v1.8b - Dialogue

DL v1.8b: SuperDeepthroat1_8b.swf See Download page for latest DL link.

Dialogue is off by default, go to the options menu [O] to turn it on.

This version has dynamic dialogue, custom dialogue import and export using text files, and an optional name (on the custom menu) which will be inserted into dialogue lines. I've made the default dialogue as neutral as possible, so that it doesn't seem too out of place for most characters, but any feedback or suggestions would be very helpful.

I missed the last weekend's update because I was hoping to release this then, but it needed a lot more work to be ready (I haven't had much time to test either, so this version's probably still quite buggy). I'll do more testing and tweaking and add some custom dialogue for the in built characters, then release another update at the end of this weekend.

Dialogue export will list all of the default dialogue as well as any custom dialogue, so that you can get a rough idea of how to write your own file, and see what the different dialogue "type" names are. I'll write a proper tutorial this weekend, but for now here's a rough guide. (This will make more sense if you look at the exported dialogue.)

Add lines to the different types of dialogue by writing type:"Your line."
Ignore every line of the default type by writing type:"CLEAR"
Insert the character's names by writing *ME**MY**YOU* and *YOUR*.
*FINISHES* will insert how many times he's "finished" (once, twice, three times, etc.)
You can add optional text into the replacement, like: *Hello YOU, *,  and the extra text inside the asterisks will be ignored if the user hasn't entered a name.
To help keep track of your custom dialogue, you can set the name that appears on the modding menu by writing dialogue_name:"Your name"


  1. First! Awesome!!

  2. Man Amazing, the next thing you should do its the nails, we want to change the colors and te size of the nails

    and + 1 for angry look

  3. Google "konashion"

    See the last blog post is from two weeks ago

    Click anyway

    PROFIT !!!!

  4. Yay! Awesome! If only we could update HIS clothes, you've pretty much done everything else!

  5. Ok my post is not appearing, assuming it's because it's too long. Will try splitting it up into several comments.

    To the maker of super deep throat:

    Could you please surround all manipulation of the right-click context menu in your actionscript 3 with a try-catch error handler?

    I'm trying to put your game on my cell phone using the automatic swf-to-apk converter located at http://eye.swfchan.com/services/ but it is sadly not working.

  6. (continued)

    I believe the one and only reason it's not working is because you use the ContextMenu class - something that is not supported on mobile devices. At least that's what it says at the bottom of the page I linked to.

    It would be super-cool to be able to take your awesome blowjob flash with me whenever I go so please heed my request! I'm not the only one that have thought about it too, I've seen a lot of super deepthroat APK files pop up but they all fail because of ContextMenu (I think).

    dl;dr Please use try-catch around all code relating to ContextMenu. It doesn't hurt and will work as normal when the flash is played in a browser/swf on the computer.

  7. good work
    i hope in the future you could maybe make the penis pulse more when ejaculating, and make the flashing orgasm effect fade out instead of disappearing during the orgasm. also in the future id love to see maybe the ability for her to give him a handjob
    great work so far though, keep it up! looking forward to the next update

  8. I have no request. Just thank you man. Thank you. I wank to this more than regular porn, just cause it's more fun.

    Fuck yeah

  9. Hey, great work with everything, as always. I think the dialogue came out fantastic, especially being able to cut her off when pushing her down and such.

    One thing you may want to tweak is having a separate dialogue for when the guy's hand is not on her head.

    Maybe it's something you wanna hold off implementing for when there's more of an explicit "happy" mode or something, I just wanted to point it out.

    Besides that, thanks for the AWESOME game!

  10. I think the dialogue could stand to go a little faster.

  11. Just A Random Guy18 August 2011 at 19:12

    Half the fun of this game is the excitement of a new update. Good job

  12. I dont get how it should work, I turn the option on but nothings happened

  13. Great work for first shot at the dialog. might I suggest different dialogs for if you are holding her head or not. OR different for auto mode soft, normal, hard, and self. Just seems weird her complaining about making her go so deep when she isn't held and forced

  14. Can I request "mini-skirts" to be added in the list of underwear or a transparent shirt that nipples point out of?

    Thanks for the dialogue update.

  15. Our god is a benevolent god!

  16. The dialogue is fine but I can't find out what's wrong with my attempts at a custom dialogue. Whatever I do with it, it just uses the regular dialogue and forgets mine.

  17. (same poster than above)

    In fact you should probaby be clearer on that "Custom:Default" part of your dialogue file.

  18. kona are you the god of porn?
    because THIS IS LEGENDARY!

  19. Handjob please?

  20. Since I write smut, this last update is a Godsend. You are the best, Kona. The game is ten times hotter when I can hear my dialogue as well.

  21. Fucking awesome work kona, I was also thinking since you don't like the idea of cross-section, what about goo-girls? I know nothing about computers other than thats where porn comes from but I don't think it would be too hard.

