Happy New Year

Hey. I'll be back properly next week with some bug fixes for a couple of things that the last release broke, as well as starting on some new features, but until then hope everyone had a good Christmas, and happy New Year's Eve tomorrow.



DL: SDT1_19b.swf (depositfiles) (reuploaded by anon, thanks)
or swfchan mirror.
See Download page for latest DL link.

Okay, the costume layers are getting pretty ridiculous now, but I think I've managed to get the futa / penis option for her working okay. It's not perfect, though it works pretty well if you don't make the penis really huge. You can see a preview here.

There's not much new in this release if you're not into that, but I've started adding some of the example costumes I've posted previously, which a couple of people had requested. There's a new costume button on a few of the default characters like Miku and Rikku. I'll add more of these as I go.

As usual, I'll probably release a quick update to fix any major bugs. It's getting a bit late, so I figured I'd release instead of delaying another day.



I had to deal with some work over the weekend, so the actual release will have to be next week, but a couple of the bugs were annoying me today and I wanted to upload a minor update to fix those. Back mods should be unmasked now, and I've adjusted the advanced dialogue to try and remove the lag when checking large scripts.

DL: SDT1_18_2b.swf (depositfiles) See Download page for latest DL link.


Weekend update

Just a quick update this weekend: I've mainly been working on the penis / futa option for Her that I tested out a while ago, as well as a few important bug fixes. There's not much new to see yet that wasn't in the test screenshot, but hopefully I'll have it done soon.

The recent changes broke some mods and dialogues, so I'm trying to fix things so that they work again without needing any updates. Sorry if you've already wasted time dealing with that. I haven't had a chance to comment there yet, but thanks for the forum posts on these bugs especially. Once that's all fixed, I'll go back to the modding files and bring them up to date with the latest release. I'll probably need to add a simplified way of modding the original Him first, as making a full body mod requires writing your own animation scripts, but in the future it should be possible to create any "Him" you want.