Merry Christmas, perverts!

DL Link: SuperDeepthroat.swf   See top of page for latest DL link.

Please make sure you have the latest version of Flash Player. You can load it into a browser or get a standalone ("Projector") Flash Player here: http://www.adobe.com/support/flashplayer/downloads.html

Warning: This game is very heavy on the CPU. If it runs slow, hit Q to toggle the quality to low, which should make a big difference. I've kept as much as possible as vectors so people with powerful computers can fullscreen it.

Well, here it is, I hope it lives up to expectations.
Control is just left / right with the mouse, and you can click to hold her down.

Sadly didn't get every "definite" character in, but they'll be coming in the next release.
The options are at the bottom of the screen, just hover down there for a while (or press O). If it annoys you, you can turn off the hovering with the "Hover Options" checkbox.

The game will try to remember your settings for next time, but if you don't want it to, just set local storage to 0 in the right click menu / "Settings...".

Bear in mind, this is only a first release so there may still be bugs. I've done as much testing as possible, but I've only got a couple of different computers so I don't know what weird shit Flash might do on another set up. If you find a bug you can duplicate, let me know how in the comments and I'll try to fix it.

I'm going to take a break for a while now, so no big updates until the new year probably, but more custom options is the next planned feature.

*edit* Some of the comments from 4chan are hilarious;

"I am literary out of cum. I fapped 7 times to this and my dick just sunk inside my body to escape. The last one didn't even produce sperm just a weak cough and some dust."

"Guys, I've just become a Ninebreaker
... As in I fapped nine times and now my penis is bleeding"

"Oh god earlier I saw my sister playing this game.
What the FUCK."


  1. I'm happy with this and all, but the (hopefully constructive) criticism will flood in the comment box.

    But anyway, good job.

  2. Waow, you've done a wonderfull work !!!
    I've got a four years old computer and it works great in "low" quality (it still amazing), sounds are great ant the little bulge when she deepthroat is also a cool bonus ^^
    thank you very much Konashion, it's a great christmas' present ;-)


    PS : I'm french, so excuse me for my english if there is mistakes ^^

  3. that is so awesome. thank you!

  4. I've noticed the vapor's cloud after the deepthroat oO
    amazing !


  5. Amazing, absolutely amazing. Thank you.

  6. Very nice job my home boy. I'll fap happy to this.

  7. Happy Christmas to you too! Best holidays ever.

  8. Thank you Konashion. My expectations were high, but you surpassed them. This game is just incredible!

  9. You've probably already received a fuck ton of these comments, but god damn you are fucking awesome.

    Deepthroat is my number 1 fetish and a large majority of my favorite characters are in this first release...

    You are a king among men.

  10. Great Work! I'm surprised that it actually runs well on my netbook.Have a Merry Christmas!


  12. You're my hero.

  13. Wow, you weren't kidding about it being killer on CPU. Either way, great job. It looks amazing, and I'm sure I'll use it often

  14. Really good flash, but could you add Tifa, lightning and Rikku ? It will be gorgeous !

  15. I was going to say this is awesome, but then I saw you'll add even more characters, so that makes it double awesome. Very nice work.

  16. Sweet jesus that was awesome!

  17. I approve of this.

    I eagerly await the next update.

  18. You are my hero

  19. My penis appreciates your efforts.

  20. where is seraz victoria?

  21. This. Is. AWESOOOME. You did an awesome job for the first release. Everything works great... smooth and fluid and amazing.

    The only thing I really wish it would of had is the eyes rolling back when you're super deep, ala Final Felatio. If you could add that in subsequent releases, that would be awesome.

    Also, I thought of someone else you could add, just for the lols. Add Zone. She's practically already in there if you put pale skin, black lips, and use the Valentine haircut. Just give an option to change it to purple and bingo.

    But that being said, still great work man. Keep it up and happy holidays.

  22. ^ Nevermind. Just discovered pressing space bar more or less results in that. You continue to amaze me. :D

  23. You, sir, are a king amongst men. A god amongst kings. Add Konata and cumshots (or have I just missed it? I didn't have the time to test it too much), and I will pleasure you in every way you deem appropiate.

  24. Absolutely fantastic, great work.

  25. add seraz victoria and Dawn from pokemon also Rydia wouldn't be bad

  26. great stuff, i love the customization options. one small request though, for the next release, for Him options do you think you could add in a much darker black skintone? i'm dark as hell so the lighter skin tones kind of kill the immersion :C

  27. Can you do a super Titfuck next time?

  28. when are you going to do anal?