  22. Still waiting on the Angry mood. Do want so-fucking-bad.

  23. Oh wow, and I forgot. Skirts/Shirts, of course. Shirts would probably be tough due to Breast sizes, but some Lower -clothes- (NOT undergarments) would be a great addition.

    For example: Jeans, Skirts, Dresses.

    Of course, that could all be a part of the "Import everything" update as well. Just giving ideas. Moods should come first, though.

  24. Dialog is looking good.

    Only things that seem missing to me are:
    'before_start' to have her say something right away.
    Perhaps a way to weight the responses so that some are more likely to appear than others.
    A way to have some progression so that the pool of possible messages changes beyond the 'first' options or maybe just more of the first options.

  25. Took the dialogue for a test drive. I have to say, you did an amazing job - I can see why you held off on posting this update. It adds a whole lot more fun, trying to find all the lines. xD

    Sort of a request /suggestion for a future update: Possible Length changes for *him*. What you have here is wonderful, but what if we could mix it up a bit more?

  26. Having problems with dialogue. It seems to ignore everything I try to put in. I can put in an empty text file and it will still use the default dialogue. What's more when I exported the default dialogue as a file and changed a couple of things, it stopped using that type entirely, regardless of what I try to load.

  27. suction power option... girl doesn't look like sucking hard enough now. :(

  28. I can't figure out how to get it to load custom dialogue. I modified an export of the default dialogue, and it shows the dialogue_name in game, but none of my changes appear.

  29. I for some reason cannot get the dialogue to work, I went to the options menu and clicked the option so that it's higlighted but there is still nothing.

    If anyone has had similar issues or has a fix please help me!!

  30. Obviously an in-game dialouge tool would be great, but regardless, there should be some way to make dialogue exclusive to one character or another, even if it's just by number in the save slot.
    Also, as a programmer I'd really like to see save files for individual custom characters. It should hardly need to be anything more than a small .txt file and would be a great help for modders.

  31. mediafire seems to be down

    anyone got a mirror?

  32. One thing comes to my mind....

    ...it´s not ``Dialogue´´ - it´s ``Monologue´´. Nothing big, but, you know...

    Nonetheless still great game. Love it.

  33. need a working download link u_u

  34. Is there no other option besides AIDS sites like Mediafire and Filesonic for hosting? Mediafire has tampered with my browser install in the past.

  35. ditto above, download link not working

  36. Fantastic update, now all we need are bigger breasts

  37. "MediaFire will be down for a brief period while we push out some updates and install some shiny new spyware. We'll be back shortly!"

    - MediaFire page, if you can't access it

  38. I think I've got the text file figured out.

    Fill the top with:


    Then go
    and supply your own lines.

    It may take a few dialogue lines before your modified ones load in.

  39. dude, ur a god among man, Am founding the Church Of Konashion! I wish to be a bishop of this marvelous god

  40. For those of you having trouble, add a dialogue with nothing but "CLEAR" in it before the rest of the dialogue you changed. For example, if you wanted to change all the swallowing quotes,
    swallow:"CLEAR"swallow:"NOMNOMSWALLOWQUOTE"swallow:"WHARRGARBL"swallow:- and so on.

    On an unrelated note, I just made a dialogue for Fluttershy, totally in-character.
    Am I a bad person?

  41. the dialogue isn't appearing at all for me, customized or not. anyone else experiencing this?

  42. Go enable it in the Options menu, ya goof.

    And....dat Fluttershy.

  43. It is enabled. I've tried turning it off and back on again as well. The dot for dialogue is filled in. There's no dialogue whether it's filled in or not.

  44. >Anta, baka?!
    You done good, Kona. You done good.

  45. Hey, Kona, you've said before you are probably not going to implement size modification for her body parts because the clothes would need to be redrawn for all the sizes. Fair enough.

    However, could you consider trying the feature without clothes to go with it in some future release? If it worked out all right without clothes, perhaps the people at SDT forum and elsewehre could step in and work on the clothes and other accessories as SWF mods. I'd still love to see the feature even though it didn't have any clothes to go with it, and I'm sure plenty of other people would too.

    Pls to think about it again, sir!

  46. you should totally try to get a voice actor to do the voices for the dialog. it would be great to be able to put it on auto and be able to have voice in addition to text. try asking newgrounds. i'm sure you'd be able to find a good voice actor who is more than willing.

  47. this is a mix of an inquiry and a request have you ever thought about adding a stomach bulging to the game i mean with the bukkake mode it would be fairly simple and you wouldn't have to do anything extra besides swelling and shrinking since some guys here are against puking, though to me would be kinda hot, but its your choice

  48. I'm also having difficutly activating the Dialogue. When I go to options, the check-box is already in the visually selected state, though when I move my mouse over it it becomes unchecked. From here it requires two clicks rather than one to return it to a visually "checked" state. In both the checked and non-checked state, I see no dialogue. There was a flash player update my computer installed a few hours ago, however.... might be related.

