Monday update

I'm just going to call these updates what they are, because I often manage to get a bit more done on the game on Mondays now.

I have to polish everything up, and there are a couple of small features I'd like to test some more, but I'm aiming to release the next version on Wednesday. This weekend I mainly worked on improving the happy and angry moods, and adding a test ahegao mode:

About ahegao mode, she currently just has that expression permanently, and doesn't say anything because it seems a bit weird seeing her speak clearly like that. Are there any other specific things it would make sense to add?


  1. what about wife mode
    wherein you register your birthday at the website and she'll only blow you on your birthday

    other wise when you open the game she just tells you it's dirty and reminds you that it's your turn (it's always your turn somehow) to take out the trash

  2. what if ahegao mode replaced dialouge with non sensical mumbling like, instead of "oh baby give me that hot man chowder" she could say "oh bebby gibem oooo blbbbbb

  3. For ahegao-mode: continuous drooling?

  4. how about a retard mode where she doesn't know what a dick is and rubs it all over her face while asking "what is this, do i eat it, will this turn me into a black person, do you like pokemon, i want a balloon! get off my hot pocket!"

  5. i would like a tsundere mode
    all you would have to do is start with the angry mode and gradually switch into happy mode

    s-tupid player, it's n-not like i want to suck your cock or anything! anata baka shinji!

  6. What about a dynamic mode that changes depending on how she is treated? i.e. she only switches to angry mode if you hold her down or surpass her resistance by too wide a margin.

  7. two words: drunk slut mode

  8. scared to death mode
    wherein she weeps constantly and screams for help when not basting your cock in her mouth

    also known as the joseph fritzle mode

  9. why is it that when the guy cums he doesn't start weeping uncontrollably?
    i thought that happened to everybody

  10. needs a dead mode, make her die after passing out three times!

  11. you could put a roll of 50 dollar bills in the player characters off hand
    and by clicking on it you then give a 50 dollar bill to the girl
    causing her to cgradually change from angry, to normal, to self, to happy, to ahegao mode

  12. Ahegao mode? That was unexpected... yet so welcomed.
    Also, many of the comments so far weird me the heck out.

  13. Ahegao: Drooling, Begging, Cumplay, Holding her hands up to collect cum, Incomprehensible speech, Tongue hanging out, stuff like that.

    Perhaps and a feature/Change Ahegao mode entirely? During Angry mode and/or Happy (Angry would be sexier, IMO) after a certain amount of time doing "Rough" DT, she'd go into Ahegao for a while. A nice method to "break" your girl. Of course an option to turn it off too...

    Just an idea. Great work so far Kona.

  14. **Just a suggestion for ahegao**
    It would be awesome if you make that her tongue dont stop moving when the penis is out in the ahegao mode....something to look like her tongue calls for the penis to come in her mouth xD

  15. herro, i am japaner #1
    we no can show mangled american penis in my cantry
    could prease you reprace penisu with popsicle or perhaps a sushi roll so i no get arrested?

  16. how is it that a game about blow jobs has neither a blue monica lewinski dress for the girl or a bill clinton head for the main character?

  17. i agree with zealot's break method as a changeable option but wouldnt you need to create new dialog coding for the different phases though?

  18. @ Hector

    Well, I assume he could use the same "Interruption" method he used for when you force her to stop talking.

    Ex: Whenever she is Ahegao, her dialogue becomes incomprehensible, or she just stops talking altogether.

  19. suggestion for ahegao

    - i like the idea of more tongue asking for dick. maybe synch that animation with eyes darting up and down from dick to dude's face.
    - spitting on guy?
    - instead of specific words, "mmmmms" and "ooooohs" is great as long as there are enough variations so it doesnt sound looped.
    - bite bottom lip
    - air kiss

  20. Firstly, I'm well pleased with everything done up to this point so far. With that said, I don't want to sound useless as far as suggestions go in that my only request is for the next update to include SWF Opener compatibility...

  21. Oh and by the way, some more suggestions for other modes:


    -Since you have teeth, Biting.
    -Looks like you already have it, but keeping her mouth closed at the beginning.
    -Hold her nose to force her mouth open?
    -I'm sure you can figure out some other forms of resistance.


    -Dick kissing/Air kisses? One animation would work for both.

  22. I think more imoportant and better features would

    be a second arm,

    or balls that she can play with!!!