  29. Needs some slapping

  30. add in slapping and choking (that can leave marks and tears) and this will be GOTY

  31. Needs uncut cocks.

  32. could you add jessy from pokemon?

  33. Shit's fantastic. Got a problem with this white line across the chin, other than that it's fucking perfect. May I suggest some vidya characters like Lilith from Borderlands or Shanoa from Castlevania. Or shit, Marie from Ed, Edd, and Eddy.



  35. As I stated before in a previous comment, this game is awesome, much better than I could ever imagine. However, seeing how you still plan to update it, I can't help but to leave a few suggestions of changes/additions I would particularly like to see in the game. Keep in mind this is just my opinion of course, and I don't mean to boss you around. :D

    -I think Keyboard controls should be added alongside the default mouse controls. Although the mouse gives you great precision, It sometimes can be hard to play properly when just one hand is available (if you know what I mean lol). Simple arrow controls should suffice.

    -I noted that when you start the game for the first time, you can't deepthroat the girl from the begining. You have to slowly push it until it all goes in. An option to reset this behavior whithout having to exit and enter the game again would be welcome. :D

    -Automode configuration. It would be cool to have the option to tweak the auto mode animation. I thought of two sliders on the options menu, one for speed, and other for depth. Also, a button to reset those settings and go back to the default configs for automode

    -Moar animations! In this version, the guy pulls the girl head against him. I was thinking of two more animations: one where the guy keeps the girl in place, and thrust his hips towards her. And one, similar to the default animation, but without the guy's arm pulling her, so it looks like the girl is doing it on her own.

    Well, that's all for now. Again, the game is great as it is, and I'm not trying to tell you what to do. It's just MY opinon. :D

    And btw sorry for the huge comment. lol

  36. This is right up there with those Illusion games in terms of hotness. Great job. I would love to see the girls show even more distress when they're deepthroating. Some louder and more acute choking and gagging, I guess. But the eye roll is genius.

  37. what does the flashing button at the bottom right mean when youre deepthroating her?

  38. You are a god among mere mortals

  39. now all we need is tifa from ff7 ;D

  40. Damn, when you said "no restrictions" I had no idea you would be able to skullfuck the poor girl until she's unconscious, and then continue to fuck her throat even more until you cum in it.

    That, or throatfuck her until she's unconscious, then right when you're about to cum, pull out, let her wake up, and shove it right back in and come.

    5 Stars

  41. Where can I grab a standalone version of flash player?
    dragging to my browser window sucks because the size always fucks up

  42. You are so awesome.

    All I ask you add is an ejaculation button, so I can fill her up.

  43. Some Finnish Bum.18 December 2010 at 11:00

    I'll just delay trying this to 30th.

  44. I like it, but it needs more bulma.

  45. why are they all the fucking same? even the tits are the same size on each one, what gives?

  46. FUCK

  47. we'll need a breast slider and cock slider
    for both size queens and minimalists ranging from completly flat/mirco to tittymonster/monstercock

  48. Hot as a motherfucker. Might I suggest a option to increase the volume of cum?

  49. Am I the only one getting a blank white screen?

  50. Only real suggestion is this:

    Could you add another voice track for a younger sounding woman? I'm not sure why something young like Noel or Asuka would sound the same as an older girl like Misato or Jill.

    Rip something from a college/asian video and it would sound amazing.

  51. Boy, just saying, if you keep updating this shit

    its confirmed gotay

  52. Fucking amazing, came buckets.

  53. Needs an "Editor" to implement our own favorite girls.

    Or at the very least a list of hairstyles and a RGB slider for Skin/Hair/Eyes.

    Other than that it's beyond awesome. Great work dude.

  54. I was wondering if you were going to be adding any king od feature like the base game had, where the screen blacks out if you deepthroat her for too long

  55. Absolutely amazing

  56. You are a fucking god

  57. I never normally post comments on anything.

    But this deserves some praise.

    Good show Sir, you have improved the internet slightly with this work.

  58. Awesome!! Great job! Looking forward to your next release! I will keep enjoying this one!! ^_^

  59. Greatest christmas present I have ever gotten :P Thanks!

  60. Kona, dig the game.
    I have one suggestion, darker skins for the lady.
    and if you're taking character requests still and she hasn't already been mentioned, I would like A.B.A. from guilty gear.


    Also, for later releases:

    How about other sex acts? Lady stays in place, mouse moves guy back and forth with appropriate ass wobbling depending on how hard he slams into her. Hell, you could even just start with adding titfucking.

