Quick update

This weekend I've mainly been working on more tutorials for swf mods, so there isn't much new to see yet, but I'll upload a release next weekend. Most of the body is pretty simple to change, but any feedback on the current swf mods would be really helpful before I start on the more complicated parts.


v1.16.1b - Swf mod update

Download v1.16b: SuperDeepthroat1_16_1b.swf

Download CS5.5 Modding Files: SDTModding.zip
Download CS5 Modding Files: SDTModdingCS5.zip

See Download page for latest DL links.

This update is mainly updated support for swf mods, with some minor changes in the background for the main game:
 - Swf mod templates and tutorials for tops, bottoms, footwear, headwear and piercings.
 - Swf mods can now support RGB controls (there's a "Costume Tutorial" for this in SDTMod.fla, and a recreation of the default t-shirt in ExampleMod.fla).
 - The costume menu now shows the name of any mods that have overridden the default options.

The changes in this update mean it's very quick for me to set up swf mods now, so most of the time it takes is in making the templates and tutorials. If the system for these costume mods works well for people, I'll add the rest of the costume options and start including body mods.



Download v1.16b: SuperDeepthroat1_16b.swf See Download page for latest DL link.

Hey, sorry for the late update. I've gotten stuck on a couple of problems with swf imports, so I've reverted to the last working version with character menu rearranging so that you can at least test that out. You just have to drag and drop to move characters around (and you can move the default characters now too). Let me know in the comments if you find any bugs, and I'll upload a patch for any major problems.

There aren't any other new features in this version, but hopefully I'll have the proper release ready next weekend.


Weekend update

This weekend, I've tried to concentrate on some of the side features that haven't had much attention lately, so I've been working on finally updating the swf import tutorials to add more costume import options, and improving the character menu so that it's easier to sort out your custom chars.

Top imports especially are kind of complicated, but if I can't find a way to simplify it more I might try including basic and advanced tutorials. It's relatively simple to make a single top, but things like drawing every breast size and adding RGB support should be optional.

I also spent some time trying out a quick idea for animated sweat droplets, but I don't want to post a screenshot until I know it will work. If I can get it looking good though, I'll include it in a release next weekend.