Happy New Year

Hey. I'll be back properly next week with some bug fixes for a couple of things that the last release broke, as well as starting on some new features, but until then hope everyone had a good Christmas, and happy New Year's Eve tomorrow.


  1. Pole position, Happy new year.

  2. Feliz Año Nuevo CTM
    Happy New Year MOFO

  3. Happy new year m8

  4. Happy New Year!!

  5. Happy new year !!

    Thank you for turning this game into a futa-game!

    Lots of love from Sweden !!

  6. Anonymous loves you all and hate at the same time! Happy new year perverts ^__^

  7. I love you in the homo way kona!...

  8. Thanks Kona! Happy new year!

  9. Thanks Kona you're the best! Happy New Year!

  10. (-: Happy OLD Year :-)

  11. Never posted before, but I'll speak up for New Year.

    I hate Futa, and gaysex disgusts me. However, this is a game trying to cater to as many fetishes as possible, so I must say great job. I've never seen a flash game evolve even half as much as this one, and from 1 unpaid guy at that. All of my kudos!
    Anyway, could you program the climax for dickgirl and be done with the futa for now? (no homo) Some of your less reasonable fans are getting pissy.

    Some ideas I haven't seen posted:

    Wings: Bird, Bat, and Butterfly wings would be a nice (not sure if easy) bone to throw your furry and fantasy fans.

    Tails: Same as wings. Cat-girls have always been a large fetish. And then there's playboy bunnies and werewolves...

    Naga body: Last one for furrys and fantasys. Replace "her" lower torso with a snake's (or mermaid).


    13-year old "him": This one could be tricky, but shota and cougar fans would love it. Even if he has to stand on a chair to keep his rod in the same position as adult.

    Rape face/dialogue for her: We've got 4 face themes so far. This one would assume She's the aggressor and He's the victim sucked against his own will. Lines like "You're not going anywhere until I'm full", "Five times? We're just getting started" and. Maybe have his arms tied behind his back for a new arm position.

    That's it. Just some ideas if you want to broaden your audience. Honestly, you've done more than enough, but every update will be greatly appropriated. (Seriously, you could benifit from a donate button)

    Thank you for all you hard work, and Happy New Year.

    ~Dr Xero Hieronymus Juju

    1. "Rape face/dialogue for her: We've got 4 face themes so far. This one would assume She's the aggressor and He's the victim sucked against his own will. Lines like "You're not going anywhere until I'm full", "Five times? We're just getting started" and. Maybe have his arms tied behind his back for a new arm position."

      So much this.
      Even just having the guys hands tied behind his back would be awesome.

    2. You forgot about:
      -lamias !
      -new sex positions (in the far future but possible to do)
      -goo/jelly girl (most important)
      -and or x-ray
      -vampire teeth
      -Tongue Lolling !!
      -more roleplaying/dialogues
      -girl masturbating herself

      just a few of my suggestions.

  12. Happy new year Kona... You are the maan!!!

  13. Happy Birthday!....Oh wait...I mean, Happy New Year!

    Love your work and the dedication you've put into it. Keep it up! Rooting for you! :)

  14. can we have more dicks for the him please? also happy new year!

  15. Have a good new year sir. Glad to have been along for the ride of this work since day flipping one - it has come a long way. Since some folks drop an idea from time to time, I thought I would toss in a few of mine.

    - Coitus Face: We clearly know the game is all about 'his' climax, initially. The advent of script and voice modules have added an element for 'her' that spices up the flavor of the game. Not sure if it is feasible to have a reaction to 'her' getting off during her service to 'him'. Maybe link the reaction to a static hand position that places one of her arms between her legs, like she is working her own genitals as she gulps down his? Not sure how that might flow in the great design of things, but maybe that would be a thing for SDT users to get behind? Just a thought.

    Ghost/Jelly Form - A static model that is largely translucent (see through). Likely, you wouldn't be able to mod this variant of SDT-chan but it might give you something different to attempt if you are feeling your cheerios and are curious if it could be pulled off. Since there are so many layers at work here, not entirely certain it is even feasible. (Jelly model would allow for visibility for 'his' cum within the 'her' character. Color, hand positions and breast sliders could be functional in this mode. I don't even know how you's work 'his' penis in this variant. (No throat bulge, since it's just a female-shaped liquid/plasma/spectral working his junk?)

    Anyway, thanks for a great game. Look forward to seeing more in 2013.

  16. Happy Newyear to you, Kona!

  17. Happy New year keep up the good work

  18. Fappy New Year kona & everyone (not a typo), much belated happy holidays too.

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  20. Happy New Year! Thanks for keeping us in the loop!

  21. Happy new year. You give us so much without taking anything in return.

  22. Can you please do this in a future update:

    http://superdeepthroat.ryonani.com/index.php?topic=3266.msg41356#new ?

    Happy New Year!

  23. Happy New Year, Kona! :) Thanks for all your work!

  24. Hey Kona, may I suggest something along the lines of thicker eyeliner and baggy eyes?


    It would make some characters easier to make.
    Someone tried it with mods, but we couldn't make it not look like a black eye.

  25. Can'a wait for the fury male / female... And add some 'him' again behind 'her' who fuck 'her' back! it will be awesome...

    And HAPPY NEW PERVERT YEAR, KONA! You're a kind guy...!!!!

    2013 will never end quickly

  26. ^ I second the thicker eye-liner thing.

  27. Just an idea I would like to throw in. Would it be possible to add feature where the dude begins with a limp penis of a session and have the girl suck it get it hard?

    1. It's difficult to do this in Flash. Or at least difficult to do it and make it look good.

  28. I thought it looked ok = http://superdeepthroat.ryonani.com/index.php?action=dlattach;topic=879.0;attach=16361

  29. http://superdeepthroat.ryonani.com/index.php?topic=3217.msg41466#msg41466

  30. I don't know if it was already mentioned but can you make "her" penis produce precum ?
    also can you add a cum counter ? (how many times, and how much)

    also, thank you a lot for this great game, you rock !

  31. Game is delightful, many thanks

  32. Tyvm for this game, perhaps you could set up a donation link so we can give you our love? :D

  33. Can you make "her" able to cum with or without a penis too?
    Maybe she could finger/stroke herself

  34. i am the creator of a smaller blog here.
    i have the simpler version of this up on my blog, grabbed the code from funny-games.biz
    if you have an html piece of code for the latest version i would be happy to replace the one i have.
    i love the sim btw.
    email me if you have the time.

  35. Keep up the good work mon ami. Look forward to whatever you give to us, your loyal pervs.

  36. Hey, can you re-add bicycle shorts as underwear?
    I think they'd look hot with skirts, boyshorts, and jeans-shorts.

  37. hey can you add some sextoys that like dildo and anal plug that can inserted to her ass and pussy, and orgasm and lactation on her, it would be interesting to see that