Future Features

Update on what the possible future features are and what probably is / isn't going to be added.
Had a lot of requests and suggestions. Will try to go through the main ones here.
To be realistic, I'm aiming for simple with more releases rather than really complicated and constantly delayed.
*edit* Added a couple more.
*edit* God damn the blogger post editing sucks. 

 - Open source. At some point I would like to make the game more open, but it's currently changing too much and the code is just too messy. If I did this now I'd end up spending most of my time answering support questions.
If people want to crack the swf, I can't stop them. I wouldn't have released it on the internet if I wasn't okay with that happening, but for now at least I'm not going to officially support it.

 - MOAR. Adding more characters and more custom options for the characters has always been part of the plan, including more breast sizes, accessories and actual different deepthroatees. The more possible it is to do something dynamically (eg. custom iris), the more likely it is to get added. Dark skin is definite, the only reason it isn't in yet is that none of the top requested characters needed it. Custom skin is unlikely though because there are just too many parts to adjust, especially with the animated eyes, and you can only really get a flat looking range of shades, which looks no good for skin (it works by overlaying a tinted mask with the same shape).

 - Entirely new scenes. I suck at figure drawing, so it takes me a long time / a lot of redraws to get even a simple body part looking okay. I'm never going to make some amazing fully animated thing like Zone. Because of this, and because this was only supposed to be a small deepthroat game, other positions / povs aren't going to happen. Sorry.

 - X-ray. I wanted to have this, but as a few people have pointed out, the current animation is too unrealistic for it to really work. It might be possible to add, but it would involve changing the motion quite a lot (aiming the penis down rather than up, making it bend), which might not look good. Will see what I can do though.

 - Dialogue. This is a maybe. I'll be doing some tests to see if I can get something interesting working, and if it works well it'll be added. (The anon that suggested "Anta bakammmffgh-"? That.)

 - Different voices / phrases. Unfortunately, this would require far too much extra audio to not just suck and be repetitive, and mean new characters would take ages. I'd much rather get good text dialogue working that can be very varied than spend time cutting and filtering audio samples.

 - Happy / unforced mode. This is something I would like to add, but again need to do some tests for her expression etc. Unlikely to happen soon.

 - Character Import. I'll see what I can do about importing your own characters, but it will probably have to be limited to static hair and setting the custom options. The animated hair just takes too much setting up.

 - Improved spit / cum. I want it to be more realistic, but the amount of stuff going on with this is already the biggest CPU drain besides the graphics. Sliding / dripping might be possible though.

 - Cum landing on hair etc. The reason cum only lands on the face and breasts at the moment is that the collision detection is pretty heavy. This would need another hit test for every extra moving part (going from 3 parts to 15+), which just causes too much slowdown. A full collision mode for epic computers might be possible, but it would be very low on the todo list.

 - Swallowing. I was going to add this, but it's hard to find sound effects that don't just sound like a hairy dude chugging beer. Still looking though.

 - Throwing up. Main problem with this is that using the current cum physics for a large amount of vomit would probably blow a fuse. Will try other methods. Either way don't worry, if it's added it'll only be an option.

 - Tongue. I tried to add a tongue originally, but it looked pretty bad. It's in the todo list to try again though.

 - Slapping / Other actions. I can't see a good way to do this well without a large amount of extra animation, and I don't want the game to get too violent, it's already pretty rough as it is. I will think about possible ways to do it, but it won't get added unless it looks good.

- Male characters. Possible, but it would involve redrawing almost everything, so it's not going to happen any time soon. I'd probably have to separate the character lists to avoid making anyone rage too. Feel free to suggest characters when I reopen the requests comments though.

 - Death. Wow, I'm pretty easy going, but I was surprised by how many requests there were for this. I don't have a personal problem with anyone's fetish, but this crosses a line that might bring down too much drama. Could you just mute the breath sounds?


  1. Please consider titty-fucking and glasses, my two major fetishes(not just mine I hope)

  2. - X-ray
    - Improved spit / cum.
    - Swallowing
    - Throwing up
    - Death


  3. Death is not that bad. You could make it take really long, like 10 minutes or so.

  4. Thank god, I thought you might actually be considering adding the possibility to kill her. It would make me way too careful when playing, thank you.

    And because I'm a goddamn hypocrite, I'm extremely happy that you're considering adding the ability to make her throw up.

    Regardless, this is the best game I've ever played on the internet, ever. Thank you, Konashion.

  5. it would be nice if you can change the male char to an orc maybe or something different :) good game btw


    Well anyway, fuck working on more guys; that's gay. Instead I'd like to see more of a reaction when you cum down her throat. Like in the Rikku one where she kinda chokes and spits it back up. You could take the existing gagging bit and just add cum, and make it happen repeatedly when you're cumming down her throat.

    That's my suggestion anyway. Fuck me this thing is perfect as it is, I think the fact that there are so many varied requests just goes to show how many people with all kinds of fetishes this is still able to satisfy. Nice work.

  7. Keep up the good work friend, looking forward to unforced mode.

    And yes, please do separate the female and male character lists if you're going to go through with adding male characters.

  8. Stop suggesting stuff that'll make him go WAY out of his way. Death and Male characters? Hell no.

  9. If you need some sounds, search for a girl named Nasty19 on internet, she does some... related works. One of her vids even has cum swallowing sounds.

  10. Yeah, the game is great as it now is... Adding more to the same formula is the way to go, I think...
    Thanks Konashion, for this awesome game :D

  11. >male characters
    >throwing up
    Please No.

  12. Oh yeah, you forgot something important.


    Also, your game started as a h-game in which you deepthroat girls. Please keep it that way. There's enough futa for the whole word on /d/.
    And male characters?

  13. By having it spread all over 4chan you'll get requests from people of literally every fetish, mostly the sicker ones.