  49. Yay it's here!!! Now if I could only figure it out. It would be fine If I couldn't get it to work. But it sucks (no pun intended) because I can get some text to change while other areas won't change for me at all.

  50. I was having trouble getting any dialog at all... but I think that I figured it out. Once I switched from a custom character to a default character, I got the dialog. So if you're having trouble seeing even the default dialog, try the in-game characters.

  51. can someone tell me how to write my own dialogue :( i guess im not savvy enough for it.

    i have some things that i would like her to say

  52. Definitely needs an "idle" dialogue type.

  53. His hand off: I'm planning to add happy mode with its own set of dialogue, but I'll keep that option separate from his arm position so that it's more flexible.

    Custom dialogue: The anon who posted the big list of type:"CLEAR" is right. I'll add an "all" type so that you don't have to do that for every one though. You don't have to worry about the "CUSTOM" and "DEFAULT" lines either, they don't actually do anything.

    before_start: There are two types that aren't used in the default dialogue yet, "intro" and "general". If you add lines to those, they'll be used if you wait for a few seconds and no other types are active.

    An in game dialogue tool would be nice. I'll think about adding that when I have more time.

    Heh, "monologue" is the right word, but I thought "dialogue" would be clearer on the menu.

  54. Really nice as always. Keep up the good work.
    As many previous comments say, I would like the option for her to give him a handjob. Also adding Chou'un Shiryuu (or any other character of the series, she's just my favorite) to the game would be really nice to the fans of Ikkitousen

  55. It would be nice if you could modify automatic mode to let her talk more. As it is outside of self mode she rarely gets her mouth open long enough to even begin, which is a shame because the dialog system is amazing.

  56. it be great to add more clothes options. Like full outfits? One my favorites is the bunny suit. You can already add clothes similar to that of the bunny suit but not the whole thing.

    And when the soonest your gonna start working on some of the characters that have been voted for? like Tifa?

  57. Please consider the thing about try-catching the right-click context menu.

  58. dude, this is awesome!! nobel for you now!

  59. when she speaks she speaks too slow

  60. I hadn't really played this since probably 4 versions back. The features, man, the features... <3

    I love that you added an auto mode and even put in a hard mode too. I do kind of wish it didn't still do the sissy strokes though.

    The dialogue... It's a beautiful thing. Could you get it to scroll a bit faster though? And it even gets interrupted when the penis goes back in her mouth, awesome!

    The hands slapping his pelvis when she can't breathe is a very nice touch. It's a little detail that really adds to it. I'm gonna need a clamp for my spacebar to see it while fappnig though heh.

    You have done absolutely fantastic work so far, Konashion. You're really churning out updates fast, it looks like. You still care about this flash and its features, which is something a lot of artists kind of... lose.

  61. Oh, one more thing. I don't think it'd be too much effort to put in; do you think you could put in a gay mode?

    A lot of the Anons would probably rage. But it'd open it up to quite a few more people. All you'd need to do is lower the voice a couple of octaves and tweak the flat-chest slider position so it looks a little better. Maybe optionally tack on a penis? If the voice still sounds weird and girly, you could call it shota! :D

  62. Please make a futa girl option for "him".

  63. dunno how hard it would be but could you add the option of shoulder length gloves too? if so that would be fucking epic as it is my favorite length:p

  64. A larger variety of clothing would be awesome, especialy kinky stuff like fishnets, garters, etc.

  65. it's not working for me i clicked the option doesn't work

  66. finaly, interruptions became the best part of it all^

  67. I'll gave one more week to answers my question?

    is there a VIDEO PRESENTATION of
    How to help you
    Set up Mods
    Create Mods (like a Halo or Devil's Horn on head)
    Create Your Dialogue
    and other Features

    if so please Post it on the Help or Tutorial
    it will make it so much easy
    to watch
    take notes
    do the task step by step
    thank you for reading

    By the way
    you did a excellent job
    with this new version
    Keep up the good work

  68. The wait was SO worth it. Thank you, Konashion!
    I have some suggestions, if I may.
    A button to adjust the speed of the dialogue appearing.
    It's a little slow for me.
    And a menu that displays all the dialogue,
    the types and allows you to change it from there.
    Seems like many people are confused of how to change it.
    Keep up the magnificent work, sir!

  69. looking forward to the guide cuz its really hard to get the Dialogue how you want it right now^^ (and plz add more idling so we can get some story into it haha)

  70. Awesome!

    please don't forget about hand twitch/struggling!


  71. ^ hand twitch when they're behind here back would be aawesome. Garterbelt would be a nice addition. Also maybe if you add a second rgb section for the school shoes where it will change the color for the rest of the shoe and the first still changes the trim, we can get a bit more use from them as a maryjane style shoe.

    Can't wait for the guide for the dialogue which is awesome now. Adding our own lines for the characters adds so much to the game. Thanks for the hardwork.

  72. Awesome update as always but i wonder if you made any progress regarding the bra alpha slider?
    Please make it happen!