  23. Oh and it would be cool if you could remove the shadow from her face!

    Its a bit disturbing

  24. Dripping pussy/pissing herself after passing out and/or starting to play with her self

  25. GREAT update. Nipple piercing pl0x?

  26. 2 ideas I'd really want to see:

    - new position for her arms, where she is hugging your legs as if she couldn't have enough.

    - alternate behavior where she is actively trying to go down on you, and the controls will try pushing her away. Since she'd just try to go as deep as possible, it would still have a "game" value. The only question is how she would behave when passing out - either she passes out and you have to slide her off until she gets conscious and you are back to square one, OR she moves away on her own every once in a while for a quick breather.

  27. There is no download yet right?-- if so.. where?..

  28. this might be a stupid question, as i myself am not familiar with the updating process, but when you do the weekend updates, the ones where its more of a progress report, would it be hard to include the game at that stage of development, or do you not want a bunch of idiots telling you bugs you are already aware of?

  29. Please, eventually:
    Implement a slightly floppier dick.
    Nothing much, just make it curve downwards a bit more.

  30. She's a bit too far away to have her arms wrap around him without some more detailed animation, which will take some time. That's the only reason I haven't added it yet.

    When I do an update instead of a release it's usually because I'm testing a lot of half complete or hard coded features which make the game unplayable. I spend most of the last day before a release adding UI for any new features and fixing bugs.

  31. >ahegao mode


  32. Please don't add a dead mode thats disgusting.

  33. All i ask is for more skin colors

  34. How about a mode where the updates consist of actual updates to the game rather than a status of how long you want to perfect the same thing?

  35. I agree with what others have said. More spit and drooling for ahegao mode.

    Instead of having her face constantly like that maybe bring down the eyes a little bit when idle but roll up while taking it in and holding it down.

    More enthusiastic sounds maybe? AHGLOG GLOG GLOG GLOG!

  36. @ anon above twice:
    How about you don't comment like that and offend the maker of a game that's free that you love.

  37. gotta agree with max, what the fuck dude, wtf. seriously. Konashion, when you read this I'd like to say on behalf of everyone that understands the work you put into this that we truly recognize you as a master of your trade, especially considering its all free, seriously, you are the man, thank you.

  38. > How about a mode where the updates consist of
    > actual updates to the game rather than a status
    > of how long you want to perfect the same thing?

    Nah, I think Kona should do a mode exclusively for you where you can butt fuck yourself. You might like too much though.

  39. I think all of us who check this site really appreciate what Konashion is doing for us.

    That being said, I'd really appreciate a second layer for hosiery, so I can have thigh highs over pantyhose, socks over pantyhose, etc. ; )

  40. Oh this just looks absolutely beautiful. Keep up the unbelievable work man!! I can hardly wait till Wednesday!

  41. This next update looks like its going to be awesome.

    My only requests are more event triggers for dialog, even if you don't think it makes sense for her to talk in a given situation, give us a way to customize the dialog for it anyway, and use the dialog file as a way to control her moods so that when the conditions allow for a certain line to be displayed, we can also give that line a chance to trigger another mood and separate set of dialog possibilities.

  42. Zombie mode, and a maid outfit.

  43. Ahegao mode DEFINITELY needs deeper breathing. It'd keep her expressive and "lifelike" when her face is frozen. Plus, panting is hot.

  44. would be cool to have an animation kind of like the cough but she spits on cock before putting it back in for happy and ahegao

  45. Kona, you are a gentleman and a scholar. SDT was easily the best flash hentai game I'd ever seen at release 1, and I've been absolutely floored by the continued improvement and unwavering dedication to excellence you demonstrate again and again. Please accept my deepest gratitude for this amazing piece of work.

  46. Pregnant Character

  47. ^Same Anon

    And for you people complaining about the update schedule, get bent. He produces this on his own time for free and has been pretty adamant about not benefiting financially from it. Anyone who complains about this outstanding game, especially at zero cost, is a clueless ingrate.

  48. -ANGRY:

    -orgasm denial (stop before climax, dick bondage.)
    -prostate finger massaging. (+xray view)
    -staring him with sadistic eyes
    -let him cum (+forced orgasm) and milk/suck him dry
    -finally sweat and cum/squirt like the happy slutty one.

    /or/and angry unwilling high resistance.