  62. I'm pretty sure you get like a shitton of requests, but could you by any chance add a Street Fighter character like Chun-li, Cammy, Sakura, Rainbow Mika or pretty much anyone?

    I'm sure I can't be the only one who wants to see some SF love.

    I fucking love your work so far.

  63. Moar characters next time.
    Just take all my money.
    I need to change my pants.
    It got me hard instantly with Dat Asuka.

  64. Hey, the flash is awesome. I would seriously suggest tongue as an addition. Maybe an option to toggle, but to have a tongue that hangs out the more you deepthroat her as an option would be god tier.

    Good work so far.

  65. Excellent job man. Keep up the great work!

  66. No love for Horo? What's wrong with you people. Anyhow, I came buckets and whoever this man is I thank.

    Is there a possibility to add quests or missions liek performing moves, rhythm, different levels of difficulty, special points for humiliation... but thats just stuff that comes to my mind.

    thx for this one buddy! merry christmas.

  68. This is fucking amazing, guy.

    I'll make a suggestion for a skin for the guy that changes them into a dickgirl.

  69. While im scrolling through the options it will sometimes just stay on the bottem of choices, and i can't scroll back up. Still many things to patch up. I personally think Konashion should just stick the super deep throat concept, and expand on it as much as possible before jumping into new sex modes.

  70. This is seriously GOTY. Thanks so much. I realize this is WIP but I'll add my requests anyway:

    SF characters especially Chun Li.
    Character editing, or even source code if you can.
    Nude guy with pubic hair.
    Ogre or tentacles maybe as well.
    Another button to charge ejaculation so you can shoot a big glob at high speed.
    More actions e.g. dick slapping.
    Perhaps eye-fucking and puking if not too fucked up.
    Breast sizes ranging from DFC to giga /d/ size

  71. Breast Slider + Color Control if added would propel this to Hentai game of the year

  72. how do i get this game?

  73. Man that spit is awesome but I'm lagging like a bitch on my Core i5 with it turned on! Rough!

    Wonder if you'd be interested in open sourcing your fluid dynamics code. Might be some people could help you optimize it?

    Otherwise great work, my man!

  74. how do i get this flashgame anyone?

  75. Suggestions for next release:
    Have more uses of the girls tongue.

    Different expressions that you can control

    Completely removable collar

    Have the option for the girl to take full control of the deed

  76. Breast Slider is an absolute must /d/ sized titties for everyone

  77. Oh this is the guy with the Core i5. I guess my problem was that I was using the standalone Flash Player which apparently totally sucks. I can run in Firefox with full everything no lag.

  78. Brilliant work! Kudos to you, sir.
    Would also love some (much) larger boob options later on.

  79. Konashion, the game is great! Loved it! Let me make some suggestions:

    An option to import our own characters (hairs). I'm not a flash guy, so someone correct me if I'm wrong:

    We could import a model image in flash and use the pen tool to redraw it, so we can use the shadows and lights of our lateral image as base and get it done without being a expert in drawing. (It's pretty possible with photoshop, but don't know about flash.)

    Then we have a hair without physics, but this should do. Or is it possible to easy add some physics patterns on it, like "This part goes left"?

    Since the hair is formed by Base color, shadow color and light color, is it possible to make a option in the game to change these colors, like the lipstick one?

    And I second the guy above about the puking thing, since it's hard to violent fuck a girl throat forever without she puking.

    Extra large tits would be great too.

    I know that all these things aren't easy to do, but they're all only suggestions, hope that you pick one out of them.

    Kudos to you, Konashion. The game is great.

  80. You are amazing. Thank you. A god among men.

  81. 18 dec 2010 z wowtf

  82. I like how he calls us perverts when he's the one who made a BJ sim :P

    Love you, man.

  83. An option to let the lips close completely when she leaves the dick? Instead of just having her mouth hang open?

    It would add a lot to it, being able to slowly part them.

  84. God bless you, sir.

  85. This is awesome man. If you're gonna add some additions might I suggests that you give her a more violent reaction to cumming in her throat, and more of her eyes rolling to the top of her head, and eyes becoming wide and pupils dilating. Just a few small suggestions that I think would be awesome. Also add a shortcut key for cumming. Thanks man, this is a great flash, keep up the good work!!




  87. The potential for this game is amazing. I've always wanted to modify Final Fellatio, but I'm not flash savvy, so I'm grateful that you're doing this.