  73. I finally made my dialogue work, thanks to the anonymous who posted the correct way to use the clear function.

    I made a starter pack so people don't have to mess around too much before actually making the dialogue. It's available here :


    It contains a template ready to be modified and an example of a happy first deepthroat dialogue that is made for a girl that does it by herself.

  74. There's a way to use other languages "finishes"?
    I'm italian, the english ones will bother a bit...

  75. Love the way you implemented dialog! I've been looking forward to this feature for a long time, and this is even cooler than I expected it to be. :)

  76. I've got an idea! Animated background!
    Like a bunk of guys or girls, masturbating, other girls deeptrhoated, people looking the "action" throung street window... I think an animated gif will do the job!
    Sorry for bad english!

  77. Animated backgrounds is already possible with .swf imports, some guys on the forum have done it

  78. Hello do you do requests of anime characters only where could i contact you by mail?.
    my email is otakutrends@live.com

  79. Background - Oval Office, men's room, crackhouse, parking lot plz.

    Possible to have Asuka speaking gratuitous German? e.g. "Mein Gott Himmel!" "Schweinehund!" "Gotterdammerung!", etc.

    Possible for Mari to say "NYAAA!"?

  80. >cum in asuka's nose
    >she doesn't say "anata baka!"


  81. Thank you Konashion, you are god

  82. Funny how what written text can do to the overall fantastic experience of SDT, heh.

    Keep it up Konashion. Just one minor bug observation. I noticed the girl moves her mouth when she 'speaks', but if I force her to suck on the junk while doing that the mouth will be partways closed, halfway down the cock. Is not much but details count too, right? :)

    Thank you for such an awesome game

  83. I think you should really add more ways to customize "him" along with clothes/naked and age + dick size and shapes.

  84. good job man

    just a thought... any chance of alpha transparency on the gloves or bra like for the socks. Figure texture is out due to the scaling but transparency mixed with potentially a border could pass most of the material effect for those fabrics.

    dialog stacking may of been mentioned before. Overrides of some sort perhaps for multiple "can't take it any deeper" type dialogs or "are you close" during/after ejaculation.

    variations of dialog based on "auto" setting. "Don't push me so deep" doesn't really work when it's set to "self auto."

    May of been discussed, a way to get around the bukkakes mode dick snap to force the dick into her mouth at a certain position.. I believe at least one flash game has the dick go stay outside her mouth and against her face when it's outside bounds of entering her mouth. Layering probably prevents this now but perhaps swap the appearance of the dick going either in front or behind her face to against her forehead (for her to lick the underside) or under her chin. May skirt around messing with the layers too much.

    it's outside the scope inherent in the name but thoughts on different hand positions for him and her to a "jerking" position.

    variations of arm positions... 1 hand on him the other on her leg

  85. other thought based on one of the other guys... if with multiple clothing states for him, A naked version of him could make showing his balls a little less awkward. Animated balls swaying forward and back with the thrusts and slapping her chin could be a good place to take this. But yea, getting it to look right with clothes on would be hard.

  86. Dynamic dialogue, the phrases can be interrupted with the movements, and the option to edit including the phrases you want!! Konashion, you are great!!

  87. Kona lives! 8D I was about to do a resurrection spell, thanks once again for all the hardwork (OuO)-b

  88. The dialogue doesn't show up, whether I check or uncheck the box in the options.

  89. i think you should put in a handjob mode. that would be awsome

  90. Great job, keep up the good work!!!

  91. I just want to suggest fingerless gloves. They could go with a good amount of characters. Keep it up!

  92. This is quite good.

    Well done boss man. Dialogue is very hot.

    Expect to see themed dialogues sometime soon ;)

  93. I've been toying around with the dialogue for a while now, and though it's a great feature, it still has its problems.

    First of, it happens a lot that the lips move way before or way after the actual line.

    Second, the number of maximum lines displayed per action should be limited to maximum two, so the girl doesn't say four or five lines about successively sucking, deepthroating, being held down and vigorously forced.

    Third, the lines have a huge tendency to repeat too much. Even if you put ten lines for a single action, only two lines will be repeated again and again. Making the game give priority to the unused lines should solve the problem.

    And finally, there is no priority between various actions, which causes coherency and continuity issues. For example, releasing the girl right before ejaculation so she gets a facial will make her talk about being deepthroated too deep, then about the man about to come, and finally about the facial she just got - five seconds too late. Limiting the number of lines to be said to 2 and giving priority to certain actions so, for example, all the cum actions are more important than precum actions and will override them, so the girl won't ask when he will cum though he already did three seconds ago.

    Apart from that, you should think about adding lines for Him so it's an actual dialogue, and maybe add some color channel options to the dialogue box (basically something like BoxColor:HIM"#FF0000"; BoxColor:HER"#00FF00; Resistant:HIM; Resistant:HER, and such)

  94. ^Same anon as above

    Also, think about adding dialogues to the character customization, so switching to a precise character will also change the dialogue in the same way it changes the background and the hair file.