    It's up to you if you decide to keep it as a simple deep-throat game you play for 5 minutes or something that caters to loads of fetishes that will not bore for a long time.

  14. Great work, some thing's I'd suggest:

    Different models for the guy, such as no clothes option, that whole shool shirt do can be a little annoying as well as custom skin tone if it's possible, A hulkjob would be hilarious

    Moar collars

    If you do add music or vomit etc make it toggleable please.

    otherwise I think you've done a smashing job, keep it up bro

  15. I wouldn't mind having clothing. I personally prefer them clothed. Seeing Peach in her gown that is covered with cum would be the best.


  17. Swallowing , slapping, and Happy / unforced mode definitely need to be added! I love you btw

  18. also I would like to add. just because you (posters) don;t like a feature don't demand for it to not be in. You are lucky that you get such a good thing. don;t think you have the right to say would Should and should not be in. On that note
    Death would be cool or perhaps passing out.

  19. I'd like to make a suggestion: uncut cocks. I'm uncut and I don't much like cut, to be honest, but at least the cut ones in this don't look too bad.

  20. Passing out is already in.

  21. Best game ever.

    Bit disappointed there's no Jeanette Voerman or Harley Quinn, though

  22. How hard would be to implement a "skill training" feature? Some other anon suggested it and I thought it was a great idea. It would be cool to have a slider on the menu for the "skill" of the girl. If maxed out, she would be able to deepthroat without problem, and would take much longer for her to pass out.

    However, if you made her unskilled, she wouldn't be able to suck it all in from the start, she would gag and cough much more loudly and often, and would pass out much more quickly. However, as you play she would slowly become more skilled (of course, you could still manually change her skill on the menu)and she would eventually be able to get it all in and stuff...

    What I think what's interesting is that you could change the default skill of each girl based on her 'personality'. Young and innocent girls like Misty, would be very unskilled, older and experienced girls (Samus maybe? I'm not familliar with most other characters) would be very skilled already, taking much less time to max out their skills.

  23. Might be a decent idea to open source this and maintain a section on here to consolodate everything so people wouldn't have to go around to tons of different sites downloading/patching/general clusterfuckery, I'm sure there're talented people out there with too much time on their hands who wouldn't mind making some characters. Would be awesome if we could eventually have this game featuring literally EVERY ANIME GIRL EVER.

  24. Male characters, because then the game might be different from the billions of other blowjob games.

  25. Add in furry characters, it would be pretty cool and I figure most fans of this game like hentai so they must also like furry. :3

    Foxes and dragons first.

  26. Seriously, all you'd need to do for male characters is have more short hairstyles, no makeup and flat chests.

    Also: At the point where you find yourself jacking off in tandem with a virtual penis sliding in and out of a vomiting, unconscious Misty you are in no position to look down on anyone for liking dudes, just saying.

  27. Seconding tongues. Other than that, this is pretty much the best thing ever.

  28. Just ask some girls on /b/ to make sound effects for you, i'm sure if you made a vocaroo thread you will get a lot of replies from attention whores wanting to be in the game. Would be nice if you could add different voice actors this way also, and actually add dialog too.

    Also as before mentioned, stay the same path, and don't add something you didn't really intent in the first place, or that would kill the perfect style of the game.

    But imo voice acting, and dialog, would be superb, and i'm sure you would agree with that too.

    Also, /v/ is fucking nuts about this game, and it's already being praised as GOTY over there, lol.

  29. If you're going to add male characters the first one has GOT TO BE Shinji Ikari

  30. Swallowing would be awesome

    Glasses would be awesome.

    That is all.

  31. >Also, /v/ is fucking nuts about this game, and it's already being praised as GOTY over there, lol.

    Figures since they're a bunch of virgin who can't tell the difference between a good game and a piece of shit.

  32. For the love of H-Games, do not put death in there. Please.

  33. >Seriously, all you'd need to do for male characters is have more short hairstyles, no makeup and flat chests.


    >Also: At the point where you find yourself jacking off in tandem with a virtual penis sliding in and out of a vomiting, unconscious Misty you are in no position to look down on anyone for liking dudes, just saying.

    - hmmm... touché.

  34. Guys, have some confidence in Konashion. Even if he adds a controversial feature, like male characters, puking, or even death, I'm sure he will give us the option to turn if off (if it doesn't come disabled already).

    Like one guy that said that he didn't like the cum spraying from the nose, so he added a option to turn it off.

  35. Please consider the following:
    1) More mouth movements - closing the mouth when dick is out and such.
    2) Licking/tongue - this would be great for oral play.
    3) Unforced mode/gloryhole mode - now you take control of female instead of the male forcing her to suck. I got this idea from the gloryhole game, which is ok, but not at your level obviously.
    4) Clothes/bras. It would be hot to soak a clothed lady in cum and have it soak in her nice clothes.
    5) More dick types/more realistic friction. Maybe add a vein or two. Add the possibility of a cut/uncut dick so all people can relate.
    6) X-ray is cool, I'd agree. Especially if you can see how cum shoots in her mouth and down her throat.
    7) Earrings and similar accessories.

    With this, the game would be awesome.

  36. I'd like to make a suggestion: if you do include vomit/death/guys etc, you might want to put their controls on a separate tab, and maybe even put a "Hide /d/ tab" option on the main options page.

  37. ^^^
    This. I trust that even if Konashion adds all the features in this blogpost, the game will only get better because he will the controversial ones (puking, death) optional.

  38. make "passed out" an option at the menu and you don't need to add "death"


  39. Also, yeah, different guys. Smaller, bigger, fatter, thinner. Why? Well, for example, you could make a really young guy for some straight shota enthusiasts. Would be hot to see some of those models suck off a younger guy.

