Midweek update

I couldn't work on the game over the weekend, so it's just a quick update on her arms this week I'm afraid. Should be a weekend update at the normal time this week though.

 - Improved arm animation so her hands actually track what she's resting them on.
 - Added pushing / tapping animation when she's resting them on his legs.
 - Added arm position resting on her thighs.
 - Made her arms go limp and fall down when she passes out.
 - Added menu controls for her arms.
I am still messing with her hands, so hopefully they'll end up looking a bit better than in this shot. At some point I want to animate them too, so they don't look so stiff, but I'll release a version with static hands first.

*edit* Looks like we hit 4M views over the weekend too.


v1.5.1b - Swf modding test

This release is an early test of swf mod importing (and why I missed the weekend update).

There aren't any major new features apart from that, but there are some graphical fixes, and a new option to drop his arm down. I've changed the menus around to create some extra space now that I'm adding more costume options, so there's a new Help tab, and the Clear buttons and sound and graphics options are now on the Options tab.

DL v1.5.1b: SuperDeepthroat1_5_1b.swf See top of page for latest DL link.
*Edit* Fixed pulling off bug when switching back to holding (thanks spr33).

DL Modding files: SDTModding.zip

*Edit* CS5 version:
DL CS5 Modding files: SDTModdingCS5.zip


Weekend update

 - Fixed a couple of bugs and most of the graphical glitches from 1.5b.
 - A few minor improvements (Made strands fall off glasses when they change, scaled the screen shake based on the zoom level, made strands that hit the floor spread out sideways a bit more).
 - Got a test of different arm positions working.
 - Worked on the swf mod format with a template fla, instructions and tutorials, and some basic checks which will warn you if it looks like something's wrong with your mod.

The plan with swf mods is that you'll be able to have multiple mods in a single swf file. So you make all of your mods, then register a list of them with some very simple ActionScript on the main timeline. Having ActionScript on the timeline isn't great practice, but I think this set up will give people a lot of control over their mods with an absolute minimum of coding. You can also include a character code that will load automatically.

Here's a very early look at different arm positions:
Having her arms resting on her legs is easy from here, but I think having them between her legs will need a separate graphic, so at first there'll probably just be those two positions.



Backup your custom characters before deleting the old version, or change the new version's filename to match so Flash finds the same cookie.

DL v1.5b: SuperDeepthroat1_5b.swf See top of page for latest DL link.

*edit* A new version of Flash Player came out recently, so if you have trouble running the game, try updating. Links at the top of the page.