DL v1.11.1b: SuperDeepthroat1_11_1b.swf See Download page for latest DL link.

This release is mainly a small update to v.1.11:

 - Added a system to save toggled mod elements, so if you override part of a swf mod it should be saved properly now.
 - Tweaked happy and ahegao expressions slightly.
 - Stopped dialogue swallow action from triggering swallow lines.
 - Made any cum dialogue interrupt pre_cum lines.
 - Minor UI fixes.
 - Added more dialogue actions:


  1. das ist sher gut

  2. Good stuff.

    Can't wait for futa mode.

  3. Great update Kona! Although if I can make a few suggestions for future updates related to the dialogue actions.

    The [ARMS_BACK], [ARMS_LEGS], [ARMS_HIS_LEGS] need to have smoother and slow transitions. adding one of these to a line would move their arms instantly move to the new position.

    Last thing would be nice ti have is a [KISS] action. Gives the dick a nice kiss as her mouth is near it.

    Thank you Kona, and even if you don't take these under consideration, thanks for all the updates!

  4. great work so far, looking foward to next update too.

  5. man, do i love this game... i always look forward to mondays now to see what changes, it's insane how much the game has grown since it started, and almost all made by just one person... and the entire forum xD

    ok... and now my suggestion: can there be a "SCARED" mode?? that's my fetish :)

  6. Thanks for all of this, Kona. The mood transitions are awesome and will make


    The range of actions for hand tapping might be improved. I imagine that the tapping may be a little more urgent the longer she goes without breathing. More complicated, perhaps, she could make a fist and pound on his leg or clench and unclench her hand in the air, though that would require animation.

    Again, thanks for everything you've done

  7. you are the great!

    If The distance...about next link...


    Are you able to go into all the mouth when cumshot?

    and plz make cum gargle option. thank you.

  8. Hey Konashion, thanks again for your work on all this.

    A while back with the ability to rub his cock around outside, it became much easier to cum in her hair, which is awesome.

    It brings to the forefront the weirdness of the cum/hair layering, though. It's worked this way forever, but I never bothered reporting it before since I figured I wasn't technically supposed to be able to cum there to begin with.

    Anyway: Some characters can get cum anywhere on them, some can't get any in their hair at all, and others have certain hair layers that draw in front of all the cum, preventing it from appearing there. There are some cases where that's appropriate, but others where it just means weird and unnatural cutoffs.

    I guess what I'm mostly saying is I'd really love to be able to cum all over Rei's hair in a future update. :)

  9. Hey Kona, would it be possible for you to incorporate the best third party mods into future versions? You could tell the people at the forums who create custom chars and mods that if they give permission for you to use their mods, you could include them in a future version. This would be a good thing if it saved you from doing all the work in creating them yourself. You'd have more time to concentrate on implementing completely new features and we'd get new characters in the game now and then anyway.

  10. Dialogue Actions = Amazing

    Thank You

  11. I've just noticed all the new shadowing on the characters, don't know when exactly it was done, but looks amazing. Great job.
    I know everyone likes to throw in their suggestions for new content. Mine would be a hand position for the girl (between her own legs), and also having an option for to make her chubby. I know that second one would be asking for a lot of work.
    Again, good job on this game.

  12. This is amazing work man. All I can really suggest is scared mode, more clothing options, an x-ray view, and possibly a few more dicks options like futa, different sizes etc.

    Maybe when you're done with this game, you'll be willing to work on a separate game for anal/vaginal sex unless you think you can add it all in here. But seriously dude, you are god and we all love you!

  13. Hey Konashion, thanks again for your work on all this.

    But if you can put the character Yoruichi, we would can see a character with a brunette skin!


  14. check out the damn forum! Yoruichi is already available.

  15. Agreed a Scared Mode will be nice!!, and a Default Yoruichi too, wit her fine ass. <3!!

  16. Thanks, Konashion! :D

    One suggestion: Her teeth could use a bit more snarl. Currently she looks kinda rabbity:


  17. Respect man!
    I support the idea of a "scared mode" and also suggest Lara Croft (Tomb Rider) as a new character.
    I hope you add new noses, jaws, chins, etc. so we can configure our own character.
    Keep the great job Kona!

  18. Hey what about Ling Xiaoyu from Tekken? I´d love to see her bunches in action. Anybody +1 this?
    Excellent job dude!