  40. Top five thing's I'd like to see:

    -Girly Guys (I'd happily settle for just a flat-chested option)
    -Happy Mode
    -Throwing up (Not chunky real vomit, just spit and come)

  41. How about the ability to recolor all the hairstyles to a custom color?

  42. Oh umm, i can only imagine what this game will be once it reaches its full potential with all the customization options and totally realistic blowjobs. Holy shit, i will be fapping 24/7.

  43. Not Death, just passing out.

  44. Oh hey Konashion,

    I really must say I had some good faps from this flash game.

    I am a drawfag, and I would like to offer my services if you are in need of someone to draw some things for you.

    I have a decent drawing set up, so let me know.

  45. >Not Death, just passing out.

    This, adding death would probably make this game illegal in my country.

  46. MILFS


  47. There is a huge niche for cfnm - clothed female naked male fetishists. I think a naked male option should be easy to implement and adding some clothes to the girls wouldn't be a problem.

  48. I don't really care about a death option, but I wouldn't mind it either. Anyway, what I'd like to see most is to make the unconsciousness more obvious. As of now it seems more like she's just closing her eyes and resisting a little less.

    I'l love to see her shoulders hanging down more visibly, and maybe the guy having to hold her up more actively.

    Normally I don't play h-games, but holy shit do I love this one. Thanks.

  49. Could you make the cock twitch as it is cumming? For realism?

  50. You could solve a lot of problems by having the guy sitting down and the girl going at it from a lower angle.

    You know, how deepthroat really works.

    Also, do more with the expression of the eyes. She should be looking at him as much as she's looking at his member. More blinking and wincing; what you already have is really well done.

    Also, forget all this torture/vomit/death shit. For real. Don't be that guy. This is your creation. Don't go down that road.

  51. Good to hear tongue's and flat chests will be added. That will satisfy my trap needs.
    Now all I want is an option to turn the guy into a Futa, clothed or not.

  52. Agreed man. Don't worry about skipping the torture/vomit/death shit. Don't do it at all and if you do, DO IT DEAD LAST

  53. When there is too much spit and cum, the strands look unnatural, they are too sticky. You cant mouthfuck her for 4 minutes while all the time she has this huge strand dangling between chin and breast. It should fall down and or stick to body. Also, I cam a lot on her and saw that the cum doesn't stick to shoulders, hands, only face and breasts.

  54. /v/ is trolling you with adding male characters, don't ever add them

    1. it would be a waste of time
    2. this would set a precedent for even worse things, like furries

  55. Yeah, I'm gonna say adding death is probably not a good idea. We don't want this shit winding up on fox news and all the soccer moms getting up in arms and having to shut it down. As is, it's just a bit of harmless fun, we all saw what happened with Rapelay.

  56. The shooting cum is too slow, you should make it faster. The cum either shoots out of the dick fast or it spurts out, but it's always faster than that. If the guy shoots that far, it must be faster.

    - Male characters
    - Death

  57. Manchildren, manchildren everywhere.

  58. I think you should honestly consider what someone mentioned about making this opensource. Don't get me wrong, for all I gather this is your own pet project and you'd rather have all the reins, but since the level of customization you'd like to achieve is so ample, I think it could certainly benefit from it.

    I've seen stuff on Flash, the mind-bending-advanced ones, that could probably result in importing hair as means to have some slight animation added to them. Pooling in team effort for that would certainly help.

    Myself I'm pretty pleased with how this is right now, and I'm not thinking of anything too outlandish - tongue and unforced mode sound very good options.

    Oh, and also something to hold the girl still if you want to spray it in certain parts of her. Sometimes I just want to get them to have their eyes closed and it's a bit of pain. Overall, it's only praise.

  59. >/v/ is trolling you with adding male characters

    Keep telling yourself that.

  60. Fuck shit, Drawfag here.

    I didn't include a contact. Hit me up at Hentai-foundry.

    I will check it for the next few day.

  61. I'd most def add the happy function, and a few more veins on the dick, BUT, I think death is a bit over the edge, so I agree with passed out. I think there's already enough necrophilia in /d/ aight?

    Must say this is the best h-game I have EVER played, no joke. You are my hero bro.

  62. Ok, how do I donate?

  63. Just add Lulu from FFX and Jesse from Team Rocket - pokemon and I am a happy camper.

  64. Add in males just to make the straight guys butthurt over a shitty flash game.

  65. Open source is an amazing idea. Also, I agree that death could probably bring a lot of unwanted drama. If you guys really need to imagine that you're fucking a dead chick that badly, just make her pass out, give her pale skin and whitish lipstick and turn the breathing sounds off. There ya go, you're skullfucking a corpse.

  66. I'd like to see the clothed women option, as has been said, as getting a blowjob from a fully dressed woman seems really hot.

    Also can you see if it's possible to add in testicles on the guy for realism, and maybe give the women more options for collars, or preferably the option to have no collar at all.

  67. I'd like to echo the many requests for tittyfucking. That would truly make this the most epic game ever created.

  68. Videl, Chichi or Bulma from Dragon Ball would be a true classic, and they all fit with the face you're using =)

    New breast sizes, Great idea.

    More realistic spit/cum, that's good too.

    Maybe make her face more and more red when she's choking, or maybe make her sweat?

    And I have a final great idea =)

    >> A girl with a huge strapon instead of the guy.


    jk, take your time.
    but seriously, it would be awesome

  70. Possible improvements on the lipstick smearing, so we don't paint the guys dick red/blue/whatever?

  71. Paizuri/tittyfucking, please, if you're gonna add bigger tits then tittyfucking is a must

  72. I'd like to suggest that you add the option to choose the skin color from a full palette. Aswell as being able to choose hair style and hair color. This way we could pretty much just make the characters we want. Below are a list of possible featuers you could consider.

    Skin Color
    Hair Style
    Hair Color
    Eye Type(wide, sharp, etc...)
    Ear Type(normal, small, pointy, cat, etc...)