    ->>>angry/femdom to happy/slutty mode.


    -cumplay (keeping in her mouth and playing with her tongue before swallowing, gokkun mode)
    -external visible pleasure of the girl:
    +increasing sweating and blush, pussy dripping, tits milking (in preggo mode), quivering and finally vaginal squirting synched with his cumshot or when she swallow.
    +lewd moanings when she (forcefully) sucks, when he/she cums, satisfied moaning after swallowing...

    -licking her stained cheeks (and tits?)
    -active handjob/paizuri stroking
    -active balls groping
    -active tongue licking around the head and in the urethra

    ->>>from happy/slutty face to ahegao mode.

    -even more lecherous than before, tongue and pussy dripping, sweating and quivering/convulsions, continuously cumming and squirting, permanent orgasm state, anal+womb+bladder vibrating dildos xray view window, unlock most

    lewd possible actions.

    ->>>ahegao to submissive

    -obedient maid service, comply with all possible requests (unlock all)
    -classic sub/slave, from first angry/femdom to properly trained (the training suggestion is interesting)
    and/or different independant states (femdom teacher-milf/slutty cumwhore housewife/ahegao queen/submissive maid-nurse...) without progression from one to another.

    About faint, she could kick her feet on the ground when about to pass out, the screen could fade and her heartbeats/breathing sounds louder/muffled, she could also enter into convulsions.

    more bulge!
    -cheeks bulge when she loaded a large ammount of cum in her mouth
    -belly bulge when she swallowed a large ammount of cum in her stomach

    -milftype (face+body+voice; think Umemaro' s Sugimoto) and shotatype (dick+bodysize) for him, + more custom clothing for him (naked/swimsuit/etc) for better background/scenario compatibility.

  49. +tight bondage gear (ropes/leather/latex...) that restrict her breathing capacity even more (different sound, tighness visible when she try to breath, less oxygen capacity>easier faint)

  50. yeah dude you rock and lamers can eat shit!

  51. Having an "ahegao" bar similar to the imaginary ejaculation bar could be cool. The more you fuck her mouth, the closer she gets to the point where you've essentially fucked her senseless. Could maybe time it so that it hits after the second or third time the player cums, and gradually recedes if you take it easy after that.

  52. First, thanks for your great work, kona.

    I like the idea of dynamically moving from a normal mode to ahegao mode, possibly by extended rough dt without making her pass out. Don't know how happy and angry mode are going to work yet, but, I believe there could be some interplay between them based off player actions.

    Also, would it be possible to build more complex animations for her hands when she's struggling not to pass out. I think they should look more desperate as she gets closer and closer to going unconscious. Maybe they just tap faster, at least. Again, thank you for your work.

  53. Suggestion for a RPG gameplay type with indicators;

    *visible indicator bars filling for:

    -horny/pleasure level for him & her
    -oxygen left for her (variation with the bondage gear)
    -cum left for him (cum stock could be increased, as for cum "regen")
    -cum in her stomach (with visible belly bulge and xray of her insides being filled)

    *RPG type gameplay, earn XP while performing fellatio/cum more & more, unlock achievements, gain skills, perks & items.

    -bonus for new "achievements" unlocked: make her/him cum x times, hold x time before release for him, make him cum in less than x time for her, shoot x loads for him, swallow x loads for her, cover all bodyparts, play x total time, unlock all dialogues, etc...

    -increase his/her character skills: cum regen, cum storage capacity, cum shooting speed/number of shoots by orgasm, reload rate, etc... For him.
    Oxygen capacity, swallowing stomach capacity, stroking max speed, tongue intensity licking/sucking for her.

    -gain/unlock news perks for him: cumshot/orgasm control, new shooting types (fountain, sprinkler, shotgun, railgun), multiple orgasms, faster reload (+ROF), faster cum regen, secondary dick (go watch umemaro lewd consultation room!), bigger balls etc...

    And for her: tongue in urethra, handjob, paizuri, titjob, touch herself, prostate play, etc...

    -buy/unlock news items (dildo/rotor/anal plug/anal beads/urethral plug/bondage leather, ropes, different patterns and levels, from light bondage to heavy, clothings, tatoos, piercings, writings, bodymods...)

    That should make the game a LOT more "interesting" by introducing a real gameplay, while obviously keeping the sandbox freeplay mode.