    Looking forward to future updates!

  88. The only thing I find this could use is dialogue.

    Perhaps you could recruit some /v/ and /h/ fiends to write some up for you.

  89. Fix up the shoulder. It looks off.

    Other than that, solid fucking job, man. Needs a mode where the sum stays forever, though.

  90. ПКёбы соснули. Thank you, it was awesome!


  92. This is an awesome game, many children won't be born in the future thanks to that game. I would really like to see an tongue option.

  93. Congratulations... you are the creator of the greatest Flash H-game ever made.

  94. Amazing game. Love what you've done with it. I uploaded it to Newgrounds to get some feedback, I know you said you didn't mind people mirroring but just inbox me on there if you would like me to take it down. (I'm not getting anything from it, I just wanted to share)

  95. god help me i can't stop jizzing

  96. Bit disappointed that you can't cum on command, but it's a great game.

    Love to customisation.

  97. what program do you need to download this directly from here? my comp says it doesn't know what program to use to open the file.

  98. Does not run well on my Android phone, as expected.

  99. The fluid physics are rather weird. Tensile strength is way too high. I'm pretty sure cum isn't superglue.

  100. I love everything. Literally everything.

    one thing though is characters, if you were to add some of the more popular Touhou characters I would fucking love you forever

  101. This definitely needs a death by chocking.

  102. Don't put death in there.

  103. GOTYAN

    Also add more facial expressions, more stuff to "explore", and add more characters.

  104. I must agree with that earlier anon, Touhou characters are a must, you have no idea the amount you'll please if you do that

  105. As it is, it's easy to tell a great amount of work has gone into it, thank you for your hard work.

    To improve?
    1: If she passes out, have it so you can pull her head of the cock, and slap her to wake her up.

    2: more modes for the guy, nude, ogre, ect.

    3: more charectors in general.
    Yoko from Tenga Toppa Gurren Lagann
    Adiane from Tenga Toppa Gurren Lagann
    Nia from Tenga Toppa Gurren Lagann
    Jessie from team rocket / Pokemon
    Dawn from Pokemon
    Katara from Avatar
    Toph from Avatar
    Mailee from Avatar
    Android18 from Dragonball Z
    Bulma from Dragonball Z
    ChiChi from Dragonball Z
    Videl from Dragonball Z
    Pan from Dragonball Z
    Princess Daisy from Mario Brothers
    Yuna from Final Fantasy
    your version of Rikku from Final Fantasy
    Tifa from Final Fantasy
    Gwen from Ben10
    Dorthy from Big O
    Faye from Cowboy Bebop
    Ed from Cowboy Bebop
    Erin from Esurance
    Haruko from FLCL
    Peg from GoofTroop
    Elastigirl from Incredibles
    Jenny XJ9
    Mummy chick from Mummmies Alive
    Sakura from Naruto
    Tsunade from Naruto
    Naruto's chick form from his sexy Jutsu from Naruto
    Nami from One Piece
    Nico from One Piece
    Melphina from Outlaw Star
    Fuu from Samurai Champloo
    Chunli from Street Fighter
    Cammy from Street Fighter
    Crimson Viper from Street Fighter
    Elena from Street Fighter
    Sakura from Street Fighter
    Karin from Street Fighter
    Rose from Street Fighter
    Juri from Street Fighter
    Morgan from Darkstalers
    Felina from DalkStalkers
    Twilight Princess (both forms) from Zelda series
    Fiona from Zoids
    Leena from Zoids
    Wuya from Xiaolin Showdown
    Fujiko from Lupin III
    Motoko from Ghost in the Shell
    Echidna from Queens Blade
    Melona from Queens Blade
    Elina from Queens Blade
    Nanael from Queens Blade
    Menace from Queens Blade
    Allean from Queens Blade
    Elina from Queens Blade
    Airi from Queens Blade
    Nowa from Queens Blade
    Cattleya from Queens Blade
    REina from Queens Blade
    Yumiru from Queens Blade
    003 from Cyborg009
    Naga from Slayers
    Robin from Which Hunter Robin
    Real Mayer from Ergo Proxy
    Kagome from Inu Yasha
    Sango from Inu Yasha

    Zone ;)

  106. An option to make the tongue visible under the cock as she throats it would be amazing. Great game.

  107. Oh hey there kona. OP of the current thread in /f/ right now, and it seems that a lot of people love it, especially /v/. I just have one question, really.

    When are you going to put up the character poll? I can see there are A LOT of people just dying to vote.