  73. Newgrounds Anon here. Check your mail. Big things could be coming your way.

  74. the legendary perve20 December 2010 at 09:44

    I agree with more male options, throwing up, more mascara smearing, more female options, and even I was wondering why the hell she didn't die when I choked her for 5 minutes at a time, so it would be, umm...."neat" if you added a feature that included her dying or at least turning blue if you continuously choke her on the cock.

    I would also like to see something for the other end :3 Maybe some doggy-style anal? Anyway, magnificent game...I've been playing for hours lol. Looking forward to future updates!

  75. You don't have to add a male character, just add an option for a flat chest. That way we can just see it as a delicious looking trap.


  76. What you need to put in:


    What would be nice to have in:

    Bukkake mode
    Happy mode

    What you should NOT put in:

    Furry stuff

    Characters you should add:

    Lulu (FFX)
    ANY of the Sailor Moon girls

    ...that is all...

  77. And remember to include death ...

  78. And furry ... REMEMBER FURRY.

  79. Yeah please no death in this. Rough deepthroat is fine and dandy, there's never a need to mix something so irreversible as death with something like sex.

    I also feel an xray mode is pretty pointless precisely because the current position wouldn't work with it, and the flash is so exciting because of the current position. Making you aim down would not look as hot.

    More characters is more than enough. And God bless you creator-chan.

  80. Just another comment to say DO NOT ADD ANY STUFF THAT WILL SHUT THIS OPERATION DOWN. This includes: choking, slapping, and death.


  82. Please don't add death. I don't understand why anybody wants that option. No x-ray or vomiting either.

    I do request glasses and paizuri/titty fucking though. Happy mode or naughty face would be awesome.

    Absolutely want to see titty fucking.

    Looking forward to the next set of characters and breasts sizes.

    This game is awesome! Thank you again!

  83. konashion !/9S8QruJvQ
    Is this you?

  84. Fuck yeah this game is awesome and you're awesome for making it. Glad to see that you're still working at improving it.

    Also, seconding what anon said about Shinji being the first guy to be added. Well, IF you decide to add guys.

  85. I'd love to see an unforced mode!

    If they are any help, here's some sound effects:

    Generic Moanings:
    1: http://vocaroo.com/?media=vXzihmN5uygbkd3cT
    2: http://vocaroo.com/?media=vTA5iosZ5APN5HZgq
    3: http://vocaroo.com/?media=vqMGA22Cew8fB9kiM
    4: http://vocaroo.com/?media=vxjG4KuRd4w75UwJA
    5: http://vocaroo.com/?media=vdICYran4otywOoCn
    6 (In Public): http://vocaroo.com/?media=vTclkOPZVXINRa4m1
    7 (Microphone Near Pussy): http://vocaroo.com/?media=vrbJWwsGNgxYi1dtw

    Generic Sex: http://vocaroo.com/?media=vYyItgP5ksZwENzzi

    These are all copy / pasted from a 4chan thread, mind. So I haven't checked what each of them is.

  86. Game is awesome but can you improve on cum and spit? Looks like spaghetti atm.
    Dripping would be awesome too.

  87. Please dont add death, ignore the sick fucks.

  88. [b]Very good news.

    But maybe blue skin and dark skin can be. And maybe she can something say.


  89. What's with all the NOOOOOO DON'T ADD DEATH/MALES/WHATEVER? It's Internet, not sunday school. I sure as hell don't want to see death and vomit, but i'm not going to bitch just because other people do. Get over it, you manchildren.

  90. Firstly...great job dude. I know everyone else has allready said it, but this is an awesome flash.

    As for new features...well, like everyone else, I'd like some more girls too, specifically:

    -Mina Majikina (from Samurai Shodown series):

    -Gwen Tennyson (the Ben 10 one, not the generic one in Ultimate Alien Force):

    -Hinata (younger and older if possible, either would be nice though):

    Also, regarding the voice thing...is it not possible to be able to have an option to change the pitch/volume/that sorta stuff of the voices? I'm not sure how well that would work though...

    Also, death? Holy shit, too extreme for my liking, tbh. To be honest, wouldn't something like that attract some needless...'unsavoury attention'? ._.

  91. Dont add death nor throwing up....thats just sick.....next they will want piss....ignore that

    But had like a rape mode were she really fights you.

    and is there any way that to help you with updating this game, like with making characters, modes, sounds and what not

  92. Now, I have no idea on the limitations of Flash but... is it possible for you to add third-party support?
    As in, game.swf in this folder x, x/custom/ folder holds fanmade girls/guys/backgrounds/voices whatever.
    If that's doable, you'll be able to focus on the engine while fanons take care of the visual side. Possibly including voices, without making the game itself bloat massively when you have 300 girls and their voices. Because yes, the requests for new girls will NEVER end!

    Also, somewhat of a bug report:
    By accident, I had bukkake mode on. At that point, I didn't know you could hold spacebar to hold her and I was clicking like mad to keep her there. By the time she passed out, my entire computer was clogged and didn't respond to anything... ... well, it did recover enough to accept the O key after a few minutes. Clearing Cum helped.
    So, suggestion: limit the amount of active cumstrands to... 50? 100? Won't affect normal gameplay. Not sure how to handle that in Flash though, not spawning anymore? Or destroying the oldest ones?

    Anyway, thanks for the great game.

  93. great work sir...

    love to see!
    two handed blowjob
    upside down facefucking

  94. Some Finnish Bum.20 December 2010 at 11:06

    Rikku had his own, Rei's in this one. Now I just need Ayane.
    It would be nice to see the girls with big happy smiles or sneers before you throat them, and after it.
    Improving cum is anyway is always a good thing.
    Throwing up would be very sweet.
    Tongue would be nice too.
    Death, well I don't really like to see anime girls dies, but everyone have their own thing.
    Why more guys when the focus is always on the girls? The cameras always focus on the girls.