    "scenario packs", example for teacher mode that sould include:
    -teacher clothes for her
    -milf bodytype for her + shota bodytype for him
    -classroom/school background
    -ambient sounds
    -assorted dialogue

    schoolgirl, hitozuma, nurse or whatever, saved packed in "all in one" packages.

    advanced scenario mode:
    A whole game scenario, with dialogues, choices, consistent gameplay through places (backgrounds+ambiant sound).

  54. wooooah! Loved the ahegao one, and happy too!
    Reminds me of my Girlfriend faces... it heats things up even more!

  55. Can't wait!

    May I suggest another HERS arm position? One that transitions from on her legs to on his legs when she is running out of breath from being held down?

  56. very hard sucking animation and her arms around his legs or hips like she grabs him and force him to stay in her mouth? :(

  57. I do like the idea of an animation of her playing with herself. Also stroking animations on his dick while in self mode would be cool. Other than that I'm glad just to see new facial options. Ahegao sounds pretty awesome.

  58. One word "Boots".. that is all

  59. eyebrow twitch/lower when forced past "comfort" level?

  60. Nude Guy. Just This.

  61. Holy crap what sperglords are making comments! Kona, you rock and we love ya for it.

  62. Okay, kona. Here's my feature idea. I realize it'd be a major undertaking, but: two-player netgames. One player takes the guy, and can control her using his hands or just sit back and let the other player do the work herself as the girl. Imagine what fun could be had by like-minded couples when they can't be in the same room together!

  63. For Ahegao mode:

    Have her pant heavily, and let her eyes roll slightly up and down in sync with her breath. Also, perhaps have an option to have her tongue stay out while her mouth is full and move around like she's trying to lick all around it?

  64. While you're working on these various emotions, I was wondering something:

    Will you ever make a scared mode? It'd be nice to have a mode where she just has pure fear in her expression.

  65. I haven't seen kona respond to this particular comment so here's the gist of it, boiled down:

    Stockholm Syndrome as a selectable mode.

    Starts off in angry mode, high throat resistance, angry dialogue, hand cuffs/gag (arms behind back). After achieving some kind of goal (for example making her pass out or something), transition (either fade the screen to black and then back in or something like that, I'm talking simulate a little passage of time).

    Next stage, indifferent (or sad if that ever happens) mode, cuffs, arms on legs, regular resistance/throat. From this point forward, achieving the aforementioned "milestone" would trigger the transition, and gradually she would go from indifferent to happy to ahegao, with further changes along these lines (hands ending on legs, no cuffs, etc.)

  66. Ahegao mode! Hell yeah, that was a pleasant surprise!

    On the other note - please Konashion, read Korasen ideas (the looong post) and implement them XD! Afaik, most of them aren't to impossible (bah! There's no such thing "impossible"! Imagination is the only limitation, blablabla :P) to do, although I imagine they would require a lot of work... but think of the possibilities! If I remember correctly, you said, that x-ray and paizuri is out of the question for a long time but beside that kind of things, Korasen had some good thought. Some kind of xp and meter gui elements would greatly contribute towards extended gameplay (e.g., not only limited by the *khem* toughness of our dicks if you know what I mean). As for my personal and not that hard implementation... let's see; the bulges idea was really nice? Bah, I hope you just take his post seriously :D

  67. Keep up the great work!

    PLEASE consider giving us the ability to mod the guy sometime in the near future. Thx much.

  68. ----------------------------------------------------

    KONASHION Here are a few SERIOUS suggestions

    1. About the teeth, I suggested them, and they look pretty good so far. Just make sure that either she randomly moves her lips up and down to hide and show the teeth. It wouldn't be attractive if they are showing all the time, there has to be a balance.

    Either that or have an option of angry mode without teeth also, because probably some people will have mixed feelings about them.

    2. For the ANGRY MODE, please make her eyes move around and squint more. I think squinting and eyes wandering occasionally could make it great if done properly.

    3. For the Happy mode maybe have her extend her tongue further out on occasion, to make it look like she's joking and begging at the same time.