  95. Hi, I got a quick request that comes to my mind. Could you make Elvira - Mistress of the Darkness as a character in the game. She´s just one big dirty fantasy, I can tell. Or as a swf or so. She´d be one hell of a cocktease...

  96. Too awesome, your updates are a ray of light in my otherwise bleak life. Wow how sad is that. Still, you rock and all. Thanks for this excellent piece of stimutainement.

  97. 1.8 is pretty buggy. I can't get the dialogue to work at all including using some of the suggestions from the people above.

    Also for some reason when you cum while the penis is all the way inside her mouth this weird flashing hand(?) shows up on her neck and she swallows forever.

  98. @Masterwanker: Already exists. Check Booru or the forums.

    I would like to add another vote for the ability to have a custom dialogue for each character. Many of these girl's are quite different, and giving them each their own voice makes a big difference in feeling.

  99. So I made a file with my own dialogue, but it still is using a lot of the default stuff. I even deleted those lines from my file but they still show up.

    What do i do?

  100. Awesome to see the updates still going strong!

    One idea for another fairly simple feature I've heard asked for quite a bit (at least it sounds fairly simple to animate since the throat already bulges when swallowing) would be a throat bulging option for when she goes deep in addition to the swallowing.

  101. http://konashion.blogspot.com/2011/08/v18b-dialogue.html?showComment=1313796021000#c7709510112765983763

    it already is a feature it off by default (i belive) but just select it in the options bar

  102. I have been messing around with the dialogue, but most of the stuff I planed to say have already been covered by the Anon @ 13:35. Mainly the repeating lines and lack of continuity, but I have some few points he didn't mention.

    A simple and efficient way to stop her from talking about pre-cum while getting cumed on is by letting the cum interrupt the pre-cum comments in the same manner as inserting the penis would.

    Example: "Are you almo -nngh!" "You came all over me."

    Another suggestion is that if you ad multiple choice dialogue (not that I expect that anytime soon) you could bind the choices to the scrolling wheel on the mouse. Scroll up for option 1, scroll down for option 2. Of course this has to have an alternative, as latops etc. lack a wheel; but it would be a convenient way to continue the game without "breaking the flow".

    And my final point is that first_throat is to marginal. I have tried to get those comments, but I only get them by getting a DT first. Either I'm doing it wrong, or it could gain by having a bigger field of effect.

    Anyhow, awesome update. Nice to see that the graphically impaired being able to help out the community as well.

  103. Throat bulge is a few updates old, off by default just above dialogue in options.

    I would like to second the suggestion for whatever has to be done for a version that can be converted to apk. Pleespleesplees.

  104. a dialogue speed function would be nice...

  105. I'd love to see moar dialogue where she's enjoying being sprayed with hot jizz.

    "Oh! Cover me! Mark me with your cum! Oh! There's so much... it's so thick and hot..." etc...

  106. Flavoured condoms could expand the dialogue.

    Could be like;
    Red = Strawberry
    Yellow = Banana
    Blue = Blueberry

    Or something..

  107. To the anon who posted the template and example +9000 for you cause its awesome. It made it so much easier to get it the way I wanted it. So thanks a lot.

  108. yay, this is very nice !

    great update man, looking forward to it =)

  109. the dialogue doesn't show up!

  110. The dialogue does not work for me (Yes i checked in the option menu) And sometimes the game just freeze and stop working. At least, the image does not work but i still hear the sound. But it does that only when the dialogue option is on. Maybe its because of my computer or maybe its the game.

  111. This comment has been removed by the author.

  112. I think all the hard work you've put into this is really amazing, Konashion. I haven't read through every suggestion, but a couple I would suggest as possibilities is having her sweat, making the cum slide down her face and body instead of fading, and possibly have her do other things with her hands, such as wipe her face etc.

  113. more dialogue options would be nice!
    like 3 levels of speed
    and an option for words not be able to interrupt. (for the self mode)

  114. ..as well as more various trigger to get to real plots!
    Thanks for reading

  115. Dresses would be nice.


  117. Can someone put up a link on megaupload or rapidshare? Can't get the file off mediafire for some reason.

  118. Can we overlay our own audio instead of just text? I have some great audio files for the speech!!

  119. >Can someone put up a link on megaupload or rapidshare? Can't get the file off mediafire for some reason.


  120. a minor suggestion i think would probably be easy to implement in dialogue: an additional dialogue condition of "thought" that could pop up while the girl has a mouthful.

    thought:"I'm so happy right now"
    thought:"Why is he doing this to me"
    thought:"100 times? Shouldn't I have puked by now?"

  121. I seem to have a problem, even though I clicked to turn on the dialogue it still doesn't work. Is this a common bug?

  122. ANON,i found that if i load it in my browser, dialogue works fine. if i open it in flash player, dialogue doesn't work at all.

  123. I think there is a bug with the gags. It would seem that using any of the gags completely stops any dialogue. The second you click them off the dialogue works like usual. I think the girl should still be able to talk although a bit slurred even with the different gags.