    Happy Holidays, and keep kicking ass.

  108. I think puking and gulping sounds/animations are the most important things to add.

  109. This is fantastic. Especially the auto mode. While the Rikku one and various hacks were nice, you can't fap while playing. I'd say flesh out the auto mode a bit more, maybe options for light sucking, full in-and-out, and deep ramming. The cum/saliva effects are nice, as is the high customization. You touched up the mascara running too.

    Fuck yes. You are awesome.

  110. Hm, reading some of the other posts it seems I'm not the only one with a running mascara fetish. Someone suggested using characters with slutty makeup so you get some real running. I approve of this idea.

  111. Hory sheet, wasn't expecting this much response.

    Thanks for all the feedback and suggestions. I'll be posting soon with an update about what features are possible / probably not possible.

    Hey /f/ Anon, saw that thread, thanks. Don't think I've ever seen a thread on /f/ with more than 100 comments. The /v/ threads are insane too.
    I haven't put the poll up yet because I'm trying to add in all of the other characters from already suggested series / games. Blogger polls won't let you add options after people have voted, so I'm trying to make sure I don't miss any, though I'll probably still do it in sections. There have been more than 200 different suggestions so far, so it's taking a while.

    Newgrounds Anon: Thanks, I hadn't even thought about posting to newgrounds. I'll take a look at the reviews.

  112. Do you think you...could add vomit in there?

    You know...just because.

  113. Konashion, regarding the poll, you might be able to add a text-box option as basically an "other" one.
    Not sure if Blogger allows it. Still, you're gonna have your work cut out for you.

  114. more skin colour options. cock size options, like to make it thicker or bumpy with veins. the saliva and cum, etc, should dangle off the cock more. Balls would be nice....ummm....maybe like lip stick marks in certain spots, to signify her sucking harder there. Tongue is big yes...she needs to get a real heavy blush, and a bulging throat...its hard to aim for her breasts, which need a larger option...um...it slows down tons with lots of cum, but you might not be able to fix that....oh, its hard to cum in her hair...perhaps cum options? play with how far it shoots, how sticky it is...dialogue and having her seem to want to really suck your cock if she wants would be cool...the way the cum builds up looks funny sometimes...too straight......most other peoples suggestions were right on. Thanks again for taking my make-up idea and running with it dude, top marks all around. An amazing piece of flash, have yet to play an h game this good. If you continue with other games, that would be incredible, but take your time. Oh, the cum should stick to her shoulders and arms too. I'm sure you've thought of most of this stuff. Great job again, happy holidays.

  115. There are 2 features that would make this already amazing flash game even better:

    1. slapping and choking
    2. moar cum (including swallowing w/ associated sounds)

  116. Presumably, people on 2chan may have been running this now. Has anyone seen any comments from the 2chan crowd over there?

  117. I fucking love you. This game is so great. Add Revy from Black Lagoon (with tattoos) and a few FF characters (Particularly Yuna and Rikku)and I will fap to nothing else for the rest of the year.

  118. 4 chan says hi. I forgot to mention the suggestion that you can cum so hard that while your it in her mouth, cum shoots out of from her lips too. Around your cock, you know what I mean, cumming so hard that even with her tight sucking around the cock, it splurts from her mouth.

  119. Hi 4chan, btw. I'm watching most of the threads as I find them, but I'm not posting because I've been temp banned before for posting screens of this game (it is a mystery). Don't really want to post again unless I see word from a mod that it's alright.

  120. tears should drip farther along her face too, drip and dangle.

  121. Let's see some choking on cum too when she's deep throating and you cum in her mouth

  122. You'd be fine to just make normal posts, konashion. Hell if you get banned all it takes is resetting your router.
    I'd say the mods have given up banning people at this point anyway given how long the threads are going on.

  123. Going to have to agree with http://konashion.blogspot.com/2010/12/merry-christmas-perverts.html?showComment=1292728062680#c5633807863562412255

    Needs swallowing action. The bukkake mode is ok, but when you aim the cum in her mouth it just goes off to the side and on her face. It should go in her mouth and she should swallow with sound effects!

  124. Hey when you make the poll, see if you can allow like 10 ordered votes per person or something, not sure what Blogger has. I just know some moeblob Touhou shits are going to win instead of delicious R. Mika. btw she's top choice if you ever make an ass game.

  125. I'm impressed on the quality of this game, very nice, I won't ask for thousand of features, just keep releasing updates often (like one per month) it's all I would want. Anyway, you're awesome, seriously. Before I forget, Happy Xmas for you too.