  69. happy mode:
    -she opens her mouth wide and sticks out her tongue so that he can shoot his load over a distance right in her mouth (and face).

    other suggestions that surely would improve this game greatly:

    1. dialogue update: THINKING BUBBLES

    imagine these lines:
    (unwilling) -while_resistance:"Oh my god, he's actually pushing his disgusting cock in my mouth!"
    (shy) -while_first_throat:"So this is how *YOUR* penis feels like..."
    (unexperienced) -while_first_dt:"Ugh, how could I've known that it'd go THAT deep?"
    (happy) -while_held:"I can't believe I've got *YOUR* precious cock all the way in my throat!"
    (unwilling) -while_vigorous:"Please make it stop! I can't stand this anymore!"
    (ahegao/happy) -while_cum_in_throat:"Oh YESSS! *YOU* is shooting all his thick cum deep down my throat!"

    maybe the thinking bubbles could fade in with all the text already readable, because she is thinking it and doesn't have to say it word by word. also this would save time since you don't have as much time for while-actions as for things she actively says.

    either she can lick precum off his cock willing or unwilling. both is very hot ;)
    -the nearer he gets to his orgasm, the more precum is generated.
    -precum-amount-slider from "zero" to "just a single drop on the tip" to "drops flowing down his cock" to "a lot of fluid dripping off his cock".

    3. HANDJOB
    like you know, the more variety, the better :)

    4. increasing his pleasure by rubbing the dick in her face

  70. Not everyone has precum dude

  71. Absolutely THIS:

    >Anonymous said...

    > Having an "ahegao" bar similar to the
    >imaginary ejaculation bar could be cool.
    >The more you fuck her mouth, the closer
    > she gets to the point where you've
    > essentially fucked her senseless.
    > 7 November 2011 20:24

    Plus - some more customization for the guy would be nice.

    Nontheless: Kona - You're DA MAN, thank you so much fopr your awesome worxx dude!

  72. But then you couldn't start off in regular mode and use a hotkey to switch to ahegao mode because then you would have to do extra work.

    It would be easier to ask for a hotkey that switches between modes, and switch when you desire.

  73. For "ahegao" mode I suggest making her say only a few words like "yes", "ahh", "more" basically no complete sentences. and try adjusting her eyebrow too (really made a difference in the angry mode screenshot)

  74. - Cum Bubbles
    - "Breaking" the character
    - more animations like kissing and lip biting
    - her moving on her own in ahegao similar to the Hikari (audio dialogue) mod by Keeley

  75. Beastafidenature8 November 2011 at 04:08

    OH HELL YEAH BABY!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  76. Yeah!
    increasing visible precum is a great idea!
    Also thinking bubbles, compatible with having her gagged.

    A bunch of random thoughts/ideas/suggestions gathered :

    -increase blush when she swallow (SHY mode).
    -desynchronize the two boobs movements (even slightly) for a better volumetric effect.
    -lick herself and suck "vacuum" mode with reverse cheek bulge.
    -firm or saggy boobs option.
    -soapland mode/cumbath mode, with lots of soap (+a few bubbles), jelly, precum, sweat, saliva whatever sticky liquid covering them (may need nude mode for him), may need more CPU power but not necessarily enormous because there could be a layer + some drops & threads.
    -fill the bucket/toilet/whatever with cum minigame, making her unload her mouthful of cum in the container as we could watch the level rise, could have timer/stats.
    -cumshot straight to her mouth from external, while we can see the cum travelling from the urethra of his dick to the air before landing on her tongue/directly in her throat.
    -cumshots more powerful/faster.
    -cumdumpster mode, piss in her mouth.
    -piss/wetting herself as she faint.
    -squatting position for her.
    -convulsions synched with the guy' s pleasure.
    -urethra/vaginal/uterus/anal vibrating dildo with xray view (superimposed transparency or windowed).
    -about xray view, it could also be in a separate window in a corner of the screen, making it easier to implement (and eliminating the problems of superimposed xray view and bended dick in the throat)
    -whip her, making her quiver/wet herself, leave (+/- permanent) marks, increase the sucking speed in slave mode, or the pleasure in masochistic mode, like the (tight) bondage gear as a breath restriction device, +leash we can pull.
    -pain indicator (which is increase the pleasure indicator in masochistic mode).
    -masochistic mode, shy (+increase to slutty) mode, femdom/ol/teacher mode (angry AND slutty/willing), housewife mode, fear mode (with crying)..
    -maso girl cum from erotic asphyxia.
    -guy tied up in femdom mode, the played controlling the girl.
    -girl on top, not necessarily vaginal fuck (even if it would be awesome!) but deepthroat with the guy in different positions (in a chair, laying down on the floor...), but would require more and different drawings/animation.
    -bukkake+gokkun mode, focused on the cum in mouth (keeping big loads without swallowing and playing with her tongue/chewing before, drowing with cum and faint from having swallowed too much/too fast, being completely covered with cum (the cumcoats drying very slowly instead of dissapearing, adding layers after layers of cum).
    -a satisfied gulping sound after she swallow.
    -her hands supporting her breasts (+road to paizuri mode).