  19. The dialogue scripting is starting to look really solid.

  20. Am I the only one who can't load custom dialogue?

  21. Something odd is going on with the saving of characters. Whenever I save one with a custom background and/or hair, the save-dialogue claims to have found everything and checks out all green.

    But when I switch to another character and back to the newly created one, it can't bloody find the background or hair. This seems to happen when trying to "update" characters I created a couple versions back and with new ones in this version.

    I also noticed that that a period (.) seems to force itself into the path of any custom hair/BG after you save; possibly causing the issues described above?

  22. I'll try out a scared mode, but I might just use the default dialogue for it because I'd rather not write a whole new set of lines again.

    Thanks for the bug report about the character saving, that's really helpful. I'm pretty sure I know where the problem is now.

  23. Character lists and screenshots arent saving to the localhosts folder. Had to manually copy the ChoIrrumatio and ChoIrrumatio_thumbs files, but whenever you update or add a new character it still doesn't save or update.

  24. I like to advocate for implementing thicker legs and ass into the game.

    The modder is really too cumbersome! Since it's already done in the mods forum, it shouldn't be too hard for you. I mean, the nose is one thing, but legs and ass provide much more enhancement!

    Thanks, man!

  25. - Made any cum dialogue interrupt pre_cum lines.
    -->this is exactly what I asked for! I owe you a lot, thanks man! you're really a cool dude man!

    - Added more dialogue actions:
    -->alright! the more customization possibilities for dialogues, the better! even this game is already frikkin awesome, it's getting better and better with every update.

    one suggestion: if you implement the dialogue actions [EYES_ANGRY] and [MOUTH_HAPPY], we could give her an evil grin

  26. Hello,
    I was wondering, could it be possible to have a "thinking" dialogue ?
    Something like in "italic" ?
    When she's sucking, she can think, and that would be great to have her thinkings writing down !
    We could have more "dialogue" (in that case "thinking" actions)

  27. hi, I'm the thankful pre_cum anon from above ^^

    I tested the new dialogue actions and discovered some bugs:

    [CLOSE_EYE] doesn't work. instead of closing her eyes, she ignores the command, but after the line is written completely in the text-bubble, she immediately says something from "intro" or "general", depending on the actual state.

    held:"[ANGRY_MOOD][COUGH]I felt every single[WINCE] blood vessel of your[WINCE] penis in my throat![NORMAL_MOOD]"
    -->she only said "I felt every single", then the line was canceled and she said another "held-line" automatically.

    held:"[ANGRY_MOOD][COUGH]I wish you had a smaller penis.[SWALLOW][NORMAL_MOOD]"
    -->after this line, she said the below line automatically, instantly without switching to "normal mood".
    held:"[ANGRY_MOOD][COUGH]Hey![TAP_HANDS] You have to let loose when I'm trying to move back![CLENCH_TEETH][NORMAL_MOOD]"
    -->then, after that line the she didn't clench her teeth and she didn't switch to normal mood afterwards.

    another issue I recognized:
    his cumshots fly way too high, he hits her eyes nearly every time, even when you pull her head all the way back.

  28. Hi,

    Thanks for making a great game that is improving every single week.

    I have a request that I feel would not be too arduous (Even though i know nothing of flash), could we give these lovely girls a nice butt plug?..


  29. The lower body slider (ass/thighs) is all this needs to be perfect

    This game is amazing as it is though, and you should be proud. I don't think any hentai flash game has ever had this much support

  30. Suggestions for ahegao mode:
    Tilt head back slightly further at all times
    Extend tongue further
    Open mouth wider
    Don't close eyes during 'vigorous', or when swallowing

    Also, you're the best.

  31. Awesome job, just gets better and better
    maybe a button to press that forces her to go deeper slowly, without the back and forth movement.

  32. Ok I'm having some problems. First off, I'm using a stand alone adobe flash player 10 and I save all of the hair and dialogs in a folder. The main problem I'm having is that the custom characters aren't saving to the flash. I've been having that problem since 1.9 or 1.10. Another problem Is that it doesn't save dialogs to individual characters or at all. The most recent problem is that now it won't save hair correctly.

    If anyone can help me I'd really appreciate it.

  33. more suggestions:
    [numbers]-->shouldn't begin a new line. i.e.:
    general: the next girl in row will be [numbers], you will [abc]!

    abc:"squirt in her mouth"
    abc:"cum on her face"
    abc:"fuck her throat"

    has the possible outcome: "the next girl in row will be fatima, you will fuck her throat!

    general issue: the girl in the game often says more lines than one after an event. is she intended to do that?