  95. what is Zone and where do i get it?

  96. I know lots of people have been saying it, but Nailkaizer. Trust me.

  97. here's my priority list
    >swallowing sounds and animations
    >puking up cum and cheerios
    >cum less stringy
    >clothes (clothed Lulu and Ivy HNNNNGGG)

    For that last part, community involvement would help a lot. Can you post the constraints for the drawings so people can submit them? And maybe show some of the source. I'm interested in how this works and I'm sure there are people that can help improve it.

    ^good idea bro about the piss. I'd like some peeing as well. This game should be open source like GNU with piss packages and shit.

  98. I've got a very easy one for you.
    I love what you've done with her eye lids going wide, etc, very thoughtful and realistic.
    make here eyes move, to make eye contact with the man she is pleasing. she can look between the cock and the man's face. this requires relatively little animation effort on your part, but will add a level of realism!

  99. forgot to mention flat-chested lolis. I'm not even a huge fan of them, but shit would be SO cash in this game.

  100. oh sorry I keep forgetting things

    Can you have a nude male with pubic hair? Deep throat into pubic hair is a must and seems like a pretty simple change.

    also piccolo dick and ball sucking/licking at some point

  101. Videl, Chichi, Bulma, Android 18 from Dragon Ball

    Any of these would be great.

    Some cool suggestions:

    - After some time, cum turns grey, it would be better-looking if it stayed white, an option for that would be nice.

    - The spit/drool/cum strands should just all stay on the face. When making quick movements, they all tend to become straight lines going to the left.

    - When you cum in her mouth, and then put it out, cum poors out. But if you wait for too long, it doesn't. Is it possible to implement some option so that cum doesn't disappear after some time, or at least an animation showing that she's swallowing it?

  102. I would like to express my wish for you to add some of the girls from Vampire the masquerade blood lines. Alot of them have overly sexualised dialogue in the game so pulling some of Jeanettes "purring" sounds (I believe there was purring yes?) eould be most welcome.

    P.S. Make sure you get their clothes for this, VtMB had some of the best boner endusing outfits imaginable, t'woodn't do to not capitolise on that (Jeanets pure white shirt with showing bra... Hnnng!)

    P.P.S.for any vampires added remove the pass out function but keep the choking effects.

  103. why are so many people asking for death option? i think it was fine with the passing out i think it would be better if there was an option for the eyes to stay opened when they roll back while she's passed out. tanlines, skin tone options, and clothes would be a nice addition. i don't know if you will be able to put paizuri in since it would involve new animations but if you can that would be great. maybe you should take some people up on their offers to help you out

  104. Maybe elf ear. :D

  105. On the subject of vampires, don't have them pass out but have them stop ressisting after some... shall we say grooming.

  106. I second the use of two hands. His left hand could be transparent.

    I second having her mouth closed more if she is far left of the screen, especially if she swallows.

    I second eye contact, especially if far left of the screen.

    Would it be possible to have a slightly more zoomed out one in which you can see her bound arms?

    One option for X-ray is to not try to re-animate the penis you use now, but instead add another layer on top of her cheek/neck with an alternate animated one. Thus the penis you use now is hidden beneath her head layer, but it will looks like you can see the penis bend down her throat.

  107. Balls. No seriously, the dude needs a set of jewels. It's disturbing.

  108. Plese, op, do a Haruhi Suzumiya

  109. >Death.

  110. and little more...
    do a normal game, but no flash. It gives more options snd perfomance.

  111. Death. We need death and vomit and more fear in her expression! (all of these things should be togglable)

    Also a happy mode and glasses and whatnot.

    I think it's a great game so far but we need more girls! and more dudes...perhaps ogres...with like...big razor penises that cum blood and stuff.

  112. That's really too bad about skin shades.

    After all lots of people enjoy the whole fucking color wheel. Gotta love pink/blue/red/green.

  113. The game will never be a masterpiece without some of those options...


  114. Some ideas:
    - lipstick smearing is way overblown. The more you smear it away, the less should be remaining. So it would look more messy, and would leave less lipstick on the girl.
    This would not allow people to color the dick into a rainbow, so "realistic" smearing should be optional.

    - mascara smearing should be more pronounced, and should not "dry up" that fast. Also, dried up *everything* should leave some mark instead of just completely disappearing.

    - like it was pointed out before, cum/spit should behave different from each other, cum being thicker and spit "breaking" apart more easily and not swinging around like a lasso.

    - I'm completely against puke/death type of stuff, but the extensive violence could lead to eyes redding out, and eyes rolling back a little more often.

    - Also, the girl should put on more resistance. You can put it all in in like 4 strokes, unlike FFX.

  115. I would just like to commend you on an excellent game! I agree that more characters would be perfection, such as: Tifa Lockheart, Aeris, Android 18(DBZ).

    If only you could bend them over and fuck them in the ass after you make them pass out from throating the cock.. Anyone know of any plans or interest for a SuperAnal, much in the style of this game, only with forced anal for these lovely anime girls?

    Please email me at jaze.tiernan.00@hotmail.com if there's any notice of such a game or links of any worthy anal flash games, or games of this caliber.


  116. I gotta say, this game would be so much better if there was much less emphasis on implementing "Individual Girls" and more emphasis on the Custom shit.

    Instead of making a bunch of girls that everyone sees in a thousand different /h/ threads anyway (Tifa, Misty, Ino, Peach, Samus etc. etc.) it'd be way better if there were just more generic hairstyles and hair colors. A method of customizing hair color would be beyond epic, same with skin and eyes, but that's probably not an easy job at all.

    The wide range of skin color would be a plus too.

    My main point is -

    Why implement a hundred girls that everyone sees in /h/ every damn day as reposts of reposts of reposts of reposts of reposts?

    Custom = Better.
    For those of us with fetishes for girls from obscure games and animes that we want to see, but never will.

