Weekend update

Had to get some other stuff done this weekend, so not a huge update I'm afraid:
 - Started work on her tongue.
 - Tested out a couple of new auto modes.
 - Added costume element hit testing (Really only for Mari's glasses. Though you don't see it happen much in the normal game).
 - Added random spit drooling when gagged.
 - Slightly extended the range of bukkake mode.
 - Increased the spit strand limit.

I've updated the Future Features page, so you can see what I'm planning to get done for the next release. It won't be for a couple of weeks, but I'll keep posting updates. Next weekend should have more to see.



Backup your custom characters before deleting the old version, or change the new version's filename to match so Flash finds the same cookie.

DL v1.3.2b: SuperDeepthroat1_3_2b.swf See top of page for latest DL link.

*edit* Fixed old stored data not resetting gag and stockings.
*edit* Fixed some bugs with lip animation when setting gags.
*edit* Fixed a bug with jaw on pale and tan skins.
*edit* Fixed zoom changed with mouse wheel scroll not saving.


Weekend update

This weekend I've mostly been fixing bugs from the last release and preparing for the next set of features, so there's not too much new to see. Testing out strands hitting the rest of her body seems like it will work without slowing down too much though:

Apart from that, I've been:
 - Finding cough sound effects.
 - Working on gag accessories (just needs some animation adjustments).
 - Adding some new iris types.
 - Testing a body size slider (not a shape change, just scaling her body slightly).
 - Fixing the eye highlight problem people pointed out.
 - Working on the breast prototype I mentioned on the Future Features page (looks promising, but only works for one size at the moment. I'll only spend more time on this if people really want it).
 - Planning dialogue.

About the dialogue, any suggestions for phrases that don't sound terrible would be good. It all reads a bit awkwardly to me at the moment. It will be text subtitles, not full audio, so anything you can write can be included, I'm just not sure what people actually want to see for this.

I'm planning to do another small release with bug fixes and extra accessories next, then if everything goes well 1.4 won't be far behind.


Future Features page up

I've updated the old "Future Features" list and made it into a proper page here:

Future Features

That should have most of the major features included, though I haven't bothered adding minor UI fixes or things that were only ever brought up once. I'll be keeping that page updated, so you should be able to check there to see if your idea has already been added.

I'll be back with a regular update this weekend.