    1.: held:"[ARMS_LEGS][NORMAL_MOOD]Phew,[COUGH][WINCE][WINCE] your Penis is a real challenge![BLINK][HAPPY_MOOD][ARMS_HIS_LEGS]"
    -->she said just "Phew", then it was interrupted by another line. could it be, that the program thinks,
    ...and so would be actions?

    2.: the tongue sometimes gets stuck and doesn't change it's position anymore. you have to deactivate and reactivate "tongue" in the options menu to fix that.

  34. ANother awesome update! Can't wait for more clothing, customizable guy, and nipple piercing!

  35. Is there a way to change the default dialogue in the game? It'd probably make using custom dialogue a lot easier than manually re-loading dialogue each time the char changes >.>

  36. Lots of people with lots of suggestions...

    I'm just here to say thanks -- you fucking ROCK!

  37. Can you add dialogue actions that add/remove a piece of clothing?

  38. Really amazingly great stuff. I know you got your hands full (of soft silky virtual hair) but on your next outing I add vote for something like a "Super DeepDoggy". I love how your dialogue system has prompted so many to write new characters, and a "Super Doggy" would add the actions that could allow the dialogues to be reused in lots of other projects. SDT/SDD couuld become THE simulator for authoring and testing sex dialogues with games having compatible interperters. Keep it up! ;p

  39. can someone help? i'm trying to download swf files from the forums but when i try to download i download a file that's the same size as what i want to download but is called "index.php". i tried renaming it to "index.swf" but for whatever reason SDT won't upload it when i try to use the mod. anybody know a fix? or know where i can find one?

  40. this is happening for every file on the forum for me. i try to download something and get thrown to index.php. something going on with the site?

  41. Have you tried posting on the forum about it?

    Also, bug when using Asuka; Anta Baka lines are broken.

  42. Bitch talks too much in these last two versions. Used to be that I looked forward to the salty little things she'd say, but now she's worse than Sasha Gray.

  43. (only in the most recent version) Has anyone else had the glitch where she still makes breathing noises while she has the cock down the whole way? It could be an isolated incident but if its happening to everyone it might need a little fix.

    ^by the way to the person above, you can turn off the dialogue if you like.

  44. 1st of all, love your work.
    I have a request.
    I can run SDT on an android device but there are issues using touch screen and importing swf/dialog/characters.

    Would you "consider" making a mobile version.
    -Shrink the size: Height 480px
    -Increase the size of option buttons
    -Remove customization (Look below)
    -Have "Her" check the directory where the SWF file is located pre-made characters.
    "root"\Characters\"Character Name"
    File contains-
    *Thumbnail.jpg (for "her" selection)
    *Mod.Swf (import mod)
    *Hair.png (import hair)
    *Dialog.txt (import dialog)
    *Background.jpg (maybe?)
    *her.txt (saved character data)

    Just a thought, if you feel like it.

  45. Hey man, love your work! I wanted to point out a bug... well, not really a bug, but her teeth and the shine on her upper body are effected by Contrast and Lighting, while the shine on her butt stays white. Pretty much if you make a character's skin too dark on one of the lighter shades, her teeth will be black/gray, and her shininess is a dim gray/bluish on her shoulder and breasts.

    Anyhow dude, rock on!

  46. any chance you can make an option for angry mode with advanced biting? maybe a braces option too lol

  47. First off, thanks for your work on all this.
    I can't seem to turn off the spit in the new version. I have it unchecked in the options, but it keeps running for me.

  48. Hello, Thanks a lot!

    What i'd like would be to slap her in the face :)

  49. you sir are a god

  50. Pretty fun,

    although, recent versions... she has her tongue out all the time when its in her mouth. Is that intended? Doesn't look right at all.

    Also, my thumbs up for the poster who suggested 'scared' mode. Would also like to add 'defiant'

  51. Thanks for the quick update! This is just getting better and better...

  52. Please add a g-string thong. It would not be difficult but it would add alot!!!

    Please do this :)
    thanks !

  53. ^^^ this is a good idea please add more underwear selection Kona!!

  54. Awesome Kona, the frequency and quality of your updates is astounding.

    Facefuck mode would make it perfect...