  117. >- Male characters. Possible, but it would involve redrawing almost everything, so it's not going to happen any time soon. I'd probably have to separate the character lists to avoid making anyone rage too. Feel free to suggest characters when I reopen the requests comments though.

    I'm OK with this.
    Keep it as a separate list. And yeah, just keep it as a completely flat "girl" who just happens to have the hair of a male.
    Personally I'm only into traps when it comes to male characters (with a few exceptions like Shinji Ikari but that's just several years of hate/rage).

    Anyway, would be nice to also have some accessoires like piercings (nipples, mouth, nose, etc.) earrings.

    Also, different "body outfits" like school swimsuits, school outfits, etc (I know this one is a lot of work, so think it as something deadlast on the todolist unless you have an idea to easily do it).

    Also, I know for now you have coding issues to go open source but does that also apply to the designs of the characters? I'm asking just to know if there is any way Anons could help you out to design some characters (especially after seeing someone doing Von Karma yesterday)

  118. Best flash fapgame ever, ever. Obvs.

    Requests (desperate, desperate requests):

    - Cum fixes: easier aiming, more places to cum on (hair, forehead, in the eyes, everywhere!), and faster cumming (or an option to shoot cum fast or in "slo-mo"). Maybe less "stringy" and more splat? If there were just a few more tweaks like this (or more options!), this thing would be so fucking perfect for facial freaks like me.

    - If no puke, maybe just more spit when she's balls deep? Options for harder gagging/choking and more explosive spit would do a hell of a lot.

    - Different Auto settings! Customizable hands-free settings would be so mind-blowing, I don't know what I would do.

    - More short hairstyles, flat chests, etc. Hells yes.

    - Glasses (to cum on, of course!!)

    Otherwise, just unbelievably good. What we've all been waiting for.

    Just make it optional if you want.

  120. - More short hairstyles, flat chests, etc. Hells yes.


    perhaps some male audio?

  121. On the more simple side of requests, for dialog would it be possible to add a tab that would allow entering custom dialog for certain situations? Characters could have a default set, but putting it on a tab would let it be tweaked.

    As for hair, I still really want to see Ranma-chan's braid.

  122. Options for a ring gag might be nice.

  123. No futa option? I can understand not adding an ogre or tentacle monster option, but surely a futa replacing the guy could be a simple task.

  124. Have a look at Reiko Biker Girl and Rukia from Zone Archive.

    - Cum out of her nose when you cum in her throat.

    - Bulging cheeks when cuming inside her mouth (maybe not her throat).

    - Excess cum bursting out from between the cock and the lips if you cum when the head is inside. Like the splash effect you get when you shove it all the way in, or more.

    - The cock in the mouth, like a ball gag, stops her from swallowing. Saliva should probably begin to drip after awhile.

  125. Oh boy, homophobia. :|

  126. Good god, I really really really don't want there to be a death option, holy shit anon, what gets you off is fearsome...

  127. Yeah, she already passes out and her eyes roll into the back of her head.

    Isn't that enough? Just skullfuck her until she passes out. Then turn off the breathing effect.

    There, she's dead. Happy fapping!

  128. There needs to be death.
    And vomit.
    And blood if you keep ramming it in :D
    And also the ability to piss all over her and then shit in her mouth.
    Actually have a mode where you turn the guy backwards and he takes a big long shit and the girl sucks on the shit.

  129. This game has such enormous potential.

    If Konashion doesn't fulfill it, I hope someone else will.

  130. i tried this with swift player and at mari when i changed her hair had the brown spot and when i go through the whole list it would keep the generic blond. a feature i like is these to be fixed or for info as to what player this works on best. thank you.

  131. Thanks for this amazing flash game!

    As for suggestions, how about:

    - Milfs characters (from anime, games etc.);
    - Ahegao/fucked silly (e.g. rolled eyes) expression from the female characters (see examples in John K. Peta h-manga or Dark Love h-anime;
    - customization of the erection (big, bigger, biggest);
    - control over the ejaculation (e.g. power, and/or amount of cum);
    - death is really a no go area, but pass out, black out for a short time should be okay, right?

    Any way, again thanks for this game!

  132. This comment has been removed by the author.

  133. >This game has such enormous potential.
    This guy knows about he's talking. I feel potentioal too, Konashion.
    I wanna u, pretty guy!!! You can earn much money if you choose right way. Or good job. This game one of the best i have ever seen.

  134. A change in chest perspective is all I request for Christmas. The distant breast should be higher than the one in the foreground (as if the POV is looking down onto them) allowing for pooled cum between the cleavage.

  135. OH yes, like some of the anons said about cum and spit: more splat and less strands. And an option to let the cum remain white and not become grey over time would be nice.

    And swallowing action.

    Oh, and of course, some cool charac requests:

    - Girls from Dragon Ball (Videl, Bulma, Adroid 18, Chichi)

    - Girls from Bleach (Rukia, Matsumoto, Orihime Inoue, Yoruichi)

    - Girls from One Piece (Nami, Robin, Boa)

  136. I'm sure this has been mentioned, but I'd love to see some loli.

  137. Beatrice from Umineko would be the best addition

  138. Foot Job bonus round?

  139. I'm digging this. If I may, there's one small suggestion I'd like to make, that I'm sure wouldn't be a modification too daunting: Armpit hair. In varying degrees. That is all.

  140. Swallowing would be the best option to add first, in my opinion,

    Fuck these necrophiliacs,

    Blindfolds would be a nice addition,

    And the option of a slightly zoomed-out view to showcase her bound arms would be stellar. And as was said earlier, shifting her eye contact from the dick to his eyes as well.

    You have created the best interactive flash game in history, and it's exciting to know that it will get even better. You are awesome. Expect many imitators.

  141. I forgot to mention-this audio you chose is just superb, because it doesn't sound like generic hentai shit where the girl sounds underage and unwilling. Your audio sounds like a WOMAN is actually enjoying herself.