  77. part2/2:

    -nipple areola size, color, and nipple custom (reverse nipple, big nipple...)
    -play with herself as she stroke him, or grab his balls and suck him dry (femdom/sovietrussia mode).
    -convulsions/panic moaning when about to be out of air (+in F34R mode)
    -preggo inflated belly mode + boobs spraying milk when aroused.
    -nipple getting erect with arousal (+increased sweating + louder breathing + increased blushing...)
    -(longer) tongue swirling around the penis/head.
    -uncut dick/different size/types.
    -one/two handed handjob.
    -more detailed shadows in the floors for them.
    -another girl around, helping the sucking girl taking the shots properly in her mouth/dominating/pleasuring her, pulling the leash, pinching her nipples, whipping, fingering her, talking to her.. (yuri femdom deepthroat!)
    -choking/cum drowing orgasms, with convulsions and squirt/pee, and finally faint-agony from too much pleasure. (femdom/masochistic).
    -irrumation mode (guy move his hips for a rough facefuck on a tightly bound/tied up/offered girl.
    -more outfits/accessories like nipple clamps, bdsm gears, ropes, OL wearings, kimono, "open/useless bra" etc.
    -prostate stimulation for more powerful cumshot, with xray mode (femdom slutty mode).
    -increase max movement speed, slider for increasing cumloads, number of shots, cumshot types (shotgun spray, railgun straight powerful shot, fountain/larger quantities, explosive cumshot...)
    -tweak/adjust a little the glasses (more centered on her natural field of view), add different, more "adult" glasses types, for OL mature types than the schoolgirl/monocle ones.
    -gloryhole mode minigame, with a bunch of different dicks with a digital counter of loads/dicks serviced on the wall. (with a "beep" calling for next customer), +cumbath background with layers/coats of cum accumulating on her & the background.
    -cock twitching when he' s about to cum, visible veins.
    -orgasm denial, dick bondage gear physically preventing him to cum that she eventually unlock automatically at her will.
    -dick bondage gear, preventing him to cum, making the "him" pleasure bar to rise indefinitely. (femdom)
    -more complex mouse movements, circles, acceleration, speed etc. for making different moves.

    some game/option tuning ideas & suggestions i thought about and gathered in comments:

    -luminosity change for adapting the background' s lightning (night/day/evening/etc)
    -more compatible backgrounds (the guy' s head is going on the ceiling in most hcg backgrounds with a ceiling), 16/9 compatibility (for our screens and for the 16/9 CG backgrounds).
    -possibility of changing RGB/color-contrast-hue-etc sliders with the keyboard or with the mousewheel for more precise tuning, and box option for typing numbers directly.
    -unified RGB everywhere, some hair don' t make the same results with the same RGB settings.
    -ammount slider for the bra/briefs/gloves so we can simulate translucent lingerie like with the panties.

    a few dialogue lines, mainly for femdom mode:
    "I' m going to milk you dry" (>prostate massaging)
    "I' m going to devour you" (>sadistic eyecontact)
    "I' m not going to let you cum so easily"
    "You' ll have to endure it longer"
    "I' m not finished with you" (>after he cums)

  78. I admire your enthusiasm Korasen but take a chill pill, collect all your suggestions and make a proper forum post. Please stop building text walls in a comment section.

  79. costume options is all i wish for

  80. Addition of an ahegao mode made me ahegao.

  81. Hey Konashion, Love your work and check every day even though I know you only update monday or wednesday.

    Ahegao mode: You can take inspiration from doujins, make her drool, lick/bite her lips, let her eyes roll up (Like when you choke her) when she gets to suck your dick...plenty of options.