  55. ^Umm, isn't that what this basically is?

  56. SA-X Justin Bailey15 November 2011 at 13:36

    I just can't believe that Zone-tan isn't among the character requests! I'd vote her a thousand times yes!

  57. ^A zone-tan hair mod

    Make it happen NOW

  58. @SA-X Justin Bailey
    @Anonymous (13:45)
    Do you guys know about the booru? It has what you're asking for: http://sdtstuff.co.cc/viewSeries/Zone/1/

  59. Is there going to be an option to change/edit his dick?

  60. Awesome updates! Can you make a setting for different colored nipples??

  61. Thanks for the update.

    ~A girl that loves this game

  62. I Want Nude guy.

  63. there's a bug if you have the girl's head to the side of his dick, the arrow for the menu does not appear, she has to be sucking the guy's dick

    also, probably not going to happen, but if there could be another guy under her with a dick in her ass that would be awesome!

  64. How do you feel about mute mode? Basically the girl can cough swallow, but nothing vocal like moaning or anything.

    Is that a possibility?

  65. How can I get the dialogue lines ? I can only find an old dialogue file in the modding section, I'd like to see one with angry, happy moods and all.

  66. Love the game Konashion. I'll add my thanks for your continuing efforts to improve a free product to the flood of them already received. I would like to as if you are planning on adding any more clothing options at some point down the line though?

  67. Hah, it runs like crap but it runs, I iust got it to run on a Kindle Fire. Put the swf on Dropbox and viewed it from there. Obviously no custom skins or anything as far as I can tell, but I'll try storing it locally and see what I can do. :D

  68. Man, when are you going to fuck this bitches doggy style? Everyone is just DYING to see that!!

  69. SA-X Justin Bailey16 November 2011 at 11:54

    The customizing is nearly perfect, now all it needs is some shirts and pants options and maybe more shoes like boots or something. Seriously, women aren't always naked or down to their bra and panties while giving a blowjob, I'm thinking some generic shirts and pants would really add some good base customization to the game.

  70. Any updates on getting a fix for the character saving glitch mentioned before? Also, what about allowing us to add or remove clothing pieces in custom dialogue?

  71. Just me or are the forums down?

  72. @Feral Song
    Facefuck mode means that her head is held still and he does all the movement.
    Yeah basically what it is right now, just the other way around. More pelvic thrusting by him, if you know what I mean.

  73. Hey~?

    Why I can't play this??????

  74. This has probably been said before, but it'd be great if the "wincing" were disabled in Ahegao mode.

    Also, confused about the new dialogue options. Would putting [AHEGAO_MOOD] in a dialogue make the girl switch from her current mood into Ahegao?

  75. I would really love it if you could toggle Vomiting..
    Also there should be a SuperAssFuck, SuperScatTraining and SuperPunishment. Thank you for a great program!

  76. What happened to the forum?

  77. hi kona, I very like this game.

    I just wanna say if there are some bugs here like when she's passes out she won't wake up at all and while she passes out if you tilt her head down the cum start to dripping from her cheek.

  78. we the people, need BIGGER BOOBIES!! >:D

  79. forum is down.. AGAIN! lol.

  80. http://superdeepthroat.ryonani.com/ forum not connected, connection refused :(

  81. This game is awesome. Massive kudos to you, Kona.

    Also,I'd like to suggest another character to be included in the game: Super Soniko (http://media.animevice.com/uploads/0/9634/353447-326c4e2a4f15b4f5be3c7269c33bc2c2a25714d7.jpg)

  82. The Swedish Drummer17 November 2011 at 08:03

    This is SO fuckin' epic :D

    I wonder where we'll end up next?

    SDT soon celebrates it's first year in development (or maybe it already has?)


    /T.S.D (a fitting anagram, I might add!)

  83. Great Game Kona, thanks for working so hard on it!

  84. Is superdeepthroat.ryonani.com down?

  85. Thanks so much for this. Keep up the good work. Though we have ideas & suggestions, we're thankful and glad. We'll keep fapping happily.

  86. Hello, love how its going so far!

    Curious to what the possibility of these things coming to light:
    neko ears/ tails
    schoolgirl clothes
    mini skirts
    customizing nipple size/color
    alpha channel on gloves

    Thanks and keep up the great work!

  87. ^I agree kona this guy has a good point. She needs a G string/thong that is a little bit skinnier. I'm not talking shoestring, but something like victoria scrt u know?