  126. Hey, if you're taking character suggestions, I'd like to put a few series suggestions:
    - Mai HiME/Otome
    - Bamboo Blade
    - Moyashimon

  127. this is the best. day. EVER

  128. Thanks,
    you made my day

  129. Character suggestion:
    - Rukia from Bleach

    - Option to remove collar completely? (totally nude)

  130. very nice job on this game konashion :D this is only a beta but its awesome. with future updates it will be up there with zone and pabisshu flashes ;)
    in your future updates having different options like tanned/pale skin, swallowing, and different cock sizes would be cool. the suggestion that one anon posted about the animations like guy thrusting himself for the deepthroat was a good one that would be a great addition. if you added a titfuck option or made a flash game of that like this one that would be sooo awesome O_o
    also guys hold back on the character requests until he gets the poll up.
    again nice work sir, i look forward to your future updates

  131. Voting for Hinata, Nico, Dawn, and Aeris.

  132. Seconding Hinata and Aeris. Maybe both versions of Hinata.

  133. oh lol i see tan and pale are already there but can you make the tan a little darker and tan lines maybe?

  134. Great does actually lag after the first few nut jobs. Though was hoping for a mouth burst with nose and that would make my day. Probably add the choice of a status bar or somewhat like zones games when you choose how the auto should go. Next time you do something like this ill support you financially if need be.

  135. A Cortana character would be very cool as well.

  136. I'd like to represent the asian audience and sincerely request for an asian skincolor for the dude.

    That said, your game is simply breathtaking.

    Keep up the amazing work and thank you so much!

  137. I've never got a boner from reading an options menu before...

  138. Mother of God, the amount of responses for this is insane!

    Keep up the great job, konashion, this think has solved many of my "what should I fap to?" nights.

  139. Gonna go ahead and make two requests.

    Rapunzel from Tangled
    Quorra from Tron Legacy

    This game rocks! Excellent work!

  140. nice effect with the eye rollback passout but can you add one when the eyes stay open when they rollback in later updates?

  141. This is fucking brilliant. A lot of amazing features in here and it's absolutely stunning to think this is just the demo. I've got suggestions:

    -As others mentioned a mouth burst when you come down her throat would be great. Swallowing SFX too.

    -optional "Mmm" sfx at the same time, for girls who like the taste of cum.

    -A toggle for tongue stuck out when you come and the cock's not in her mouth.

    -Any way to move a little faster? Final Fellatio could move too fast at times, but just a bit quicker would be preferable to me.

    -Click to have her lick the tip when you hover just outside her mouth.

    -"Lung Capacity" slider so her eyes roll back a little quicker or slower as desired.

    -Also a Stamina slider in case you'd like to come more or less often.

    -Is there any way to have the procedurally-generated cum react to the contours of at least her face if not her face and hair? I'm getting some cum in very unnatural-looking straight lines.

    -Color control for eyeshadow.

    -Option for both hands on her head.

    -As others have mentioned, selectable voices would be wonderful.

    Hope you don't mind the list. This is shaping up to be the best H-game ever and I'm looking forward to the full version!

  142. Voting for Faye Valentine from Cowboy Bebop, and Mitsuru from Persona 3.



  144. I really, really, really enjoyed this! It was amazing, great, and I love playing with it! The only thing I could request really is a button to cum if you want to watch her get covered, or some down her throat.

  145. Motoko Kusanagi from Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex would totally make my week.

  146. All I can ask for is Sailor Jupiter, and a cum or bukkake button.

  147. "An option to make the tongue visible under the cock as she throats it would be amazing."

    I second this request. When do you think you will be working on the monster, futa, and tentacle monster options? There was another anon from the misty update who had this giant post in great detail on how they would work, it would be an epic addition to superdeepthroat.

  148. Anonymous said...

    All I can ask for is Sailor Jupiter, and a cum or bukkake button.
    18 December 2010 23:21

    well your in luck in the menu under options in the dark area just outside the main screen theres a button that enables bukkake mode

  149. 3rding the slap/choke, swallow animation/SFX, and eyeshadow color selector requests

    Great work btw.