  124. So what' s the next feature to be implemented now ?

  125. Even if I load it in browser (tried both chrome and firefox, flash player updated) no dialogue shows up

  126. Perhaps someone could post in depth how they get their dialogue working so that those of us that are having problems can quickly get it to work, or so that we can tell for sure that its a bug that konoshion will be able to fix in his next update. If the former then we won't be able to complain anymore, if the latter then its probably just a simple bug.

  127. It would be nice if the guy could say things that the girl could then respond to?

    Something like:
    and so on?

    Also, would it be possible to add to, or switch sets of comments to use? It might be easier in the file than the current requirement to use "CLEAR" on every type.

    So there could be a HAPPY set, and ANGRY set that could be switched between, and perhaps custom sets which would not pull in any of the default messages.

  128. Agree to the second half. ^^^^^^^^^^^^
    I would love to see violent dialogue of the girl wanting to kill you.

  129. Great update as usual! I have, however noticed that whichever dialogue is first for a given event is used disproportionately often, which gets repetitive. Any chance this could be fixed?

    I would note that a lot of the previous suggestions for dialogue could easily be implemented by the suggesters themselves by importing their own dialogue!

  130. Very good job. I'd suggest a new template for creating characters with long hair more comfortably. Besides more clothing options for her and him

  131. It has been fun writing dialogue. For those having problems with the dialoge I truely suggest downloading the example and template the anon posted about. From the first time I used it, its worked without fail. Except dialogue doesn't work with gags right now.

  132. I would like to add my vote for an throw up/cum gargling feature. I love what you've done and it's always very exciting to see what new changes there are in every new release, but I really miss that function.

  133. The dialogue is fun, but I have a couple ideas I'd like to throw out.

    I think, for the best effect, you should have as many triggers and conditions for dialogue as possible, even if you don't actually use them in the default. The more versatile her dialogue, the more interesting the results can be.

    You have a good set of conditions here, so there isn't much with the game as it is now that can be added. I came up with a couple ideas, though.

    Have different dialogue for resistance levels on the slider; not the whole set mind you, just, perhaps, three different versions for the pull_off, wake, resistance, and held dialogues. Strong, regular, weak.

    Also; there's no difference between dialogue for his hand positions. It's kinda funny to have her complain about you forcing her down when she's doing it her own dang self. I noticed this before where, in the alternate hand positions for her, she will try to get your attention for air while forcing herself down.

    My last idea is, maybe, thought bubbles for while being held down, or kept sucking for an extended period, which could expand possibilities. The more stupid of the ideas, but I think it could have some interesting results.

  134. I was one of the ones who had problems. It turns out. At least for me. That it just took a good while for it to work. the best way to see if its still working is to cum in her throat, Pull out and let her swallow it. This should be able to get her to talk

  135. -------------------------------------------------
    Tio guy here.

    Been having some fun with the dialogue. The first entry in the pull_off section seems to be used way more than the others. Is that intentional? Some more randomisation of those in particular would be nice but other than that I'm loving it more than I thought I would.

    Still waiting on throat loosening though! :P

  136. Yes this is good with dialogs,but I think you should add settings for the nipples and settings for her body like chubby or thin.She could be pregnant,have pubic hair and change her ass size.
    It could be cool (⌒▽⌒)!

  137. She shouldn't interrupt her own dialogue when in "self" auto mode.

    Instead, she should wait until the line of dialogue is finished before resuming the blowjob.

  138. Hey, this is getting hotter and hotter ! hehe

    What about some Handjobs and some Sufocatin Death options ? XD would be fun...

    Also, is it possible to add a Tighhigh texture that is some kind of a Latex material ? I love this kind of tighhigh ^^

    Looking forward to this fantastic and addicting game.


  139. OK i'm retarded i guess. I have a couple of the txt files, now do i directly load them? what they hell do i do? Since nothing seems to work at all.

  140. dialogues don't appears to me,
    even with dialogue option selected

  141. Glad to see that the speed of the collisions is back up to what it should be in this version.

    As others have said, the dialogue feature is cool and has a lot of promise, but there are still a number of things to be worked out. For one thing, the text scrolls across the screen *way* too slowly, much slower than a person would actually speak. When combined with the game piling on four or five lines in succession, even after the conditions for each line have changed to something else, the sense of continuity becomes nonexistent very quickly.

    Additionally, as has been said, the game usually only picks the first line of a particular type and repeats that almost every time. The likelihood of choosing the other possibilities needs to be raised considerably to avoid becoming repetitive and redundant. The 'first_throat' lines are rarely heard, and the adding lines to the 'intro' and 'general' categories seems to have no effect.

    The main benefit of this feature is in users being able to write and import their own dialogue. Personally, I find the whole 'forced' nature of the defaults to be rather uncomfortable, because adding such speech makes it seem too much like a rape simulator, and I find it much sexier to imagine a woman who is enthusiastically enjoying what she is doing (this is, after all, how the best blowjobs are achieved in real life).