  88. Yay ^^ Finally a happy mode! You are legendary konashion.

    Oj, hei FRA, detta är inte jag ^^' *host*

  89. ^ Well I am talking shoestring. It needs to be really thin gstring those are the sexiest kinds.

  90. Just discovered this game today! Thanks very much for you time and effort, and providing this for free!! Pretty genius Konashion. I'm looking forward to future updates! Thanks again sir!

  91. Looking good, though I'm having that save bug problem that was mentioned before as well. Fortunately all my previous saves work fine.

    Out of curiosity, will there even be a way to organize saved characters? As it stands they're all just lined up in the order they were imported, but it would be neat if there was a way to set them manually so that they were grouped by series or whatnot. If this has already been mentioned, sorry, but I can't recall reading about it one way or another.

  92. I don't know if this is a bug or just me, but my custom characters are not loading properly. Any character I click loads the character's skin just fine, but the clothing options are as they were prior to the load and the hair does not change either.

  93. Great work, can a new arm position of her holding her tits up triggered by a dialog action be implemented without to much of a challenge? Just curious, keep up your excellent work!

  94. I have problems with the custom characters... the hair don't load!!!

  95. This is by far the best simulation of a blowjob/face-fuck. I am learning Maya now. Would love to see this stuff 3D-ish. Like mabey through Unity-3D. That would would give people the ability to see in what aeve perspective they wanted.

  96. Some different point of views would be AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!

  97. Hi!

    First of all... This is a GREAT program and I just love it! Thanks a lot dude! ;-)

    I have 2 questions:

    1.) How do I know if there are new versions coming up? Sjall I go in here regularly and check?

    2.) Do you have plans to expand the simulator to include other modes more than face fucking (i.e. pussy fucking, ass fucking, tit fucking)?

    Thanks again for a great program/simulator! ;-)



  99. [ESET NOD32] Access Denied link: booru.

    Access to the web page was blocked by ESET NOD32 Antivirus. The web page is on the list of websites with potentially dangerous contents.

  100. make a verision like this:

  101. Answers to anon above:

    1) Kona tries to update weekly, lately it's been Mondays, but will not update unless whatever part he's been working on is worthy of release. In other words, Kona has integrity, and doesn't release crap.

    2) The name of the game it Super Deepthroat, and Kona has stated repeatedly that it will remain exactly that. Now, that doesn't mean he won't someday apply all the stuff he's learned while making SDT to Super Deep Anal Fucking or Super Deep Doggy-style. We can only hope. =)

  102. The hair isn't loading anymore with 1.11.1b.............


  103. there is a bug with the hair


  104. Any more updates and he will have to change the name to Ultra Deep Throat lol.

    As for the hair bug...
    I would like to "Custom" under "Scene check for a "Charterers" folder in the directory where the swf file is located.
    (Example: /Characters/"Name"/)
    the "Name" of the sub folder will show up as the character name. The folder would contain...
    Thumb.jpg (image what would appear under "Custom")
    Hair.png (Hair that will be imported)
    Mod.swf (Swf mod that will be imported)
    Settings.txt (saved character settings)
    Dialog.txt (Dialog that will be imported)
    Background.jpg (Background to be imported)

    The "custom" selection would load the thumb.jpgs and folder names and would give you a list of premade characters to choose from. When selected it will load the files from the sub folders.
    If the files do not exist (such as background or mod) it will keep the current settings or load defaults from the settings file.

    But that is just my view on it. I have had issues with the current premade character save setup when moving from platform to platform.

    I know it may seem unnecessary considering that the current save system uses one file, but that file tells the game to load from custom directories so it will not work across platforms and you end up with problems like the current bug where the save file adds a "." to the end so the hair will not load.

    I just think it would make things alot easier when it comes to orginizing, transporting, editing and loading premade characters.

  105. Can you add a [self] tag to dialog so only these lines show up when auto is set to self. Kind of odd she is yelling at me for forcing her down and she is doing it herself lol

  106. oops sry that would be [free] cus you can set auto to hard and still set your hands to free.

  107. where the hell is the weekly update? checked this site like 6 times in a matter of 48 hours!! i love your work but man your letting me down :'(

  108. Maybe a way we could fuck her doggystlye. it would have the same mouse moving mechanic to control it I guess.

  109. Thank you Konashion! You've done a great service to perverts everywhere!