in a line to make deleting them easier.

Thanks for all the bug reports in the comments, they're really useful. Hopefully that's got the editor to a point where there aren't any more game breaking problems with it, so I can get on with some new graphics (I know it's been a boring few weeks for people who don't use dialogue).


v1.15b - Dialogue modding updates

Download v1.15b: SuperDeepthroat1_15.swf See Download page for latest DL link.

The main new feature in this release is an in-game dialogue editor ([Edit...] on the modding menu), which should hopefully make dialogue mods easier to get into, as well as:
 - Dialogue box styles, to show him talking and her thinking.
 - Limiting lines by mood and by whether she is held or released.
 - New triggers ("head_grabbed", "pulled_up", "pulled_down", "lick_penis", "lick_balls").
 - Tweaks to dialogue line priorities to try to make them play in a better order.


Weekend update

It seemed like people were actually interested in having a dialogue editor (and hopefully it will mean there is more mod content even if you won't use it), so this weekend I've been working on adding an interface for that. It's obviously not very clean yet, but it's definitely clearer than editing a text file, and having an in game preview is really useful.

I'm going to try to make it more user friendly, and add some tools to help with sorting through and editing multiple lines, then I'll release it next weekend. I'll try to add some more costume options too so that there's something new to see in the actual game.

*edit* I'm thinking of changing dialogue mods so that the default lines are automatically cleared, because it seems like people usually just clear everything apart from the finishes. If this will break a lot of mods though I'll find a different way around it.


Weekend update

This weekend I've mainly been working on modifying the dialogue system to make it more flexible, and adding some more triggers that people have suggested. Rather than add specific triggers for her thinking or him talking though, I'm going to add optional "styles" for the dialogue box, which will simply look different and ignore any mouth animation. Lines will default to the current speaking style unless you add an extra tag in the dialogue text file.

I also spent some time updating the tutorial for making dialogue mods, because it's fairly out of date now, and I've added a viewer for it in the actual game. I think it would be interesting to add a tool for creating dialogue files in game too, to help automate the process. Is that something people would find useful?