  150. Voting for
    Tron Bonne from Megaman Legends
    Cortana from Halo 2
    Alyx from Half Life 2
    Chii From Chobits
    Meracle Chamlotte from Star Ocean The Last Hope

    Also, Good work! Have a good christmas :)

  151. This is incredible quality for a game that's less than a megabyte.

  152. @konashion if you are going to add any futa characters maybe u can use these for reference but without balls

  153. There is no words in my vocabulary that can describe how awesome I think this is.
    The only requests I have right now are these:
    1: Shuffle needs a hot key.
    2: Shuffle should leave "him" and possibly scene alone.
    3: The ability for "her" to close her mouth when not panting or sucking.
    4: I'm not going to pretend that this is possible but is there a way to flip the image so that Misty's hair is arranged the right way?

    Also I suggest that you sign up for a Hentai Foundry account and upload this there. For 2 reasons.
    1:) It would get a daily feature right away.
    2:) Should you set up an importation standard, the HF people should be the first people you let know.

    Hentai Foundy can be found her.

  154. Thanks for making this incredible quality game!

    However, being a lesbian, I find myself unable to enjoy this game fully (since I don't like penises :p). Would you ever consider adding a "girl with strap-on" option?

  155. seconding the tan lines. Love dem tan lines.

  156. yep those tan lines would look nice on characters like c.viper

  157. I also support the lesbian strap-on option.

    You know what, see if you can make muff driving mode while you're at it.

  158. Wonderful. Thank you very much for making this.


    Ring Gags



  159. This is incredible. Amazing work!

  160. Two things:

    a) can we get an option for breasts above large. y'know, just because.

    b) After leaving it on auto for about 10 minutes I encountered a bug(?) where the guy came indefinitely. It was pretty great.

  161. >Full screen on HDTV
    Thank you so very much.

  162. Fucking amazing. You need to make bigger tits, though. The difference between the three sizes is not nearly enough.

  163. @konashion how much of the female and male body is there past the sized game screen? i know in some flashes the creator has the character model to fit into a certain sized window but if opened on firefox u can see some of the extra drawn parts that were left out. in the main menu we can see the girl's silhouette is that the full character model if it wasn't windowed into the game? i ask this because if u were to add bigger breast sizes for other characters like the ones from bleach who have huge boobs they wouldn't fit on screen.

  164. Ooh, I definitely gotta see a Princess Rosalina one!

  165. Beautiful game~
    but is anyone having problems DLing it?
    cant seem to DL the game...

  166. Hear hear, a bigger big and a smaller small :P

    Also, I've found Flash's "Medium" quality setting to be a good compromise on my old computer. Not jaggy like Low, and not as laggy as High. Maybe you can add it to the in-game settings. (Currently, it resets to Low or High whenever I relaunch the game.)

  167. Yeah you're pretty much competition to Santa, konashion. I haven't seen the sort of communal happiness regarding smut this has produced in..ever!

    Here's to hoping we get an elf or some elves in there, though I'd throw my vote in for Aisha clan clan too.

  168. Suggestions:

    Smearing lipstick causes uber framerate drop.

    Cumstrings are too stretchy, they should split and/or detach at some point. Vertical strings should detach after a few seconds.

    Girl's head needs to follow cursor more closely. Rather than tracking the cursor across the whole window, you should track it across the same range as the head moves ie put the lips where the cursor is.

    Wider range for breast size ie new max size bigger than current, new min size smaller (delicious flat chested Etna?)

    Can we please get some up/down aiming adjustment for the cock? Even if only when cumming. Pretty hard to do a facial when you can only aim at her cheek. Aiming down at the breasts would be nice too.

    Also, fucking awesome flash.

  169. This is awesome.
    Hair, though, isn't as customisable as it could be. Just adding "recolor" feature to it would greatly increase number of options. Also, i don't know how hard it would be, but hair selection could be divided (as: you can independently choose front, backside of hair and hair accessories/ponytail/etc).
    There also could be "clothes" option. And "remove collar" option.

  170. I fapped about five times even though I'm back at home visiting the family, just what I'd like if that's ok! Flat chest please! Also Sailor Scouts, especially Sailor Jupiter.

  171. I suggest adding Misha from Pita-Ten. A cute pink haired angel girl? Whats not to like?!

  172. this is incredible, is there a way we could donate? since i can't buy you a beer in person, maybe donating $5 or so would help fund the effort on future updates!

  173. First off... This is fucking spectacular! I was a huge fan of the original Final Fellatio... But this by far blows that away! From one hentai animator to another, I love the dynamics and physics in this version. I also love the customization feature. Thank you for making such a great flash!

    But I would like to add a request (of a girl that frankly baffles me that no one has recommended her yet).