    Just adding the feature at all gives this a lot of fun potential, so I'll be looking forward to seeing it improved in later versions.

  142. the dialogues is only working in firefox

  143. I am sorry if this is a stupid question but were to I write the Dialogue.

  144. All we need now are moar futas and traps.
    @the dialogues is only working in firefox"
    Wrong. It works fine in Opera and even in Media Player Classic.
    "I am sorry if this is a stupid question but were to I write the Dialogue."
    First save default dialogue as txt whenever you want, then edit it in notepad. Pretty simple.

  145. Awesome work.

    Any chance we can get body-size modifiers next?

    Belly, ass, maybe thickness of arms & legs (muscular?) Muscular abs?

    Anyway, thanks as always.

  146. Okay, i am really impressed... Er... but what about different languages?!... is there an option to implement umlauts...? like ö, ü, ä... would be very nice for ur foreign fans...

  147. the dialogue/monologue - feature works just fine... if u encounter probs... try another swf-display tool... swf opener works for me...

  148. from a developer point of view, what you've done is truly incredible! now xD from a guys point of view, it'd be great if you could increase areas like her butt

  149. Another awesome edition.
    Just needs futa mode (with her fapping), handjob mode, and increasing stomach distension when she swallows a load. Now THAT would be fantastic.

  150. swf opener doesn't work

  151. a handjob mode would be awesome.

  152. "ANON,i found that if i load it in my browser, dialogue works fine. if i open it in flash player, dialogue doesn't work at all."

    Same here, can´t see the dialogue in flash player (newest version) but it works in browser...

    It has been suggested before, could you please consider making a facefuck mode?
    Switching to facefuck mode when she passes out would also solve the issue that while he isn´t holding her she goes limp but still moves perfectly.

  153. Fishnets stockings?

    Also, Dana Scully from the X-Files? Please please please.

  154. dialogue is great. just can't figure out how to do custom but i can wait for the tutorial

    "swf opener works for me..."


    "swf opener doesn't work"


  155. from above, can her cheeks get darker as she gets closer to passing out?

  156. The dialogue didn't work for me for ages, I tried flash, IE, and firefox and they all didn't work, I downloaded the SWF opener and it finally worked, so thanks for mentioning it. If you've tried the SWF opener and it still doesn't work i'd suggest just trying absolutely all the options you can, and make sure you give her time to speak before you assume its not working. :P

    If you're having no luck then just wait until konashion releases another update, it won't be long because he's awesome. Thanks Kona and thanks to the SDT community.

  157. I love your game man! Two changes that I would like:

    I would love some puking options. No deepthroat is complete without some puking.

    Also, I would be very happy if there was a keyboard shortcut for the "shuffle" command.

  158. to the guy complaining about dialogue not working when she has a gag. . .

    HAVE YOU MAYBE THOUGHT ABOUT THAT FOR A MOMENT?! that's kind of the point of a gag, so she CAN'T TALK.

  159. ^Read the "Future Features" page before making requests.

    I don't know if it would be easy or not, but the suggestions above to have "thought" dialogue for when she can't speak would really help get the most out of the ability to display text. Under normal circumstances she'll spend most of her time sucking, which would make the regular dialogue a non-factor, but this would allow people to get use out of it even then.

  160. Now we need a neuronal network powered artificial intelligence to drive this.


  161. I´m having an issue with the menu when loading files. The game doesnt save the folder I visited before to select a file. I found a kinda work around with a shortcut as long as I figure out if its a problem on my side or if its the game.

  162. To the anon about gags In practice, no gag is effective enough to silence someone completely without inhibiting breathing. Most gags that do stop the subject from making intelligible speech still allow loud inarticulate vocal noises to call for help.
    A ball gag's purpose is more of humiliation rather than silence; the wearer can still be heard, but it renders their speech completely unintelligible, distorts their facial features, and, should the wearer attempt to talk, excessive drooling will result. The person can talk its just gibberish when they do and lots of drooling lol.

  163. +1 Fantastic update, now all we need are bigger breasts.

  164. Clothing would be the next best thing!
    Congratulations for the excellent job!

  165. i have downloaded it but i cant play it (i did get the newest flash player)

  166. please make the body type more changable, IE Fat bitches

  167. I was pumped up for the dialogue. Now I'm EXTRA SUPER PUMPED UP for the DYNAMIC dialogue.

    Great job Konashion, as always.

  168. was wondering if it would be possible to make the dialogue more random. It seems that the first entry seems to happen almost half the time, and then the other half it will be some other entry. I'm not sure why this is or if it is intentional, but I wanted to bring this to your attention so you could have a fix to this or at least make the randomization an option.

  169. -The text should be displayed faster.
    (don' t know if it' s my CPU but it' s a little slow)

    -The girl should suck harder.
    (and by sucking i mean sucking)

    -The girl should sweat.
    (drops of sweat in her skin, the more she gets into the wetter she become)

  170. Vomit. Please.

    Also her eyes half open and rolled back when she's out cold.

