Weekend update

Apart from fixing a few more bugs, I've mainly been working on finishing hand job mode again this weekend. I'm trying to redo her "behind back" arms properly, because adding the animated arms on top of them was originally a bit messy. If I can tidy it up, I'm thinking of replacing the "normal / hand job" mode setting with just a position list for each arm (so hand job mode would toggle on if either hand is in that position).

I need to spend a while concentrating on the mod files after that's all done, because a few things have been broken by hand job mode, and the templates need updating. I'll try to draw some new content or characters as well though so there's something for non modders.

I'm away next week, so there won't be an update on Sunday, but I'll get a release ready for the week after that.



DL: SDT1_20_1b.swf
See Download page for latest DL link.

I spent a while trying out ways of faking a more 3D arm this weekend (as a few people suggested in the comments), but I haven't been able to make something that looks better yet, so I've rolled this release back to a fairly stable version. There are still a few improvements to the hand job and auto modes, but apart from that it's mostly a bug fix release.