    Like others have said, it would be cool if you'd concentrate on the dude more. it'd be cool if before/after cumming the dude goes limp.

    the hot thing about it is you can get her into free mode and she would try her best to get you erect again.

  82. However you animate the eyes and mouth to have expressions you probably should create a way tailor custom combinations to allow various expressions. Maybe even have modes change due to roughness? Like maybe after two or more dick slaps and 3 minutes or more of fast deep throat or near suffocation she becomes very scared.

  83. ahegao mode would need to the pupils to follow back and forth with the thrusts and jaw lifted slightly so her neck is stiff but her head is be forced back regardless. Think of ahegao as face rape after induced shock.

  84. ahegao: do want more tongue and continuous drooling

  85. I like the idea of changing the game mode from trying to make her DT to trying to break free from her DT.

    Also I'd like her talking with her mouth full. ^_^

  86. I´m afraid that slapping and bleeding would make the game illegal in all countries except japan and sweden, but it would be cult. Regarding attitudes, I agree, depressed/extreme wining is a great idea, I like the role playing, like she can play to be a dog (in this mode she would have a larger tongue) or your daughter or anything. You know, it´s just role playing... :)

  87. Until today I had never heard of "ahe gao". I had to do a search to find out what it meant. I don't watch a lot of anime. I enjoy hentai but I don't get to watch it much either.

    This Korasen person has some great ideas. Read his posts.

  88. Oh yeah but there should more textures for her clothes. Corsets, lace, fishnet, other patterns like spiderwebs, hearts, polka dots, plaid skirts, etc.

  89. like the others above have said, you deserve a medal for making an awesome game and making it free. good sir, you are the boss.

  90. Futa and more kind of clothes.
    That's all I ask for.
    You are a boss.

  91. As someone above me said I think it would be an awesome idea if you could make the dick go from limp to hard and back to limp etc, depending on how much action he is getting. It would just add more dynamics to the game.

    You're doing a great job. Cheers !

  92. for the love of God, breast lovers need BIGGER BOOBIES >:D

  93. any update to the breasts is a win-win situation

  94. I've always wanted the option of being able to import individual sound clips, is that easy?

  95. give the guy more dicks

  96. Her dialogue in ahegao mode needs to be slurred. Imagine how one's speech would sound like if their tongue was sticking out in ecstasy. A small example of this here: http://g.e-hentai.org/g/370184/fe8aa77ac2/

    I urge you to take stuff like that into account, it'll improve the experience immensely. Keep up the good work.

  97. When some more behavior stuff is added, I'd love to see some way of programming her personality. I love all the different imports, but the girl is basically the same every time. To me, part of the fun in the game is exploring, but when everything that can be toggled and tweaked is laid out visibly, it takes some of the "magic" away. I propose an API for modders and artists to tweak and customize her behavior - like changing her resistance dynamically, having her resist, etc. etc.

  98. ____________________________________________________________________
    I just want to repost this one time for emphasis, (hopefully you see this)
    Here are a few SERIOUS suggestions

    1. About the teeth, I suggested them, and they look pretty good so far. Just make sure that she randomly moves her lips up and down as part of a Facial Expression to hide and show the teeth. It wouldn't be attractive if they are showing all the time, there has to be a balance.

    Either that OR have an option of angry mode without teeth also, because probably some people will have mixed feelings about them.

    OR you could have the teeth disappear automatically when his dick gets too close to her face. (I'm not sure what you have done yet, I just saw the screenshot)

    2. For the ANGRY MODE, you could make her eyes wander and squint more. I think this will make the emotion more realistic. And maybe she could cough while deepthroating by option.

    3. For the HAPPY MODE maybe have her extend her tongue further out on occasion and lick her lips, to make it look like she's joking and begging for it at the same time. Definitely more tongue action in the right context would help happy mode.


  99. I'd love to see the ability to adjust her face to your own liking, like how much she opens her eyes and so on.
    At any rate, I'm very excited about the next update Kona.

  100. A good idea for the teeth would be to make a vampire option.

  101. id be cool if you made an expansion mode like cum down her throat 3 times and see her belly get a bit bigger and just keep cumming to get it to max size that would be awesome

  102. Dynamic hand/arm movement would be cool, but might be asking a bit much. It has its applications in all modes:

    For happy, she could wipe whatever is on her face into her mouth to swallow it all, or hold her hands to "catch" whatever might be falling.