  142. Gonna vote for the tongue and swallowing movements/sounds as the highest priority.

    Also it'd be good to get glasses as an option for everyone and things like blindfolds and accessories.
    Clothes would also be good.

  143. Along with the 'unforced/happy' option, you might consider an outright defiant expression, like Ranma-chan in this pic: http://www.hentai-foundry.com/pic-87187.html

    You might be able to work it with as little as the eyebrows, so it wouldn't be too hard. Having an option to change the expression would be good, along with a sliding scale you can turn on and off that makes her expression go gradually from defiant to the current forced to unforced to happy to fucked silly. Implementing such a gradual effect might be too difficult, but it sounds good.

    I also support Delicious Flat Chest, Dark-Skinned girls, Traps (that you can TG with boobs anyway), swallowing, both with and without x-ray, and for the one receiving the deepthroat, futa (add boobs and curve the butt. Done.), varying testicle size (which should affect semen output), maybe horse-shaped penis or other variations.

    As far as angles go... a POV one like in the above linked pic would be nice. Not so much for full clothing, but ripped remnants are sexy.

  144. Add this plz :3
    When she swallows make the throat move as she gulps the cum down :D

  145. 1. fucking awesome game. really well executed. applause.

    2. instead of "death", can we just make her pass out? This is all of course consensual dom sub play with our imaginary super deep throat girl anyway, so I bet she is cool with passing out. turn purple over time, etc.

    3. No matter what happens or what you do, FUCKWIN awesome, excellent game.

    4. one request: is it possible to fuck her face faster? The swf can't keep up with my mousing! lol.

  146. Vomiting would be awesome

  147. No fucking furries.
    If you add fucking furries I will come to your house.


  149. No Furries please.

    /d/ skin colors please.

  150. No Death please it's brutal enough with the passing out. Making her face change color would be nice though.

  151. You know, someone mentioned glasses and tittyfucking; I heartily agree. Once you get the breasts perfected, go for a tittyfucking option, or a titfuck-blowjob if you can manage. Might be a bit tricky, though... The glasses, though, should be easy. I might also suggest more of a 'shotgun' effect with the cum; rather than just ropes, add in bursts and splatters.

    As it is you have a metric fuckton of people tossing ideas your ways, so I just figured I'd rain my drops of water into the ocean.

  152. Oh also, I might just say, be careful with some of the other more 'niche' fetishes. Some of them can be pretty disturbing to the more common people and really, once you see something, you can't really unsee it, after all, and not everyone will know what futa is or traps until they click the button and realize what just happened, and bam you've got people leaving to never come back. XD

  153. Why the hell was your game blammed?

    It was an actual GOOD adult game unlike so many pieces of crap on Newgrounds

  154. Male characters and death are the only unappealing options, but again, so long as its toggle-able I'm happy. Make the other stuff, and add a donate area too, just in case you need motivation to make more character, options and such.

  155. It'll probably be lost in all these comments, but how about making some sort of easy interface for people to add their own characters?
    I would imagine it would be a hell of a lot easier to let other people put together the art for who they want rather than for you to do it.

  156. need some vomit and throw up!

  157. A little Licking feature, is always nice. Doesn't always have to be Deep throat

  158. Cynthia/Shirona from Pokemon and I will love you forever

  159. Mite be cool if we have an option / button to piss over her face.

  160. I would avoid extreme content (death, scat, piss, puke, hitting).

    Forced deepthroat is questionable as it is.

  161. I would like a reset hotkey, and for resetting to give her back her breath. As much as I like the panting, I think she loses her breath a little too easily.

    I'd also prefer it were more obvious when you're cumming, especially if you're inside her mouth. Spasms or something.

    Other things... more collars? If you do happy mode, maybe her hands around you? (I don't think her hands would be in the picture, just arms.)

    Great stuff though, thanks for creating it!

  162. Honestly, I much rather see those features sooner than more characters. I really like the game, but if I had to choose between characters or features, I'd go with the former. I'm wholly for these feature to be implemented:

    throwing up
    [awesome, pretty much top on my list]
    [not really my favorite, but still rad]
    happy / unforced mode
    [a girl that enjoys fellatio? get outta town!]
    [obviously almost mandatory]
    [once you see that tongue, you know you're deep]
    [kinda nice, but I think some choking would be a bit more exciting]

    While I'm at it, I think it'd be cool to see some spunk shoot outta the girls nose at some point. I know, weird, but it'd let you visually see some cum AS you cum. It's a bit more cathartic, I guess...

    Also, I would be very impressed if you weathered the shitstorm and incorporated a futa/herm mode. It'd be awesome to see some more alternative flash stuff out there.

    Oh, for the X-ray issue, wouldn't it be easier to have an "X-ray Mode" where the girl is flipped over on her back as you fire straight down her throat? It'd alleviate the whole "aiming down" thing.

    Anyway, awesome work.

  163. Feel free to explore the limits of what you can do by all means.

    But aside from a few minor additions that I think would make this game even better, it could stay the same with solely the addition of new characters and I would never get tired of it.


  164. There should be a handjob option, where she's jerking you off while sucking. (Happy mode! :3)

    Everyone who agrees end your comment with HANDJOB in caps.

  165. WE NEED ANDROID 18!

  166. the characters from legend of opala would be pretty cool too always wanted to see Farah gag and choke on that dick, bigger breast too.

    here is a link to that game if you havent play it yet.

    That game right now is fucking nice, thanks for making such an awsome flash.

  167. If you're going to add male characters then I suggest Raiden from MGS2.

    Oh god please.