    Raven from Teen Titans (animated version)

    Also, as a more personal favorite of mine, I'd LOVE to see Amelia from Slayers as well. Odd enough I never see any new hentai of her these days (I'm one of the few hentai artists who actually still draws her besides a pair of talented female artists). In fact, I'd create a request piece for you (assuming you actually like my artwork that is) just to help bring the inception of these characters about.

    Also, as a recommendation, you should get a Hentai Foundry account and post this there... People there would LOVE you! Anyway, if you're interested in doing said art exchange for character additions, please email me. My email is on my HF account. Once again, thanks for this spectacular flash game!

  174. Love it! thanks for making such a faptastic game. love how there isn't excessive amounts of gagging, choking and slurping noises. some games add too much and it ruins the effect but these are well timed and not excessive. thanks for the Autofap mode and the secret option, they made it incredibly easy to enjoy the content of the game.

  175. Picking Mari causes her hair to over lap the other choices. Fix PLEASE

  176. needs an option to replace the guy with a futanari

  177. I'd the option to choose when the guy cums. Also the cum shot should be faster and more explosive, cum doesn't shoot out so slowly.

  178. If it's not too much trouble, you think you could add a bikini tan skin color? That'd be hot as hell.

  179. Minor tweak suggestion:

    When semen is dripping down from the mouth to the breasts, please make it so all of the hanging bits either fall down eventually or settle on the chin/throat.

  180. Different characters should have different pitches in thier voice. Most of these characters should have higher pitched voices.

  181. Being able to control the character's head with the arrow keys would be awesome, press left and right to move her head, press up or down to cum.

  182. Hey Kona, the one major thing I think the game is missing are the swallowing sounds.

  183. is it possible if you change also the length of a dick? like more than 7 inches and she can still still reach up to his balls. and also put the balls in her mouth too

  184. You should add Haruhi!!

  185. Here is an great idea.
    Add to options how often and how much there will be cum. if someone has shitty computer he can lower cum amount if Ultra good he can make it cum for a minute.

  186. Cool game, add mass effect characters plz

  187. It would be cool if she could jerk the guy off as well.

  188. How does bukkake mode work? I click over and over, and i dont see anything.

  189. When you have bukkake mode turned on, it seems to me like you have to hold left click for a few seconds when you want to come. It almost requires a sense of timing if you want to "spurt" it out, and not send it in a steady stream like silly string. Like, hold for 2 seconds, release, hold, release.

  190. Okay, I'm from the internet and I've been collecting some ideas which I think are good.
    1. Drool bubbles
    2. Swallowing sounds
    3. Some generic responses from the girls which can be interrupted by the dick (anta bakglargh from Asuka for example)
    Now if you'll excuse me, I've got some fapping to do.

  191. this deserves to catch on this should be an industry
    please make more

  192. No collar, smaller tits...


    That's what it looks like. Kind of shitty ;(

  193. Any way to make the saliva look less like cum when strand shaders is turned off? Perhaps a little transparency? Right now it looks a solid white just like cum.

  194. First off:

    I loved Final Felacio but this just bring it to a hole new level!

    Now some request and/or ideas.
    (I dont speak english so there might be some mistakes)

    -Make the cum more "sticky", when it hang its just break after a while, and fix the bug that makes the cum stick in some really wierd ways

    -Have an option so she can really enjoy the BJ.....and another that shes doesn't (lest say this version could be normal and then a "slut mode" and then a....I dont wana call it rape mode...but nothing else comes to minds so...yeah..had "slut mode" and "rape mode"

    -More dicks..both options AND simply more dicks on screan..yeah..gangbang time..have a custom colour option and more types of penis, some more bullging, whit veins, smaller.

    -And on that note make it so that it doesnt just seems that the dick vanishes in her mouth, add a small bulge on the side of her cheack

    -Bigger and smaller breasts (like flat chested and Double Melons size)

    -An option to have him naked

    -Add a futa, tentacle, monster and strap on option

    -When she loses her sences (becomes unconscios...I really dont remember how to write it) have her sometimes keep her eyes open (roled up but still open)

    -Maybe add and elf

    -Masturbation option (so that the Bukake option makes some sence)

    -Improve the aiming of the cum in bukake mode (have a option to have her hold her head still)

    Once again great work, this is shaping to be THE BEST blowjob game EVER.
    Great job on the sound to, its not to much, its really balanced and nice.

    PS: Is there any way WE can help you make the game, like we making the characters, helping with bugs and other things?

  195. needs some dudes, really