Weekend update

Sorry for the late update, couldn't find time to post it yesterday.

- Added panties, thongs, and bike shorts with RGB controls. (This ended up being a bit hacky because of the way they have to move with her legs and her stomach when she breathes, so for now I'm keeping them very simple.)
- Started working on bras.
- Added some new eyewear and shoes.
- Spent a while trying to redraw her feet so that she actually has toes. (Better?)
- Added RGB controls for eyewear.
- Added a proper body scale slider in the menu. (Again, this is just a slight size change, the actual shape of her body stays the same. You can see a few different body sizes in the screenshots.)

Still aiming for a release next weekend.


Weekend update

This weekend, I've:
 - Fixed more bugs from 1.4b, including the next / prev character hotkeys not working right after choosing a custom character.
 - Added an RGB control for her shoes and some shorter socks.
 - Started working on swf hair import. I've automated most of the set up for moving hair, so the most complicated step now is drawing the actual hair as several sections, and drawing rounded joints on each section to make them look smooth when the hair bends.
 - Started working on moving his penis outside so that you can rub it on her face. (I'm not sure if I'll include this in the next release, because it's mostly just annoying to control at the moment, and without balls on him there's not really much for her to do. I'll keep working on it though.)
 - Tested a slider for adjusting the scale of her body slightly. It's only a small size change (the shapes don't change), but it means you can give her more realistic proportions, and I might adjust it for the default characters to make them look a little bit more different. She's slightly taller here:
There should be a lot more new costume options to actually see next week, then I'm planning to release on the weekend after that (4th/5th).

*edit* Wow. Hit 3M pageviews at some point over the weekend too.


Weekend update

Just a quick update this weekend:
 - Fixed a few bugs from 1.4.
 - Redrew her shoulder / arm so that it animates better (for different arm positions).
 - Tidied up the costume code so that it takes much less work to add new elements.
 - Added an eyewear costume layer, so Mari's glasses are a regular costume element now.
 - Added a shoe costume layer.

I have a few ideas for other eyewear / footwear, like blindfolds and boots, but let me know in the comments if you have any requests and I'll try to add the popular ones.

Once I've finished adding full costumes and I know that it all works okay, I'll work on support for importing your own. I'm still planning to add dialogue too, because I think it will be interesting to make, but I'm not rushing on it because it seems like other features have wider appeal.



Backup your custom characters before deleting the old version, or change the new version's filename to match so Flash finds the same cookie.

DL v1.4b: SuperDeepthroat1_4b.swf See top of page for latest DL link.

*edit* If you're wondering where the post went for a while, Blogger's been having some trouble the last couple of days, and they temporarily rolled things back to the 11th. It looks like some comments might have been lost too, but they say they're still working on it.


Weekend update - Release midweek

Her tongue needs a bit more work than I expected, so 1.4 is going to be out midweek I'm afraid. It's all basically working apart from the UI, but there are a lot of things I want to improve before releasing.

I've mainly been working on the tongue this weekend:
 - Finished the actual licking animations.
 - Made his penis move properly when she licks him.
 - Added cum collisions for her tongue, and swallowing of cum on her tongue.

Her tongue works like this now: She'll stick her tongue out if you hold her close to the tip of his penis, or if you hold her away as he's ejaculating. She then does random actions depending on where you're holding her. If you have Self auto mode on, she does things with her tongue on her own.

I also spent some time tweaking the new auto modes and adding a few extra actions, and a few people seemed interested, so I ended up rearranging the costume layers again to get a pantyhose option to work:

The hip area has some messy layering so that semi-transparent legwear can work with the animation of her legs and her breathing, but now that that part's done I can start thinking about adding proper costumes.

I'll try to get the release out as soon as possible.


Weekend update

This weekend I got most of the more boring but necessary work for the next release done, including:
 - Rearranging her body layers and adding proper costume layers, so that things like her stockings aren't HSL shifted with her skin. (This means things might be a bit slower because there are more layers to filter, but it's the only way to stop clothes being shifted.
 - Adding the triggers and controls for her tongue (Plan is for her to do things randomly on her own if you have the option turned on, based on where you hold her).
 - Adding soft and hard auto modes that just have one or the other type of movement.
 - Adding some new auto actions for a "Self" auto mode.
 - Redoing his arm animation to use IK so that it's easy to move between poses and make it hang down for the Self auto:

As a break from the coding, I added some extra options for legwear too:

I can add pantyhose, but the join around the hips looks broken if you have less than full opacity, so I'll either have to redo that first, or limit the alpha control for them.

I'm planning to release next update, even if I have to do a mid week release again.