  168. This comment has been removed by the author.

  169. How about instead of guy characters, you just add more breast options?
    Extra large, flat, etc.

  170. Konashion, I would just like more hairstyles and colors. That's all. :)

  171. Features before characters.

  172. Needs futanari cock.

  173. Hey just add passed out mode or 'sleeping' mode. We can make the skin color pale with pale lipstick.

  174. 4chan.org's /b/ and /v/ are trying to flood you with vomit and death requests just to have a laugh, fyi. If you do add stuff like that, make it a toggle so you can turn it off and keep it from happening and have it defaulted off, until it is turned on.

  175. I would like to see an option that allows me to set the male skin tone to pale (like the females have) and maybe some color switches for the male's shirt and pants. Then I can be a huge loser and really pretend it's me getting blown by my favorite video game female characters!

  176. To the creator of this game, check out the old game called Final Fellatio X2, it's pretty good, the cum and slime effects, and the tear effects, while not technologically advanced as yours (no shaders or physics) are very nice looking. Take a good look at that game and try to "clone" it's good parts into yours. Try to make the tears and smeared eyeliner better, like in FFX2. Also, if you wanna see how deepthroat works IRL, check out the videos from AssTeenMouth, there are some very rough and messy deepthroat in some of the videos from that site (just pirate them, they are highly fappable).

    Now, my list of things I would like to see improved are:
    - better tears and smears (like in FFX2)
    - more bodily fluids
    - try to improve facial and eye expression while the girl is choking on the cock
    - cumming in throat causes the bitch to snort cum out of her nose or something like that
    - cock sizes: small (the one right now), medium, and fucking huge, also, more veins on cock
    - add a little animation that shows a bulge in her throat while the cock is in there
    -If it's possible, add some "roughness" animations, like the bitch trying to put her hands on her mouth to resist from the deepthroating and the guy slapping her to get her to remove them, and stuff like that.
    - Throwing up would be awesome.

    That is all. Keep up the good work Konashion, you have a GOTY right here!

  177. Make those little puffs appear whenever she breathes heavily.
    Also sweat.

  178. >4chan.org's /b/ and /v/ are hurrr durr derp

    Don't listen to these people.


    My fetish is so much better than yours! Your death/dickgirl/trap fetish is so disgusting and wrong. I like scat/skullfucking/loli so much more and it should be in the game!

    Seriously, it's pathetic. No one cares what your opinion on someone else's jerk off material is or whether or not you want it in the game. If guro fags, for example, get their way and death gets in all you need to do is not kill her. Turn it off in the options like you can do everything else. The same goes for furry, loli whatever you want to object to.

  180. About dialog... it ocurred to me that maybe you could just do 3-5 stock "character traits".
    Like defiant tsundere (the "Anta bakammmmpfgh" one), kuudere (almost no reaction), "normal" (current?), scared shitless ("tasuketekuremmmmpppgh"), happy ("ureshiimppfh").

    Just an idea seeing how working for separate ones for each character would kill you.

  181. Death?

    Seriously? Who the fuck asked for that? >:|

  182. Death is no more disturbing that people wanting a furry option. Seriously, if you MUST add furry, put it on some separate menu that will NEVER make it appear with shuffle. It would kill my boner instantly and for the rest of the day if I saw disgusting furry shit in this game.

    But seriously though, nice game.


  184. My 2 cents.
    Death/Throw-up should be an option if anything.

    Bulging in throat/x-ray- eh, doesn't seem a good angle to do that unless you could change position of the chick. Only good way to do x-ray is it bending down her throat. However if you x-rayed all the cum in her mouth and going down her throat that'd be sweet.At best you could make her throat kinda expand when she does it.

    Fighting/Happy mode- I would like to see both of these. Her struggling more wouldn't be too bad, and her also wanting the cock down her throat wouldn't either.

    Coughing/Gagging- needs more man, it doesn't give a good feel when you cum down her throat. The whole idea or her really gagging up cum, and cum dripping from her nose sounds like a damn good one. also like her coughing up cum. If you cum down her throat, make cum spill from her mouth. Kudos if you do that one.

    Tongue- Oh yes we need some tongue.

    Cum spray/Drip- The cum just sprays on her face then drips down to her breast from her face, get some wild cum spray, make it like shoot in her face and make her flinch, get it in her eyes, make some stick around her eye lids, and such.And more on the breast That be nice.

    Thats just my 2 cents, more dirtier nastier type of deep throat cum drippin everywhere and stuff. Great job on the mascara drips and the lipstick smearing, loved it. A little more fight and torture wouldn't hurt, like i said but great game man. Anything you decide to that, go for it.

    Quick questions though, how do you make her passout and is there actually a bukkake mode?

  185. Please ignore the pussies asking to tone the game down. This is about unlimited ambition! The best fap game of the century! It's not like you're selling it to Nickelodeon.

  186. Dick throb/pulse when cumming - would look hot, really show he's pumping that cum into her

  187. TONGUES PLEASE! Also, the whole dick throbbing/pulsing would be awesome.

  188. Do add male characters and vomit. The people who aren't into it simply won't enable the options. More people will play the game if you do add those options. Personally I don't like either, but the complaining is just making me frustrated

  189. -forcing tongue out and having tongue looking tense
    -girl spitting
    -more and varied gagging sounds

  190. I think adding male characters is ridiculously unneccesary personally. I like most of the things suggested in what you said originally. Vomiting sounds like it could be interesting. I actually don't mind the death one. I think adding in more fetish stuff is awesome. More replayability and would take a lot longer to get bored trying all the different things.

    ALSO! What about adding body mods? Tatoos and piercings?

  191. Oh, yeah, and adding more sounds is a definite MUST! More hair and body types/shapes, too. Mohawk!

  192. What about a constant cumming mode, cum on demand mode, or peeing mode?

    I think x-ray is a good idea.
    Maybe if you cum when she's deepthroated, it comes out of her ears. Never seen that before.

  193. Puking is a bit extreme D:
    Instead of puking, can you just have her violently cough up saliva and cum?