    For ahegao (or any other really) when he's about to cum, have her hands (if room allows and you're cumming outside her) work his dick for a handjob to "squeeze out every last drop" (dialogue recommendation :P). Or the catch thing or wiping, whatever.

    For angry, she can wipe off whatever is on her face in disgust.

    Any of these would need a bit more eye movement too to really sell the effect. Having her look at where her hands are wiping for example.

    That's all I got. Long time lurker, first time poster. Keep up the amazing work.

  103. great game. just wanted to say some of these suggestions are hilariously retarded. RPG style elements? wtf? some of the animations people propose are absolutely retarded in how unpractical they are. anyway keep up the good work.

  104. ^I agree somewhat.
    The game is not setup for these kinds of suggestions.
    It theoretically be added to other flash projects to create that kind of game but I don't see the konashion doing any of that stuff but if someone else wants to I'm sure he won't mind.
    We should let him finish the game first before we start thinking about that kind of stuff.

  105. Easy solution for ahegao dialogue would be the custom dialogue function, no?

  106. A handjob or paizuri mode would be nice, if unrealistic. Cumplay would also be great, if again unrealistic.
    What would be REALLY nice and maybe possible would be things like licking and kissing.
    An X-Ray mode for her throat would be awesome as well.

  107. Not sure if my comment will even read, but how bout for ahegao mode;

    She has a slutty face normally, but her eyes roll back when you cum in/on her or fuck her face vigorously, and she stays like that for a bit before she goes back to slutty.

    You could make it a new dialogue tag so ahegao specific dialogue could be included.

  108. nice work so far I love this game the only thing it need now its a option to make her vomit if you force it too deep into her throat.

  109. people asking for vomit and futa gross me out. Keep it realistic and clean like always please.

  110. love it Can't wait!!

  111. (Partly) To piss off the guy a bit above: I'd quite like futa.
    On a completely different note: some of the earlier comments are hilarious.
    Thanks for your continued efforts.

  112. SA-X Justin Bailey9 November 2011 at 09:11

    I think you should definitely keep the futa and though I personally don't care for it the vomit and other such ideas because some people do like them; my suggestion is just that you include on/off options for all those things so the people who don't care for them that keep complaining can just turn them off.

    Also, Konashion PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE put in some shirts and pants for her; it really cuts down on the customization not having them.

  113. You could add dialogue that could fit the ahegao expression or someone could mod one other wise. As for inspiration, look no further then Terukai Murakami's work. There would be lulz if someone could rip the audio or copy the dialogue from something like Kangoku Senkan and put in the game. xD

  114. I just want to thank you man. Excelent work. Keep it up!

  115. STOP asking for futa. This is a heterosexual game. If you want someone with a dick to suck a dick, go watch that gross stuff by yourself in porn.

    It's probably the same creepy bi/gay people requesting futa over and over to make it look like everyone wants it.

    And if it ever is added, it should be at the very bottom of the options list. That's my opinion.

  116. Stay mad bro. Still want a futa mod.

  117. lol, u religious bro? seriously different people have different tastes, so get you head out of you ass and quit fucking assumeing dumb shit. I personally like futanari and im not gay. As a matter of fact, Everybody who likes futa but isnt gay, make some noise s this idiot can shut up.

  118. I dunno, maybe i'm missing something. Please explain it to me. Ive seen it in hentai before, but I just don't understand how it would apply to this game without seeming really gross. Is she gonna cum on him while he's cumming on her?

  119. I'd like a futa mod that makes the guy in to a futa, but I'm assuming modding the guy isn't possible yet, since I haven't seen anyone do any mod in that category

  120. here another vote for: NO FUTA

    there is already a futa mod in the forum, so kona won't have to waste his time for that and concentrate on other things.

  121. >Ahegao mode


  122. Hey Kona one simple and good ideia, give us an option to keep her eyes close all the time, it will look like a passionale blowjob

    and bigger nails! thnx

  123. >there is already a futa mod in the forum
    The futa mods are for the girls, what we want, and at the moment is a planned feature, is to make modding possible for the guy, so mods can change the guy for futa girls, monsters, or whatever they want.

    Personally, I love futa, and making modding possible for the guy is the feature I'm most looking forward too.

  124. What you People Need is a Sound Test Mode.

  125. can you make it so that the cum doesn't fade away please????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????