  171. Like someone else posted earlier " Add a futa option for 'him' "

    I agree.

    It would be extra awesome if you could have the receiver of the BJ fully visible.

  172. Some more positions would be fun.

    Her: Squatting.
    Him: Sitting (Chair?)

    Maybe add handjob, titty fucking. Being able to cum on her tits as well.

  173. For some reason, I can't seem to register for the forums. Maybe I'm answering the questions wrong:

    SuperDeepthroat Mods

    Can anyone help?

  174. No the text is coming up slowly. The first lines for each trigger comes up about 7 out of 10xs. If you can like another anon suggested make a trigger for the guy so it can be a real dialogue that would be awesome. All in all a great next step in this game.

  175. Anyone know konashion's email????

  176. Question: How hard would it be to add a garter? That would incredibly hot :)

  177. Great job on the game its awsome. But I was wondering if it could b possible for her to have one hand down her underwear so it looks like she's playing with her self

  178. Ok Im on shotacon stuff and just have enjoyed myself with a little dialogue for the Ben/Gwen 10 characters.

    A couple ideas to add into the 2 thousand good ones in this post:

    Can I request a Omnintrix?, I know this is very rare; maybe a Anon with knowledge on flash can deliver....

    1.-Testicle worship: When you add the ball sac, can you put the option kiss/suck them? it be an extra for those who wants the Angry mode.

    2.-Jack off/Head slurping: nothing made a man cum like a good cockhead sucking, her hand jacking off fast to get the prize + your recente dialogue feature....

    Amyway thanks so much for share your efforts with us!!!!

  179. I think that an actual voice for her would be amazing (in the place of the typed dialogue). There are plenty of women on the internet who I am sure would be willing to supply their voice to the cause.

  180. PIERCINGS!!!

    Great Work.. what we now need are Piercings... Nose, Lips, Earrings, Eyebrow, !!!NIPPLEPIERCINGS!!!

    Pls pls pls pls ;)

  181. This game just keeps getting more amazing, and towards that goal I thought I'd just drop in my own two cents on this. What I'd like to see is a "penis size reduction" option.

    I know it's "Super" deepthroat but one could easily get a deepthroat on half that size. I won't question your work and won't sulk if you don't implement it. It is, however, quite difficult relating to a(rough estimate)12-13 inch dick.

  182. Angry look for the girl, teeth, braces, nail polish, adjustable cock size, and balls. PLEASE ADD THESE THINGS IT WILL MAKE IT SO EPIC.

  183. The game won't run for me. :(

  184. The Swedish Drummer22 August 2011 at 03:21


    Only tried this version briefly but the new additions are very nice.


    Sometimes she keeps her mouth FULLY open if you push her onto the dick in the middle of a sentence. This looks strange...
    I also had some trouble getting the dialogue started but I am sure you´re looking into these bugs already.

    Looking forward to the new versions :)


  185. Good work this time^^

    Just wanted o ask when you start with poses maybe some handjob and something like shs hold her boobs position would be nioe^^

    also a small bug when you enlarge her body, i think her legs are not long enough when its at max length of her body

  186. Your work is awesome as ever!
    it's amazing to think that you started from a simple base like Final Fellatio and managed to get to this piece of epicness.

    i wanted to suggest the posibility of attaching her lines to a key so that we can trigger any piece of dialogue any time, for example:

    s:"blah blah blah blah"
    s:"la la la"

    this would make any of the two lines trigger whenever i press "s" on my keyboard.

  187. Is this a substitute for human interaction?

  188. could you give us an option to make the guy transparent?

  189. Please add Sarah Palin to the game!

  190. So freaking awesome! If there was any way to donate I would do so in a heartbeat Paypal away!!! Seriously though... If their is please post it up Konashion!!

  191. http://www.mediafire.com/?es812rrzv92gdfd

    Here's a Dialog file I made which spares you some time. All the Original dialog must be changed to "CLEAR" and so on you just change all of the Custom dialog to what you want, that is, if you want ONLY your custom dialog to show up.

  192. could do something like "X-ray"? something as levels of transparency to see the cock inside her throat.

  193. ^ in the future features section Kona said its probably unlikely he would do xray. Although it would be a cool feature for sure.

  194. yeah I cant get the dialogue to work either....
    Thanks for the constant updates though :)

  195. You know what this needs? Catgirl ears/tail.

  196. Anonymoose asks: Konashion! Love the game thus far. Suggestion for future: Possible customizable programming of body parts to chage size under selectable conditions. (I.E. Breasts grow when character swallows after finish.)

  197. Kona, really fun game with lots of customization!

    Here are a few suggestions of things I'd love to see in future versions:
    * handjob mode
    * cum on tits
    * option to spit instead of swallow
    * dialogue for male
    * customization for male
    * pleasure meter